Marketers face greater challenges in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns amid a combination of stricter privacy laws in many regions and changes to audience tracking technologies. Google plans to end support for tracking cookies in its popular Chrome browser, while Apple has given its customers more ways to hide their device identifiers (IDFA), web addresses and email accounts.

Amid these changes, brands want to see more indications that their campaigns are producing results. That means looking beyond digital outcomes like cost per click, cost per landing page view and cost per completed view.

“When we talk about outcomes, we talk about real-world outcomes,” Simon Stone, general manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa for ad-tech startup LoopMe, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “Those outcomes include brand awareness, purchase intent, store visits and physical, offline sales.”

Measuring Brand Lift

LoopMe last week introduced PurchaseLoop Measurement to provide real-time measurement of consumer brand lift and other analytics. The tool is aimed at ad agencies, brands and publishers to measure media effectiveness and to help make quicker adjustments to campaigns while they’re in flight.

“We’re giving the ability for clients to look at all the partners on their plan and assess how they’re performing,” Stone said. “We’re able to measure across multiple screens. That includes mobile, desktop, audio and now connected TV. We’re also looking at multiformat as well, that could be video, rich media or display.”

LoopMe is working with major agency groups and brads to adopt its artificial intelligene (AI) technology with the goal of becoming the industry standard in brand measurement.

“In digital, it’s shifting away from being predominantly performance, and we’re finding a lot more dollars are being invested into brand advertising,” Stone said. “Now, there’s that full-funnel approach where it’s not just purely for the lower-funnel conversions. You can actually build a brand online with the formats of video and rich media.”

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