2022 should be the year when addressable TV buying infrastructure is fully switched on.

At least, that is the hope of Ishani Patel, Strategy & Business Development, DISH Media.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Patel explains her hopes for the year.

Addressable roadmap

DISH has enabled three broadcasters to sell addressable ads on its footprint.

But Patel sees a four-phase roll-out:

  1. Building the infrastructure.
  2. Connection and operationalization.
  3. Setting the stage and “plugging-in”.
  4. Marketplace adoption and scale.

“We generally think the focus would be on the first two while starting this conversation around scale,” she says.

“Execution and the seamless interoperable piece would be key for 2022, and then starting to talk about the adoption of addressable at scale.”

Expensive, but efficient

Patel says Go Addressable, the joint industry initiative launched last year to drive up addressable advertising adoptions, has meant a “huge step forward”.

Ad buyers are getting accustomed to buying targeted ads.

“People say ‘addressable is more expensive’, but, if you narrow it down to the efficiency of the buy and who you’re trying to reach, it does end up being a much more efficient campaign because you’re trying to reach the audiences that you want and you’re reducing the waste of it,” Patel adds.

“From DISH Media, I would say broadcast enablement has been a big priority for us,” Patel adds. “If you’re an advertiser, you truly can buy cable and broadcast networks from a single campaign.”

Focus on scale

Whilst many programmers have been lighting-up their own addressable TV ad sales tech, Patel wants to help.

“They want to be able to just talk to their go-to-market and think about their sales strategy versus the pipes part of it,” she says.

“We don’t want the programmers to be thinking about building the pipes.

“We want them out in the market thinking about, ‘How do you scale Go Addressable?'”

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