TV Now Serves Both Ends Of Ad Funnel: dataxu’s Catanzaro

LAS VEGAS — The traditional deployment for TV ads has always been the top of the marketing funnel, where a mass audience’s interest gets ignited by awareness-raising branding ads. But new technology allowing TV to operate like digital channels means the medium can fulfil both awareness and “performance” goals, which aim to generate an actual, […]


How Connective Tissue Eliminates TV Ad Duplication: DataXu’s Catanzaro

SAN JUAN — As marketers embrace advertising across the growing plethora of devices, their campaign naturally spreads to new devices. As that happens, they risk exposing the same person to the same ad on different channels. But, on the flip side of “reach”, technology can also help control the “frequency” with which an ad is shown, […]


dataxu’s Catanzaro On TV, Cross-Platform Targeting And ‘Invisible’ Technology

With television advertising targeting slowly catching up to that of digital media, “We think the revolution is just starting,” says Sandro Catanzaro, dataxu’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder. What started with “very humble web ads” about a decade ago has progressed to the point where “where we can show ads on TV that are fully […]


dataxu, Sorenson Integration Reduces Addressable TV Speed Barriers

An integration between dataxu and Sorensen Media is designed to reduce the time needed to activate and measure addressable television campaigns so that addressable starts to mimic the speed at which over-the-top TV has taken root. “This is going to be an explosion, a dramatic change in the market,” says Sandro Catanzaro, dataxu’s Chief Innovation […]


Advanced Targeting Yields ‘Really Healthy Prices’ For Quality Content: dataxu’s Catanzaro

As the ability to identify and target television audiences across devices becomes ever more precise, it’s changing the way advertisers perceive both quality and the prices they are willing to pay. “There is a return to premium media from an advertiser perspective, an appreciation and a willingness to pay actually a premium price,” says Sandro […]


Programmatic TV Update: DataXu, Google, FreeWheel, Videology Weigh In at the Beet Retreat

VIEQUES, PR — Video ad-tech vendors have spent the last couple of years sniffing around the TV industry, hoping to start processing even a fraction of the $75bn US TV advertising industry in the same way they have begun gobbling up online video ads. But a new rationalism has recently dawned on the vendor community, and ad-tech […]


Petabytes Of Data Power Cross-Screen Ads: DataXu’s Catanzaro

VIEQUES, PR — The future of multi-channel ad buying is here, now – and BIG. Marketers, challenged by the proliferation of modern media devices, are dreaming of a day when they can distribute their ads for a multitude of screens, from just a single screen. But Sandro Catanzaro says that day is already here. “Imagine a world where […]


DataXu’s Catanzaro’s on the Three Flavors Of Programmatic TV

There is much talk in the industry about whether so-called “programmatic” technologies, which are revolutionizing internet display and video advertising, will come to ye olde TV any time soon. Despite many hurdles in the way, one ad-tech vendor says the prospect is already “very real”. “The market today is $700m and is going to grow to […]