The video ad-tech roll-up continued this month, as Comcast-owned premium video ad-tech vendor FreeWheel announced it was acquiring France-based server-side platform (SSP) StickyADS.

StickyADS offers premium publishers software to build, run and operate their own private exchange. So why did FreeWheel buy?

“We knew we had to become a full-stack provider to enable our clients to not only transact through traditional direct sales but also transact through automated channels as well,” FreeWheel’s revenue chief James Rooke tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “The fastest way to accelerate our client needs was to make an acquisition of an SSP.”

He goes on to state four reasons he picked StickyADS specifically:

  1. “If you look at what they’re doing in Europe with clients like TF1, they share a very similar philosophy in terms of wanting to solve for the TV ecosystem.”
  2. “From a product standpoint, we’re massively complimentary – we focus on traditional direct sales, they focus on more automated channels.”
  3. “We have a strong presence in the US, StickyAds is a very well known brand and has deep entrenched relationships there (in Europe).”
  4. “They share a similar operating discipline to us, a similar culture, way of doing business.”