Advertisers have aspired to find a more holistic view of how people consume media, which has grown more complicated as they divide their time among linear TV, connected TV (CTV) and digital platforms. The demand for unification competes with the need to specialize amid the fragmentation of media channels.

“The ‘muscle memory’ issue is prevalent with all of us. It’s obviously psychology,” Paul Woolmington, CEO of independent ad agency Canvas Worldwide, said in this discussion with Jack Bamberger, chief commercial officer of marketing technology firm Amobee. “We all know we’re uncomfortable changing our behaviors. It takes quite a lot of practice to change your behavior.”

Woolmington said his company is the right size to allow for integration among different specialties, likening it to the “Hall of Justice” from DC Comics that brought together superheroes to fight for a common cause. In the case of advertising, that means pooling resources to plan, strategize and analyze data.

“It’s a B2B journey within an organization built around aligned principles of the individuals,” Woolmington said. “Magic needs to be instilled into it….the operating system is really fundamental.”

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