PALM SPRINGS — Bloomberg appears to have been undergoing a renaissance lately, with a line-up of strong products and a solid identity running across its many media outposts.

In the latest new advertising tie-up, Bloomberg Media has sold a sponsorship for the green room, during its new Bloomberg Go morning TV show, to Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

Variety reports: “The network joins some of its rivals in TV’s frenetic morning-news scrum in letting advertisers gain a seat, of sorts, at their news desk.”

How does Bloomberg sell ads across not just TV, but multiple screens? “This is all about innovation, more so than even disruption,” chief revenue officer and client partnership officer Paul Caine tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“We’re in this state right now where consumers are continuing to adopt our platforms, continuing to engage with our premium content.

“There are many issues that have faced this industry – but we’re at this inflection point where it is all about how to best connect with our customers.”

We interviewed him last month at the IAB annual leadership meeting.