LOS ANGELES — The new world of connected TV allows advertisers a back-flow of information that can accurately measure results or drive new targeting decisions.

But what if the best TV targeting data wasn’t TV data at all.

In this video interview with Mediatel Events director Justin Lebbon for Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat Santa Monica, Aziz Rahimtoola, CEO of Sabio and App Science, explains why he thinks mobile is the key to unlocking the future of TV.

Mobile’s inner life

Insights from running TV campaigns don’t cut it, he says.

“They really don’t give you as much information on what is mindset,” Rahimtoola explains, suggesting mobile use gives away the inner life of a consumer.

“A consumer who loads a wedding app is most likely in the next few months going to load some other app,” he says.

“Whether it is a new apartment app, whether it is a new car app, there’s going to be different changes in behaviour.

“Our view has always been, you are what you app – the app is at the centre of the universe.”

Nine Things We Learned From Our CTV Data Series presented by Sabio

TV from mobile

Sabio is an ad-tech platform offering a connected TV (CTV) platform that is powered by mobile phone data.

It claims to leverage app-level data from over 300 million mobile devices, which can then be fed into CTV buying systems. Sabio has its own DSP, SSP and DMP.

CTV is a medium traditionally hampered by classical digital methods of identifying viewers – so mobile could be a useful signal.

Targeting TV from rich mobile data

Sabio uses automated segmentation and predictive learning to identify and reach customers.

For example, a quick-service restaurant chain could leverage Sabio’s data on the use of dining apps – whether its own or those of competitors – to target particular CTV households.

The capability is accessed through a “programmatic portal” platform.

“(It shows) ‘here’s the people who have visit your location three times in the last month’, ‘here’s where they visited other locations’ and ‘by the way, these are the shows they’re watching’, ‘here is what they’re likely to have on their phones’.”

After IDFA, Mobile Is Identity Gold For CTV: Sabio & App Science’s Rahim

Apple’s identity politics

Mobile usage doesn’t just beat TV insights, it also is better than either cookies or panels, Rahimtoola says.

But he denies that Apple’s decision to turn its own mobile identifier, IDFA, opt-in by default by consumers was not as benevolent as the tech giant suggested.

“Apple is building an app download business and they wanted to affect Facebook’s app download business and Instagram’s app download and Snap,” Rahimtoola claims.

“If you look at their earnings reports, that really was pointing to that, that it was really a shot at the app download business.

“The issue for Facebook and Instagram and now is, you can get that download now (but) it will cost you more impressions for that same download.”

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