As Programmatic CTV Matures, Marketers Must Embrace Cross-Functional Learning: MAGNA’s Fitzpatrick

The landscape of Connected TV (CTV) is evolving rapidly, with programmatic pathways becoming increasingly populated by premium content. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jean Fitzpatrick, SVP of Performance Partnerships at MAGNA Global, shares her insights on why more high-quality CTV inventory is flowing into programmatic channels and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. The key […]


Addressable TV Gets Real In 2021: Magna Global’s Anson

If 2020 was the year when our foundation was shaken and reset, 2021 may be the year when substantive new growth can occur on top. That is to say, many trends which marketers got interested in last year and now ready to be adopted in earnest in the year ahead. In this video interview with […]


Ad Buyers Need Help On OTT Ads: Beet Retreat Panel

SAN JUAN, PR — The new TV landscape offers advertisers the opportunity to better plan, target and measure their campaigns, in a manner more reminiscent of digital marketing. But how are advertisers adapting to the palette of options presented by OTT (over-the-top) and connected TV delivery? In a panel called “Buy-Side Perspectives – The Big […]


MAGNA Global’s Anson: ‘We Have to Come to a Common Currency’ for TV Measurement

SAN JUAN, PR– When it comes to the division between linear and digital, addressability and measurement are two considerations that continue to be redefined. In a conversation with Alan Wolk, co-founder of TV/REV, at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Julie Anson, director of strategic investment in advanced TV at MAGNA Global, gave some insight […]


Magna’s Anson Wants AVOD Wave With ‘Light’ Ad Load

SANTA BARBARA — If ad agencies were starting to worry that the rise of subscription video services would leave them without a route to viewers, perhaps they should begin to improve that outlook. Because, seeming to come as a response to the rise of pay-for VOD, a new wave of ad-supported OTT TV services (AVOD) is […]


Next-Level Supply Optimization: Magna Global’s Fitzpatrick

These days, media-buying agencies don’t want to accept cookie-cutting technical solutions. After years in which they felt at the mercy of software platforms, more are now exerting more control than ever over how they find and buy ad inventory. Case in point – Magna Global sets stringent requirements for the supply-side platforms (SSPs) it works […]


Magna Global Will Bypass Some Ad Exchanges: Paolozzi

IPG Mediabrands’ media arm has been through the rise of programmatic ad exchanges and the emergence of private marketplaces which give enhanced control. Now it wants to bypass some ad exchanges and deal directly with publishers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vin Paolozzi, Magna Global EVP innovation, explains that the unit needs to reduce […]


Magna’s Cohen On A Changing Cannes Festival, Creative Versioning

When David Cohen first attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity about a dozen years ago, it was as a “digital media guy and I was so honored to go to an environment where was all these creatives and the best creativity in the business.” Fast forward to the present and Cohen, like other […]


Advanced OTT Targeting, Inventory Aggregation Drive Magna’s Roku Partnership

Having made major advertising commitments to YouTube before last year’s Upfront television negotiating season, IPG’s Magna has a new partnership with Roku that gives its clients advanced audience targeting capabilities and “one-stop shopping” for premium inventory. In an interview with Beet.TV, Amanda Medeiros Kigel, Magna’s VP of Partner Innovation, says the exclusive arrangement provides advanced targeting […]


Upfronts Won’t Die In TV Renaissance: Magna Global’s Bayer

FORT LAUDERDALE — If you think the coming age of buying addressable, internet-style ads in the blink of an eye is going to mean an end to the TV ad industry as we know it, think again. “I think we’ve entered …a renaissance of television,” Matt Bayer, SVP of advanced TV at Magna Global, tells Beet.TV in this […]


Small TV Networks Allow Programmatic Buying By Magna Global Advertisers

The US TV business has moved another step closer to selling its advertising programmatically, with 15 small broadcast networks signing up to allow programmatic buying by clients of IPG Mediabrands’ Magna Global investment unit. Its data-driven ad targeting capabilities will be used by small networks whose ratings are not typically captured by measurement agencies, to […]


Ad Buyers Can Target Cox Viewers In 2015 With AudienceXpress

The sale of TV advertising is about to go a lot more “programmatic” early in 2015, when advertisers via Magna Global start buying slots in Cox Media programming via a new platform. Powered by planning, buying and reporting optimization platform AudienceXpess, the new system will help Magna Global agency clients advertise on Cox Media cable […]


Programmatic Buying to Grow 52%, Magna’s Rayapareddi explains

Look for a myriad of new ad tech tools to come to the marketplace in the year ahead, says Veena Rayapareddi, VP at Magna Global/Cadreon in an interview with Beet.TV. From user data to location data to performance metrics, advertisers are increasingly relying on technology and data to guide them along today. Given the growing […]


Agencies Benefit from Building Data Management Platform

The use of data will fuel the future of all media buying, whether direct or programmatic, and that’s why it’s smart to manage data in house, says Vin Palozzi, VP Marketplace Development at Magna Global, in an interview with Beet.TV. “Modeling and the ability to use data has let us build strategies to make the consumers […]


Magna Global Aims for Programmatic TV Expansion

Many advertisers are aiming to expand their programmatic buys into TV this year, says Todd Gordon, EVP of Magna Global, in an interview with Beet.TV. “It’s natural for clients having success in programmatic to want to extend to TV where most of their ad dollars are going,” he says, adding that many Magna Global clients are […]


VOD Ad Prices Frustrate Some UK Buyers: Magna Global’s Oliver

LONDON — Online video often puts off some UK advertisers because the slots are more expensive than those on conventional broadcast TV, according to one agency head. “Linear TV, in terms of its price, has been fairly stable for a decade or so in the UK and is seen as pretty good value,” Magna Global UK […]


Online Video Poised to Lure Cable Ad Dollars, Magna’s Todd Gordon

Digital video programming will have the most advertising success when it can start to draw budgets away from cable TV programming, says Todd Gordon, EVP and US Director, Magna Global during an interview with Beet.TV at the AOL NewFront event. Video is starting to lure a larger share of budgets, but the price is tracking at […]


Ad Buyers Want Linear TV Sales To Go Programatic, Experts

SAN FRANCISCO — IPG’s insight agency Magna Global is using the current TV upfronts, the annual process by which TV networks sell advertising inventory for the year ahead, to push cable networks to adopt programmatic trading techniques. Says Magna Global USA president Kristi Argyilan: “We are pushing for our planning teams to reconsider cable television and think […]


‘Programmatic Is Not Just For Performance’: Magna Global’s Brunick

SAN FRANCISCO — Data-driven buying processes beget data-centric advertising. At least, that’s how the evolution of the collection of automated and algorithm-heavy trading techniques dubbed “programmatic” has played out so far. But are things changing? “We’ve put it in to a box of it only being performance-driven – that was a mistake,” says programmatic SVP […]


Custom Ads Drive Impact, Data Boosts ROI, Magna Pres Argyilan

SAN FRANCISCO — Custom advertising content drives 5 to 14 times greater effect than a standard ad unit, says  Kristi Argyilan, president of Magna North America, during an interview with Ashley J. Swartz, Founder and CEO of Furious-Minds, for Beet.TV. The media giant is also focused on automation through data and has found when it applies data to […]

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