From Pipes To Scale: DISH’s Patel Rolls Out Addressability

2022 should be the year when addressable TV buying infrastructure is fully switched on. At least, that is the hope of Ishani Patel, Strategy & Business Development, DISH Media. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Patel explains her hopes for the year. Addressable roadmap DISH has enabled three broadcasters to sell addressable ads on its […]


CTV Reaches Diverse Audiences: Fox’s Sherriff

The last few years of connected TV growth may have been marked by an explosion in subscription VOD consumption. But the rise of ad-supported streaming (AVOD) options also opens the door for consumers looking for lower-cost options. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Darren Sherriff, VP, Advertising Technology Solutions, Fox Networks Group, says that means […]


First-Party Data Drive Ad Targeting on CTV: Disney’s Marc Mallett

Marketers have more ways to reach target audiences as consumers spend more time with connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. The greater scale also provides more opportunities for segmentation among diverse groups of viewers. “Connected television does give us a great platform to reach diverse audiences. It is addressable,” Marc Mallett, vice president […]


How OMG’s Pagliuca Is Pushing CTV Industry To Grow Up

Connected TV promises to revolutionize the way that TV ads are bought, sold and consumed. Getting there is proving a little more difficult. Emarketer forecasts US CTV ad spend growing 50% in 2021 to $13.41 billion. But a leading media agency says more could be unlocked if the industry came together to iron out kinks. […]


Streaming Audience Grows More Diverse Amid National Shift: Sling TV’s Andrew Tint

More consumers are watching video on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones, broadening the audience for over-the-top (OTT) content. These digital pipelines give advertisers more flexibility with the targeting of their campaigns. “What we have seen over the last few years is that a number of people across the country have shifted to […]


All Ads Will Be Addressable as TV Evolves: Discovery’s Jim Keller

The television advertising marketplace is undergoing a period of rapid change as people’s viewing habits change and brands adjust their media plans to reach those consumers. More people are connecting their TVs directly to the internet or watching video on mobile devices, giving marketers another way to engage target audiences. “It’s really all about the […]


CTV Can Excel At Serving Diverse Viewers: Magnite Research

By now, we all now that connected TV channels offer the power to reach distinct groups or households. But who exactly is on the end of those messages? Magnite’s just-published CTV For Everyone research study aimed to find out. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the company’s chief revenue officer for CTV, Sean Buckley, discusses […]