Rethinking Relevance & The Paradox of Choice in Advertising With Rokt’s Rozen

SAN JUAN, PR — The ad industry has grown up talking about the “right ad to the right people at the right time”. But is “right” really what’s relevant? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Doug Rozen, CMO, RokT, distinguishes between the “right” ad and the “best” ad. “The right ad is all about being personalized, the […]


Identity, Context, Attention Support Healthy Media Market: dentsu’s Doug Rozen

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. – A healthy media environment increasingly depends on innovations in privacy-safe audience identifiers, brand-appropriate context for advertising and more insights into how consumers pay attention to brand messaging, Doug Rozen, chief executive of the Americas for dentsu Media, said. “The goal of what we’re trying to do is to know people better […]


Measuring People’s Attention to Ads Includes All Their Senses: dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen

CANNES – Consumers have a variety of ways to view video programming and listen to audio content, often at the same time as they keep their smartphones nearby while watching television. This behavior is challenging advertisers to measure not only if their advertising was seen or heard, but also if it captured the attention of […]


Future Belongs to Video, Live Shopping and Personalization: Twitter’s Sarah Personette Chats with Dentsu’s Doug Rozen

Marketers will increase their spending on social media advertising by more than 21% this year, Dentsu forecast this week. The agency said ecommerce will be an important driver of this growth as brands seek sales conversions directly within social media apps. Twitter is among the social media platforms that seek to prolong consumer engagement with […]


On the #BeetCast: Dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen on the Imperative around “Meaningful Media”

This week our guest is Doug Rozen, CEO of Dentsu Media Americas.  Doug has been a media innovator for many years.  We’ve covered him extensively at OMD then 360i and now as the newly named head of media at Dentsu Americas. Doug articulates the vision of his company  as becoming more meaningful to the consumer […]


Video Outcomes Can Be Measured: 360i’s Rozen

Dentsu’s veteran 360i agency may have specialist chops in search marketing – but that doesn’t mean the lessons from search can’t be applied to other growth channels. In this video interview, Doug Rozen, 360i Chief Media Officer, says that video no longer has to be used as a top-of-funnel, brand-building channel. Rather, he says, it […]


How To Weigh Digital Risks around News : 360i’s Rozen explains

Contextual mishaps always existed in the days before digital. Ads always got placed next to editorial their buyers wish had not been there. But it is the control, power and automation promised by digital that has made media placement faux pas harder to take. That is a takeaway from one digital agency exec currently undertaking […]


Scale Of Programmatic TV Growing ‘Ridiculously Fast’: 360i’s Rozen

At CES 2019 and then through the television Upfront season, advanced TV will be discussed and executed on a more significant scale than ever, according to 360i Chief Media Officer Doug Rozen. “That’s because there’s not only the interest but the capability and also the audience. This will be the first time as we go […]


OMD’s Rozen: You Have To Build Stories, Not Just Tell Them

While the role of media agencies in telling advertiser’ stories continues to evolve, storytelling alone is not enough to move the needle. OMD uses both homemade and acquired technology and platform partners “to actually build stories, not just tell stories,” says Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Doug Rozen. “The creative agencies are fantastic at telling […]


‘Artful Intelligence’ Can Make Stories Matter: OMD’s Rozen

CANNES — Over the last year, a noticeable apology for ad-tech has grown louder in the advertising community, as ad execs – once sold on hyper-targeting super-powers – cast their eyes back toward the basic tenets of creative ad craft. To Doug Rozen, that means “making stories matter”. It’s one of the mantras of OMD, […]


Engaging With Consumers Means Thinking Beyond Boxes And Screens: OMD’s Rozen

LOS ANGELES – Reaching the right audience with advertising is only part of the bigger puzzle called engagement. It starts with figuring out the role of media in driving creative decisions. “I think the opportunity around creativity is to divorce it from the visual design standpoint,” says Doug Rozen, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at […]


OMD’s Rozen Sifts CES’ ‘Shiny Objects’ For Immersive Marketing

LAS VEGAS — The Consumer Electronics Show gets bigger and bigger each year – and it changes, too. Once a mecca simply for new gadget fans, now the show attracts marketers and advertisers eager to understand the new technologies that will represent the consumer engagement platforms of tomorrow. But that places a responsibility on advertisers to take […]