Dentsu’s veteran 360i agency may have specialist chops in search marketing – but that doesn’t mean the lessons from search can’t be applied to other growth channels.

In this video interview, Doug Rozen, 360i Chief Media Officer, says that video no longer has to be used as a top-of-funnel, brand-building channel.

Rather, he says, it can be measured accurately and support performance and outcome goals.

Accountable video

“No dollar gets a free pass,” Rozen says. “Video dollars should be held to the same level of accountability as your search dollars.

“Today you can do that. It just requires a different orientation, a different way of thinking about planning.

“A lot of times people get caught up in the technical aspects of how you do this and don’t think about the strategic elements.

“You have to plan differently for an outcome-based approach versus a more traditional reach-based or impression-driven approach.”

Evolving modelling

How does 360i do that? Rozen says his teams still employ media mixed modelling.

Whilst the practice was not necessarily devised to measure outcomes per se, Rozen says he either works with a third party or carries out in-house media mixed modelling that is created to accommodate both awareness and outcomes.

On top of that, 360i has created scenario planning tools, using artificial intelligence, that allow clients to imagine dialling up or down certain channels in their marketing mix.


360i was founded back in 1998 as a search engine marketing agency and has since branched out into social, strategy, media and creative. It is the agency Oreo’s “Dunk In The Dark” Super Bowl campaign.

Rozen says the company is increasingly looking at multi-channel campaigns.

“One of the things we’re doing more and more is connecting at full-funnel,” he says. “So just because somebody has been exposed to a video unit, especially online, how do we then start to see what the downstream activity is?

“So, obviously we see a lot of search signals, we see a lot of other digital signals as well. We can start to stitch that together and then be able to understand, is this somebody that’s been in a repetitive process before?

“You just have to almost flip your mindset. Instead of thinking about how do you embed or infuse digital into traditional, why can’t every channel or every media decision be done in a way that is digital first?”

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