Apple may have alarmed the ad industry about declining ability to target users by turning its IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) opt-in and app-specific.

But what if other clues about smartphone usage could continue giving advertisers valuable signals about users’ identity?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Aziz Rahim, CEO of ad-tech software provider Sabio and App Science, says alternatives could continue to be valuable.

Leaning on installs

He is advocating, instead, monitoring which apps a user has installed, in order to elucidate signals to be used as targeting characteristics.

“The type of apps a person has has on their phones and is likely to have on their phones … gives you a really deep understanding of not only where someone is, mindset-wise, today, but where they’re “heading,” says Rahim.

Let’s say someone is loading honeymoon apps or apps that, you know, are involved with a wedding. Those apps then allow us to see kind of intent of where that person is going mindset-wise.

“That then connects the dots with someone who’s potentially looking for a new house or a new apartment that then connects the dots to someone who is eventually looking for honeymoon locations, as well as other change events in their lives.

“Achieving this in a privacy-compliant way is critical because we’re not interested in obviously understanding someone on a PII basis. We’re interested in understanding someone from any holistic basis of what they’re likely to do next, to provide them deeper, more accurate and relevant advertising, both on mobile and CTV.”

Mobile to TV

Six-year-old Sabio is an ad-tech platform offering a connected TV (CTV) platform that is powered by mobile phone data.

It claims to leverage app-level data from over 300 million mobile devices, which can then be fed into CTV buying systems. Sabio has its own DSP, SSP and DMP.

CTV is a medium traditionally hampered by classical digital methods of identifying viewers.

And mobile, like all of digital, is also now a channel that is suffering from an identity crisis, as identifiers like Apple’s IDFA dry up in usefulness.

Learning to target

But Rahim is adamant that latent opportunities remain – and that mobile is also a transformational indicator with which to buy CTV ads.

He says location data from mobile phones can also tell advertisers plenty about who a consumer really is.

Sabio uses automated segmentation and predictive learning to identify and reach customers.

The capability is accessed through a “programmatic portal” platform.

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