The television advertising marketplace is undergoing a period of rapid change as people’s viewing habits change and brands adjust their media plans to reach those consumers. More people are connecting their TVs directly to the internet or watching video on mobile devices, giving marketers another way to engage target audiences.

“It’s really all about the incremental reach that connected TV provides the marketer as they look to expand their traditional media mix to include these up-and-coming CTV platforms,” Jim Keller, executive vice president of digital ad sales and advanced advertising at Discovery, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “CTV is becoming a dominant player in consumers’ consumption habits, and marketers really need to lean into that.”

Discovery has expanded beyond cable and satellite distribution with the introduction of its Discovery+ streaming platform and a variety of TV Everywhere apps for connected devices. Marketers are seeing an average gain in incremental reach of 16% through these outlets, while also reaching a broadening demographic, Keller said.

“It’s also about the ability for marketers to use the big-screen television experience of great premium content with the tools that you have in digital from a targeting and addressability standpoint,” he said. “Marketers will see a ton of benefit as CTV audiences continue to grow.”

Multiscreen Campaigns

Consumers are watching video on a variety of devices, giving marketers a way to reach them in multiscreen campaigns with a broader variety of advertising formats. Ad types such as pause, binge, limited commercial interruption and interactive video can help marketers to engage consumers.

“All of this is going to allow marketers to create relevant and interesting ad experiences that will drive positive consumer sentiment,” Keller said. “As we move forward into the marketplace, CTV is not going to be a ‘nice to have’ on a media plan. It’s going to be all about being a ‘must have.’”

All Advertising Will Be Addressable

Addressable advertising gives marketers a way to show different ads to different consumers as they watch the same programming. Advancements in technology will make more advertising on national TV networks more targetable, improving the likelihood that marketers will reach high-intent consumers.

Source: eMarketer/Insider Intelligence

“In the future, we’re really going to drop the word ‘addressable’ and really think about this is how advertising is done on CTV and other platforms,” Keller said. “At its core, addressable advertising is really about bringing marketers the opportunity to drive more value from their investments.”

Addressability provides more detailed information about viewership, including the possibility to analyze which ads helped to drive outcomes such as website visits, customer acquisitions and final sales. Marketers can harness data sets to improve their targeting while also being mindful of consumer privacy. Advertisers have seen a 20% lift in results when using Discovery’s targeting tools, Keller said.

Looking ahead, Keller said it’s important to consider the consumer experience as technology reshapes video advertising.

“One of the things I don’t want us to lose sight of is that ads are part of the storytelling experience, and that ads on our networks and our platforms are always viewed as a trusted friend or adviser,” he said. “The marketplace as a whole needs to lean in on that marriage of both the data and the science with the content to really focus on what’s best for the consumer at heart.”

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