How To Solve Programmatic Ads’ $20 Billion Transparency Problem

Three years after a UK study found alarming lack of transparency in the programmatic ad supply-chain, it seems the problem is still rife in many quarters. While a second UK study this year showed “a big step forward” in the proportion of ad spend that actually makes it through to publishers, a US study this […]


Musk Is ‘Undermining Everything’ X CEO Linda Yaccarino Does: Veteran Marketer Lou Paskalis

Elon Musk is sabotaging Linda Yaccarino after hiring the former head of advertising at NBCUniversal Media to run social-media platform X. Despite her efforts, Musk is “undermining her in virtually everything she does.” That’s the message from Lou Paskalis, a longtime marketing executive who is chief strategy officer for Ad Fontes Media, in this interview […]


Advertisers Have Moral & Business Reasons To Support News, Paskalis Says

CANNES — “No news is good news”, the saying goes. Those concerned about an informed citizenry would beg to differ. And advertisers, too, should sit up and care about the health of the news ecology. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lou Paskalis, Chief Strategy Officer, Ad Fontes Media, explains why ad buyers should come […]


The #BeetCast Season Finale: It’s Time for Facebook to Be Responsible, Lou Paskalis

I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. All is well here.  We are going to slow down a bit for the second part of August and ramp up fast after Labor Day. We are taking a break from the BeetCast. We are finishing up the season with this episode and will be back […]


TV News Is Under-Valued, The Solution Is Fewer Ads: BoA’s Paskalis

Ad slots in TV news programming are not being sold at a high enough rate – but new developments which are reducing the number of ads seen by audiences could, ironically, end up raising their price. That is the view of one man making media buying decisions at one of the world’s leading financial services […]


Brands Need More Creative Assets: BoA’s Paskalis

Banks needs to get creative in order to reach unique customers in different ways. The new opportunities presented by a plethora of different marketing channels mean brands need to generate more messaging in more formats and more combinations than ever before. That is according to the man who spends advertising money for Bank Of America. […]


Making Marketing More Relevant, Cleaning Up Digital Hygiene: Bank Of America’s Lou Paskalis

NEW YORK – Marketing needs to become more relevant to corporate business outcomes, while the digital walled gardens suffering from hygiene issues need to clean up their act, according to Bank of America’s Lou Paskalis. For starters, agencies need to perform a basic assessment for their clients and not avoid tough challenges, Paskalis, who is SVP, […]


Bank Of America Moves Away From “Walled Gardens”: Paskalis

ORLANDO — Bank Of America is switching more advertising investment back to traditional channels and away from “walled-garden” digital environments, as it grows concerned about the inability to measure and capitalise on the big digital opportunities. In this video interview with Beet.TV, BoA SVP for customer engagement and investment officer Lou Paskalis explains the change the […]


Bank Of America’s Paskalis on Twitter-Bloomberg Combo: “Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Moment for the Media Industry”

Twitter’s new partnership with Bloomberg for 24-hour, live news reporting gets a big thumbs up from Bank of America. “I really believe that this is as good as a combination of chocolate and peanut butter. This may be the Reese’s peanut butter cup moment for the media industry,” says the banking giant’s SVP, Enterprise Media […]


BoA’s Paskalis Has Three Key Questions For Mobile Ads

BARCELONA — Advertising via mobile phones may now be an established strategy – but it is an opportunity that still requires plenty of refinement. At Mobile World Congress, WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell told Beet.TV mobile technology still wasn’t attractive enough to make it a truly engaging ad medium, while P&G marketing VP Sophie Blum said […]


Addressable Advertising Orchestrates Cross-Channel Experiences: BOA’s Paskalis

Call it cross-channel or cross-platform addressability. To Bank of America’s Lou Paskalis, it comes down to “orchestration.” But he wonders whether marketers are up to the challenge of adding value to spontaneous consumer experiences in what could amount to a long-tail investment commitment. “Let’s call it what it really is. Orchestration. I think it’s the […]


BoA Wants Facebook Transparency After Video Metrics Revelations

Bank Of America has joined the ranks of big-brand advertisers calling for Facebook’s advertising boasts to be more transparent, after the social network admitted inflating video metrics for two years. Last month, Facebook conceded it had erred in the way it calculates average video view duration, leading advertisers to believe in numbers that were actually overstated. “The error […]


Creatives Left Behind On Addressable Sequencing, Industry Panel Says

FORT LAUDERDALE — The potential to target individual TV viewers using one of an array of pre-prepared custom ads will fundamentally change the way the business works – but the people who make those ads are going to have to catch up first, a panel discussion heard. Asked if the current wave of new advertising technology […]


Content Trumps Frequency For Marketers: Bank of America’s Paskalis

FORT LAUDERDALE — You can have all the ad tech in the world but, in this day and age, is it really advertising that can connect with consumers any longer? Bank Of America media SVP Lou Paskalis thinks brands need to take a leaf out of the books of publishers and broadcasters they historically have advertised […]


More Safeguards Needed For Dynamic Ad Creative: Bank of America’s Paskalis

The concept of dynamic ad insertion – through which, consumers would get served a brand ad with different content, depending on their targeting profile – has been talked about for a couple of years now. The exciting reality may be around the corner, if the industry can persuade brands it is a safe one, says […]


Bank of America’s Paskalis Bullish on VOD, Dynamic Ad Insertion

FORT LAUDERDALE — Bank of America is working with Starcom and NBC on dynamic ad insertion in live streaming sports programming as part of its ongoing efforts to dig deeper into customized advertising strategies, says Lou Paskalis, Senior VP Enterprise Media at Bank of America in this interview with Beet.TV. “That allows us to get to the best […]


The End Of The Advertising Era Is Upon Us: BoA’s Paskalis

Lou Paskalis sees a world, not too far from now, in which advertising as an industry is over. Media evolution is coming to necessitate a shift in the way brands reach consumers, from old broadcast to as era in which they must work hard using content to engage. “We’re at the end of the advertising era […]


To Side-Step Ad Blocking, Get Out Of Advertising, Brand Execs

If you believe some of the recent analysis and forecasts for the effect of ad blocking on the business, you would be forgiven for pulling over the duvet and going back to bed. But how are some of the biggest brands reading the apparent threat? With a mixture of trepidation and confidence, according to a recent […]


Ads Must Work To Earn Back Users’ Respect: BoA’s Paskalis

Consumers have more content available than ever – but they are also swimming in a sea of ads. With so many opportunities available, it has become tempting for marketers to deploy unavoidable ad tactics. But so much pushy-pushy has ended up being counterproductive, says one major-brand ad exec. Instances of ad blocking are, perhaps, testament to that. […]


How Transparent Does Ad Tech Really Need To Be, AMNET’s Karandikar Wonders

CANNES — During a panel discussion at Cannes Lions, disagreement broke out over how much ad buyers should know about the so-called “transparency” in ad network and programmatic practices. “If the agency and the client can have a very clean discussion about what is the value of the offer and what is the fee they charge, […]

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