More Brands Are Investing in Full-Funnel Ad Strategies: LoopMe’s Simon Stone

Marketers face greater challenges in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns amid a combination of stricter privacy laws in many regions and changes to audience tracking technologies. Google plans to end support for tracking cookies in its popular Chrome browser, while Apple has given its customers more ways to hide their device identifiers (IDFA), […]


AI Has Bigger Role In Media Investment: Mars’s Ron Amram

The increased fragmentation of the media marketplace gives advertisers more ways to reach target audiences, though it also brings more complexity. Advertising technology is evolving to help marketers navigate the landscape amid significant shifts in media consumption habits. “Media has become more complicated as we’ve seen more fragmentation, the shift to digital and the shift […]


Outcomes-Based Metrics Are Evolving to Replace Cookies: Dentsu’s Peter Vandre

Marketers, media agencies and ad-tech companies have been working to develop methods to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising as tracking cookies gradually disappear. Chief marketing officers at many companies are mindful of business outcomes. “Even before the pandemic, there’s been more attention on understanding the impact of media, and there’s more pressure on the […]


‘Fear of Missing Out Is Not a Marketing Strategy’: Pearle Vision’s Doug Zarkin

Marketers are looking for more ways to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, especially amid the drastic change in consumer habits during the pandemic. For Pearle Vision, one of the biggest franchised optical retailers in North America, results are measured in the number of patients who visit their stores. “The expectations right now is […]


AI Helps In-Flight Optimization for Campaigns: VMLY&R’s Jennifer Kohl

Advertisers have access to more sophisticated tools to help them optimize their campaigns, amid challenges such as privacy regulations and the loss of online tracking methods like third-party cookies. Measuring the effectiveness of advertising includes more key performance indicators (KPIs) like customer lifetime value, conversions and return on investment. “We’re looking more at first-party data […]


‘We’re Moving From Outputs to Outcomes’: 4A’s Marla Kaplowitz

The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged advertisers to develop improved methodologies to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. The demand for outcomes-based metrics also has increased as consumer spending habits have changed during the pandemic. “We are moving from outputs to outcomes,” Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO of the American Association of Advertising […]


Outcomes Provide Deeper Insights on Campaigns: Connelly Partners’ Michelle Capasso

More advertisers are relying on a broader set of measurement tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns. These outcome-based metrics seek to provide more insights into how advertising affects consumer behavior. “Clients are getting a lot savvier in terms of being able to ask the right questions, to be able to measurable business results […]


How Live Sales Data Changes Course Of Ads In-Flight: IRI’s Pelino On LoopMe Case Study

If you could see, in near real-time, how well an ad campaign was driving sales, you might be able to recalibrate it in “mid-flight”. That is what IRI, a consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) purchase data provider, is helping ad-tech companies and their ad buyers do. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jennifer Pelino, EVP of omni-channel media […]


‘Brand Suitability’ Also Means ‘More Effective’: GroupM’s Montgomery

CAPE TOWN — For a couple of years, it was the key issue facing brands – ensuring their “brand safety” in automated advertising environments. Now technology has helped iron out kinks in where ads get placed – but the man leading the charge says “brand safety” concerns are still around, they have just morphed. In […]


‘Lean-Back World of CTV’ Has Different KPIs: Origin’s Freddie Godfrey

SAN FRANCISCO – The interactive nature of online media has made click-through a common way to measure the performance of advertising campaigns. While more people are connecting their TVs directly to the internet, they don’t necessarily have a way to click on ads or even want to. In a “more old-fashioned digital world, it’s all […]


In This Climate, Marketers Want Outcomes: LoopMe’s Park

LOS ANGELES –  Clicks and ad exposures are nice. But, in the current economic situation, you could forgive a marketer for wanting to jump straight to sales. Fortunately, a growing range of advertising software vendor agrees, as we see an emerging crop of tools allow publishers to connect ad exposure and end results into an […]


Brands Want To Close The Loop On Outcomes: Wenda Millard

After a year of unpredictability, brands are striving to get closer to guaranteed business outcomes. But, to do that to best effect, they are going to need to start acting before the campaign has ended. That is the view of Wenda Harris Millard, the industry veteran who is now vice chairman at strategic advisory MediaLink. […]


Measuring Savings On Brands’ Ad Agenda: Matterkind’s Hall

In a tumultuous year, brands could be forgiven for seeking to make savings. And that is exactly what ad agencies are promising them, thanks to new technology which aims to make their marketing more efficient by joining the dots between ad spending and outcomes. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Nancy Hall Matterkind, EVP, […]


PepsiCo’s Future Balances Uncertainty And Big Data: VP Graham

Even when you have one of the most sophisticated data engines in marketing, the COVID-19 means you still have to plan for uncertainty. That is the life of Nick Graham, VP, Insights & Analytics at PepsiCo. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Graham says the beverage company has game-planned several different consumer-economy scenarios as far ahead […]


How COVID-19 Has Reset Targeting Toward Outcomes: PMX’s Bianchi

If advertisers weren’t already demanding bang for their buck, COVID-19 economic pressures are prompting them to do so. Time and again, out of the pandemic, we have been hearing executives talk about the importance of guaranteed results and return on investment, in a year when investment in the absence of proven results may seem like […]


Outcomes Start At The Top Of The Funnel: Havas Media’s Sedlarcik

If you want your ad campaign to produce the end result, a sale outcome, it’s best to start at the beginning, a clear targeting strategy. That is the emerging viewpoint when it comes to the new trend in marketing – outcome-based advertising. And end has a start In this video interview with Beet.TV, Peter Sedlarcik […]


The Flattened Funnel: Performics’ Singh On Making Every Dollar Count

CHICAGO – When businesses’ backs are against the wall, they ask for money to work harder. But, even before COVID-19 threw a spanner in 2020’s works, marketers were already becoming more likely to ask for proof of the effectiveness of every marketing dollar spent. That is a change from the days when they were content […]


Video Outcomes Can Be Measured: 360i’s Rozen

Dentsu’s veteran 360i agency may have specialist chops in search marketing – but that doesn’t mean the lessons from search can’t be applied to other growth channels. In this video interview, Doug Rozen, 360i Chief Media Officer, says that video no longer has to be used as a top-of-funnel, brand-building channel. Rather, he says, it […]