The TV ad buying world is evolving, from majoring on demographics to profiting from data.

But how prevalent does data-driven buying need to be in the new-look TV, and how are different agencies finding value?

That is what eight executives discussed during Optimizing a Rapidly Converging TV & Video Marketplace: What’s Next, a recently-wrapped Beet.TV leadership series presented by Amobee. Here are the highlights.

1. Spend can be reallocated to incremental audiences

Amobee chief commercial officer Jack Bamberger says his new product CTV Allocator forecasts incremental reach to a linear TV schedule across the ecosystem’s CTV supply space

“We’re able to see a desired reach against strategic audience of 14% less cost for a brand. We were able to put that back into the platform and reallocate those funds to target incremental audiences on behalf of the brand.”

Amobee to “Optimize” The Buy and Sell Side with Tim Spengler and Valerie Bischak

2. Business easy as ACBC

Paul Woolmington, CEO of independent ad agency Canvas Worldwide, says he is heeding what he calls his law of “Accelerated COVID Behaviour Change,” ACBC.

“With a lot of change that we’ve seen in our industry over the decades, you don’t actually viscerally see it. But I think we’re seeing it viscerally in the last 12 months. We need a greater degree of unification … and alignment behind incumbents versus challengers.”

Omnichannel Strategy Demands Agency Integration: Canvas’s Paul Woolmington

3. Alcohol agents look to CTV

Amy D’Souza, Senior Director, Media & Digital Marketing at Constellation Brands, an agency representing beer, wine and spirit brands, says breweries hope connected TV can help make up for declining linear TV audiences.

“Linear TV has played an important role for broad-reach brands like Corona and Modelo in the past. We continue to increase our investment and our overall share towards streaming platforms to really help continue to deliver that broad reach and scale.”

Alcohol Brands Tap CTV To Find Lost Linear Viewers: Constellation’s D’Souza

4. Beer makers double-down on loyal drinkers

Brad Feinberg, North America vice president of media and consumer engagement at Molson Coors, says challenges with audience-based targeting mean he is now using more first-party data from the most loyal audiences.

“We are really ramping up our ability to have a view of consumers that have raised their hand that want to know about our brand (and understanding their) key behaviours or attitudes, then kind of going out and finding them.”

‘We’ll Look for Flexibility at Ad Upfronts’: Molson Coors’ Brad Feinberg

5. Upfront season is evergreen

Despite industry shifts, Dani Benowitz, president of U.S. at Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, says the traditional upfront TV ad sales season is “still an important part of a video mix”.

“We’re a big proponent of the calendar year. Flexibility still remains to be very important to our clients, (but) you’ll see people come back to the upfront as the world is opening up and budgets are becoming more sound.”

Ad Spend Will Diversify During Upfront Sales Season: Magna’s Dani Benowitz

6. Agency data must branch out

Ed Davis, chief product officer of OpenAP, says, whilst media agencies have invested in building their own audience data platforms, they cannot stand alone.

“Breaking that sophisticated knowledge out of their walls and turning it into something that can be actioned on with publishers or with buying systems, that’s always been the friction point.”

Identity Graphs Are Learning To Talk To Each Other: OpenAP’s Davis

7. TV’s ‘monster evolution’

Jay Askinasi, Chief Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe United States, says TV ad planning now has many more buying cues than just date and time.

“The way that inventory is being packaged, the way that you can access it, the channels with which you can access it through and even the definitions of the media types… in the upfront process, you’ll see more so than ever before those worlds coming together a little bit more.”

Endless Endpoints: Finding & Overcoming CTV Ad Complexity With Publicis’ Askinasi

8. Disney’s data builds a broad platform

Lisa Valentino, executive Vice President, Client Solutions & Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising Sales, says Disney is selling its footprint using data.

“We’ve unified eight networks and many ad-supported addressable platform, Hulu being one of them – which is no easy feat, but it has given us, I think, a great ground to grow and build a future model.”

Rebooting Reach: Disney’s Valentino Combines Scale With Smarts