Consumers have more content available than ever – but they are also swimming in a sea of ads. With so many opportunities available, it has become tempting for marketers to deploy unavoidable ad tactics.

But so much pushy-pushy has ended up being counterproductive, says one major-brand ad exec. Instances of ad blocking are, perhaps, testament to that.

“Advertising has to get better,” according to Bank Of America enterprise media SVP Lou Paskalis.

“’Make things people want’ is not a bad axiom. Let’s tell better stories, let’s be more respectful of what the audience mindset motivation is … and earn the ability to talk to folks.

“The greatest thing Facebook did was give us ‘Will they care and will they share?’ as an axiom for marketing in Facebook. I think that’s an axiom for marketing, moving forward.

“We’re going to have to work really hard to get people back to a place where they want marketing messages.”

We interviewed him at Media Future Conversations 2015: Unblocked – Valuing Human Attention In A Content-Driven World, an event presented by true[X] in association with Beet.TV Please find more event videos here.