CANNES — During its nine years as a digital marketing platform, Jivox has stayed relatively under the radar during what have been the boom years of the discipline.

But now the company, whose IQ platform is used by clients including Bayer, Bose, Condé Nast, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson, is enjoying another time in the sun, after a recent investment.

In June, the company took investment from You & Mr Jones, the “brand-tech” group founded by former Havas CEO David Jones.

As The Drum reported it: “Jivox’s personalized digital marketing platform dynamically constructs all the creative components of a campaign to deliver thousands of potential variations – customized on the fly according to each user profile – using first-party and third-party data, and factors such as browsing behavior, demographics, weather, location, local events, time of day, and social data.”

So how will Jivox use the money? Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney tells Beet.TV:

“We’re pretty excited about that because it’s two things:

  1. “It’s a recognition by David Jones and team. David Jones was a former CEO of Havas Media, so he knows a thing or two about advertising.”
  2. “But also, as a team, an acknowledgement that we have market-leading technology in this particular area and making the investment.”

“What that investment allows us to do is:

  1. “Continue to grow and scale the business. We plan to invest some of it in technology, because we think this is a very vast and big field. We want to stay ahead of the game.”
  2. “And the other is just expanding our global footprint, particularly in Europe and Asia. We’ve got the beginnings of an office in both of those areas, but we plan to spend a lot of that money growing in those two markets.”



This video is part of a series titled “Exploring Data & Technology as Catalysts for Creativity.”  This series was produced at Cannes Lions 2016 in cooperation the Xaxis. The series is sponsored by comScore.  For more segments from the series, please visit this page.