CANNES — In the last few years, we have seen a rush of companies scramble to offer services for the programmatic trading of online advertising.

Traditional ad agencies have added programmatic services to their offering, even as programmatic ad tech vendors rise up and promise to to disintermediate those agencies.

One company now claims to be toeing the line between the two.

“In the broader ad-tech ecosystem, there are pure service providers like agencies, and there are also very pure tech providers who are SaaS-based companies,” according to Art Muldoon, CEO of Accordant Media, an ad-tech provider launched six years ago. “We really shoot right down the middle.”

The company was recently a finalist for “best audience measurement platform” and “best marketing analytics/attribution platform” in Digiday’s Signal Awards.

Its ATS software includes data management, audience buying, attribution, analytics and reporting.

“We provide a fully managed service with transparency and trusted relationships, but also with original technology and data that we build and provide our marketers to help them get the power that agencies don’t necessarily create, and full tech partners don’t really operate.”


This video was produced  by Beet.TV at the Rubicon Project’s Rooftop Summit on Automated Advertising at Cannes Lions 2016.   The series is sponsored by the RubiconProject.   For more videos from the series, please visit this page.