Clean Rooms Move The Needle Without Moving Data: Fox’s Sherriff

LAS VEGAS — Despite privacy regulation and the deprecation of digital identifiers, publishers and ad buyers are finding new ways to tap into their audiences. In fact, “clean room” technology is allowing them to collaborate with audience data in a way that doesn’t require moving it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Darren Sherriff, VP, […]


TV Advertising Will Benefit from Interoperable Viewership Metrics: Fox’s Darren Sherriff

NEW YORK – Technology developers that are creating the infrastructure for digital television are finding ways for their platforms to work together. Darren Sherriff, vice president of advertising technology solutions at Fox Corporation, would like to see similar collaboration with companies that help to measure viewership of programming and advertising. “We’re starting to see a […]


CTV Reaches Diverse Audiences: Fox’s Sherriff

The last few years of connected TV growth may have been marked by an explosion in subscription VOD consumption. But the rise of ad-supported streaming (AVOD) options also opens the door for consumers looking for lower-cost options. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Darren Sherriff, VP, Advertising Technology Solutions, Fox Networks Group, says that means […]


Lockdown Is Accelerating Data-Driven TV: Fox’s Darren Sherriff

With resources constrained and a new importance placed on sure-fire customers, marketers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by using data tools and data to find more bankable targets through advertising. In recent weeks, we have heard from several executives who have suggested ad buyers are moving further down the marketing funnel, looking to improve […]