LOS ANGELES –  Clicks and ad exposures are nice. But, in the current economic situation, you could forgive a marketer for wanting to jump straight to sales.

Fortunately, a growing range of advertising software vendor agrees, as we see an emerging crop of tools allow publishers to connect ad exposure and end results into an outcome attribution, which many media organizations are now selling against.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Christina Park of LoopMe, an outcomes-based advertising platform, explains what is changing.

Accountability drive

“Marketers are looking to make their media partners more and more accountable,” Park says.

“What we saw was that marketers were looking for ways to kind of minimize the risk when it comes to, you know, investing their media dollars or working with new media partners.

“One of the reasons that we’ve created the solution is it reduces that risk where clients are guaranteed a specific, incremental uplift against specific brand survey results. They can rest assured that their media dollars are being used to really help the bottom line.”

Guaranteed outcomes

A+E Networks was amongst the first TV publishers to begin offering ad sales with outcomes guarantees, back in 2018.

But the tech required to make the offering is considerable.

Park’s LoopMe in December launched a solution supporting ad guarantees against brand uplift.

Very uplifting

“It was trialled by Dentsu out of the UK for a retail client called The Very Group that campaign performed extremely well,” Park says.

“We exceeded their expectations by driving a 50% increase against certain incremental uplift KPI.”

Specifically, the campaign achieved a 15% incremental AI uplift on consideration to shop.

“And now this outcome guarantee is available globally across all of our clients,” Park adds.

Bridging the gap

LoopMe, an eight-year-old company with offices around the world, recently unveiled a product upgrade aimed at using real, observed data points about consumer outcomes that flow from ad exposure to course-correct connected TV ad campaigns mid-flight.

LoopMe’s PurchaseLoop aims to go beyond “proxy” ad metrics like views and click-throughs by using a massive audience data pool and AI algorithms to identify real uplift outcomes like awareness, consideration, favorability, intent, foot traffic and offline sales.

The economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic are widely believed to be stimulating a shift in focus amongst many brands, from top-of-funnel awareness-raising campaigns to bottom-of-funnel performance outcomes.

But there are also many voices illustrating how sustained brand advertising can help a company achieve awareness while rivals may shut up shop.

By applying guarantees even to metrics like brand uplift and purchase intent, such technology may help bridge the divide further.

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