CANNES — In the emerging world of digital video advertising, now personalized ads can be made, on-the-fly, by assembling disparate scenes from alternate narratives in to a single, audience-specific ad spot.

That’s the theory. So who’s responsible for the execution? Truth is, the new practice of dynamic ad creative is still shaking out – and whether it should be owned by creators, targeters or a mixture of each is still a matter for debate.

“There’s a lot of data in the media, the real-time bidding and programmatic has taken off, and the creative has been left behind a bit, acknowledges Joseph Pamboris, the chief product officer of Flashtalking, a vendor whose technology lets people make dynamically-created ads depending on a range of input factors.

“Who is responsible for the creative, in particular, the dynamic or data-driven creative, is still a little in the air. Is it the creative agency who actually create the sum for assembling ads? The media agency? The advertiser?

“What we really need is someone to actually take the responsibility for the multitude of creatives you can actually run within any media campaign.”


This video is part of a series titled “Exploring Data & Technology as Catalysts for Creativity.”  This series was produced at Cannes Lions 2016 in cooperation the Xaxis. The series is sponsored by comScore.  For more segments from the series, please visit this page.