BARCELONA — Advertising via mobile phones may now be an established strategy – but it is an opportunity that still requires plenty of refinement.

At Mobile World Congress, WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell told Beet.TV mobile technology still wasn’t attractive enough to make it a truly engaging ad medium, while P&G marketing VP Sophie Blum said the small screen was a challenge.

Now another global chief marketer is raising the issues around mobile advertising.

“We’ve taken a lot of advertising logic in to what is ostensibly a one-to-one marketing medium – (but) advertising is a one-to-many experience,” according to Bank Of America enterprise media planning, investment and measurement SVP Lou Paskalis.

But Paskalis may have an answer for the industry. Speaking at the congress, he gave Beet.TV a menu of three considerations mobile marketers need to address:

  1. “What is the use case where marketers can win? In an era where the feed is highly personalised, we need to have something contextually relevant that has stopping power.”
  2. “Attribution – are we getting the right signal from the mobile environment so that we can make the right investment in those platforms?”
  3. “A fundamental shift in the campaign mindset, to an always-on environment – we need to be in story-telling mode all the time.”

This video was produced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The series is sponsored by Turner. Please visit this page for additional segments from MWC.