How CTV Optimizes Media: Views From Zenith, Tubi, Mars, JPMorgan Chase, Wavemaker, Univision & A+E Execs

In a challenging business environment and with traditional TV viewing waning, a growing number of brands and their ad agencies are leaning into connected TV. There, they can employ data-driven buying, targeting and measurement. But what’s the right balance of digital and linear, and how can buyers wring the best effect from the new channel? […]


What’s Next For TV Ad Data? Views From Amobee, Canvas, Constellation, Molson Coors, Magna, OpenAP, Publicis & Disney Execs

The TV ad buying world is evolving, from majoring on demographics to profiting from data. But how prevalent does data-driven buying need to be in the new-look TV, and how are different agencies finding value? That is what eight executives discussed during Optimizing a Rapidly Converging TV & Video Marketplace: What’s Next, a recently-wrapped Beet.TV […]


JPMorgan Chase Banks On CTV, Says Media Chief Lim

As one of the world’s largest investment finance companies, JPMorgan Chase is obviously discerning when it comes to making the right spending choices. That is why the company is becoming so interested in advertising through connected TV (CTV) channels. In this video interview with Beet.TV, JPMorgan Chase’s chief media officer Tracy-Ann Lim explains why she […]


Alcohol Brands Tap CTV To Find Lost Linear Viewers: Constellation’s D’Souza

Alcohol brands have been facing a triple whammy lately: Traditionally heavy investors in TV ads, the channel is losing viewer share. Many younger consumers are turning away from alcohol itself. The pandemic closed bars, distancing consumers further from the tipples. Constellation Brands, an agency representing beer, wine and spirit brands, is fighting back by tilting […]


Upfront Market Faces Pressure Amid Need for Flexibility: Mars’ Ron Amram

As the TV upfront sales season enters its final week, advertisers are seeking more flexibility with their media spending amid ongoing shifts in viewing habits. Mars, the confectioner whose brands include M&M’s, Milky Way and Snickers, is keeping a close eye on those trends as traditional linear TV becomes a smaller part of the media […]


Endless Endpoints: Finding & Overcoming CTV Ad Complexity With Publicis’ Askinasi

Connected TV systems offer advertisers a way to reach individual households and go beyond traditional linear delivery. That’s the theory. The reality is that connected TV (CTV) ad buying has far from overcome traditional TV ad buying yet. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Askinasi, Chief Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe United States, describes how […]


Brands, DTC Marketers All Benefit From TV Ads: A+E’s Peter Olsen

Television viewing habits are undergoing a significant shift as younger consumers gravitate toward newer digital platforms while older generations show greater loyalty to linear TV. Amid these trends, the advertising market is being shaped by the demands of disruptor direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that seek to generate sales even as they raise brand awareness. “Those three […]


Omnichannel Strategy Demands Agency Integration: Canvas’s Paul Woolmington

Advertisers have aspired to find a more holistic view of how people consume media, which has grown more complicated as they divide their time among linear TV, connected TV (CTV) and digital platforms. The demand for unification competes with the need to specialize amid the fragmentation of media channels. “The ‘muscle memory’ issue is prevalent […]


With Tech In Tow, TV Upfronts Still Matter: Wavemaker’s Rinaldi

Traditional TV viewing may be waning – but TV’s new tricks mean the medium remains an important part of a leading agency’s media planning. That is the view of an experienced advertising exec who has skated on both sides of the ice. In this video interview by Beet.TV guest host Tim Spengler of Amobee, Vinny […]


Audience Shift to Streaming Makes for Record-Setting Year: Tubi’s Mark Rotblat

The cord-cutting trend has picked up steam in the past year as more households discover the variety of programming from streaming services, including ones that don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. These ad-based video on demand (AVOD) platforms also offer marketers a way to reach target audiences with customized ads. “The shift toward streaming is […]


Ad Spend Will Diversify During Upfront Sales Season: Magna’s Dani Benowitz

This year’s upfront sales season will be notable for the heightened interest in digital video platforms whose audiences grew as consumers spent more time at home during pandemic lockdowns. “There’s going to be a tipping point,” Dani Benowitz, president of U.S. at Magna Global, the media agency owned by Interpublic Group, said in this interview […]


Optimization Lets Marketers Look Forward With Ad Spend: Univision’s Dan Aversano

Audience data will play a bigger role in this year’s upfront sales season as TV networks tout their strengths in reaching consumers among a bigger variety of platforms. Ad-based video-on-demand (AVOD) services will be more prominent amid the broad shift to media consumption on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. “The upfront this […]


Identity Graphs Are Learning To Talk To Each Other: OpenAP’s Davis

In the detritus left by the crumbling of classic digital audience identifiers like cookies and mobile signals, a plethora of tech companies and publishers alike has been building up identity technology of its own. An ‘identity’ graph is the collection of data points from disparate devices that, when pieced together, add up to indicate a […]


‘We’ll Look for Flexibility at Ad Upfronts’: Molson Coors’ Brad Feinberg

The upfront advertising sales season this year comes amid the continued disruptions of the pandemic to people’s viewing habits and shopping behaviors. The crisis also has led to concerns about the availability of quality programming as the health crisis creates turmoil for studios and producers. “This year’s upfront is going to look different than it […]


Upfront Ad Buying Going Digital – And Siloed, Zenith’s Vendetti Says

The upfronts are no longer just the season of the year when TV and ad execs get together to lock in a bundle of ad-spending commitments for the year ahead. Thanks to new connected TV consumption and new ad selling techniques, things are becoming more flexible than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Neil […]


Rebooting Reach: Disney’s Valentino Combines Scale With Smarts

The mouse house is big – but few advertisers would want to reach the entirety of Disney’s audience footprint. That’s why Lisa Valentino is offering technology to support refined audience targeting capability. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Valentino, executive Vice President, Client Solutions & Addressable Enablement, Disney Advertising Sales, explains how how developments announced […]


Amobee to “Optimize” The Buy and Sell Side with Tim Spengler and Valerie Bischak

Emblematic of Amobee’s position as a platform serving the buy and sell side, it has hired two of the industry’s leading figures from both: long time agency senior executive Tim Spengler and TV programming veteran Valerie Bischak, the company announced today. Tim Spengler was named General Manager of Advanced TV Solutions and Valerie Bischak as […]