As one of the world’s largest investment finance companies, JPMorgan Chase is obviously discerning when it comes to making the right spending choices.

That is why the company is becoming so interested in advertising through connected TV (CTV) channels.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, JPMorgan Chase’s chief media officer Tracy-Ann Lim explains why she can bank on the new medium.

Targeting the under-served

As more ad buyers switch on to the targeting capabilities in CTV, Lim is one who believes that power can help target specific cultural groups.

“We do love the idea of being able to tailor  our messages, access newer audiences with different types of ads that we may have traditionally only caught through social or other digital locations,” Lim says.

“So this is a really interesting opportunity for us, especially as I start to think about our D&I goals and reaching the underserved communities and bringing new products and services to those groups. I think that this is a really great tie in to those strategies.

Impact from clarity

Lim, who once bought TV ads in an agency role herself, has been with JPMorgan Chase since 2019.

She recognizes that consumes are flocking to CTV partly for choice and a reduced ad load. But that, Lim thinks, can work to her advantage.

“It’s done with less ad clutter, it’s not as noisy,” she says. “People are more engaged and there will be more recall.

“The combination, that one-two punch of recall and engagement, should result in stronger business outcomes.

“We hope to see that shake out as we continue to study market by market audience, by audience, and really start to see that outcome.”

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