How CTV Optimizes Media: Views From Zenith, Tubi, Mars, JPMorgan Chase, Wavemaker, Univision & A+E Execs

In a challenging business environment and with traditional TV viewing waning, a growing number of brands and their ad agencies are leaning into connected TV. There, they can employ data-driven buying, targeting and measurement. But what’s the right balance of digital and linear, and how can buyers wring the best effect from the new channel? […]


JPMorgan Chase Banks On CTV, Says Media Chief Lim

As one of the world’s largest investment finance companies, JPMorgan Chase is obviously discerning when it comes to making the right spending choices. That is why the company is becoming so interested in advertising through connected TV (CTV) channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, JPMorgan Chase’s chief media officer Tracy-Ann Lim explains why she […]