SAN FRANCISCO – The interactive nature of online media has made click-through a common way to measure the performance of advertising campaigns. While more people are connecting their TVs directly to the internet, they don’t necessarily have a way to click on ads or even want to.

In a “more old-fashioned digital world, it’s all about following the click through to the store, to the conversion,” Freddie Godfrey, cofounder and CEO of Origin Media, a media and advertising company focused on connected TV, said in this interview with Beet.TV. In the ‘lean-back’ world of connected TV, that doesn’t happen.”

Part of his company’s work is in educating marketers and their ad agencies about the key performance indicators (KPIs) for CTV, especially since metrics video completions and viewability also are traditionally expected. Origin Media is more proactive in its approach to measurement.

“We survey the folks whom we run our campaigns against, and ask very specific questions that are designed to elicit responses that prove we are delivering the campaign in a way that is being recognized and noticed,” he said. “Surveying people is about as direct as it gets.”

Source: eMarketer

Brand recall, intent and conversion to a final sale are among the KPIs that marketers can measure in their CTV campaigns.

“We’re able to survey folks through solutions such as LoopMe to find out whether we elevated the brand’s existence with that home,” he said. Website traffic and location data about store visits also help to provide more insights.

Origin Media’s philosophy on advertising is shaped by Godfrey’s experience as a viewer, and not wanting to watch commercials in succession. His company’s approach is to make advertising more contextual with its surround programming.

“I’ve had a problem my whole life with ads just going back-to-back. For me, it doesn’t necessarily work,” he said. “What we’re about at Origin is turning an ad break into an experience — a contextually sensitive, native setting within which an advertiser can plant their brand. We forge a mental connection with a viewer directly ahead of a brand’s ad that is designed to put them effectively into the funnel, but really into a specific mental or emotional frame of mind ahead of an ad.”

The company works with most of the major streaming services that carry advertising, which have become more popular as consumers max out their budgets for subscription video on demand (SVOD) platforms. Ad agencies are taking notice of the ad-supported platforms as their audiences grow.

“They’re looking to explore connected TV, and they’re looking to do it with not only people they trust, but people with who are innovating,” Godfrey said.

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