The use of data will fuel the future of all media buying, whether direct or programmatic, and that’s why it’s smart to manage data in house, says Vin Palozzi, VP Marketplace Development at Magna Global, in an interview with Beet.TV. “Modeling and the ability to use data has let us build strategies to make the consumers aware of a brand message when they are purchasing or at different stages. You can now apply data to the full consumer life cycle,” he explains.

As data becomes more vital, agencies are drawing on first-party, third-party and CRM sources. But to architect the best data strategy, he suggest open infrastructure technology to bring the data together and drive the best results.

Magna Global is betting big on programmatic buying and expects it to corral $18.4 billion in global ad spend this year, with $9.8 billion of that in the United States.

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