Programmatic buying and creativity are not mutually exclusive, says Pete Stein, Global CEO of Razorfish, in an interview with Beet.TV. In fact, the better marketers can connect the two, the more success they may have leveraging the data and insights available today.

“Programmatic is what’s driving us to connect with the right people and creativity is still necessary because it is the thing that gets them engaged and inspired. You can’t separate the two,” he says. “We are just starting to understand how to unlock creativity in a programmatic context.” That includes weaving in data points such as whether someone has bought the product being marketered before, where the potential customer lives, and the attitudes about the products. Understanding where the consumer is in the purchasing journey is vital too and data can shed light on that.

Looking ahead, Stein predicts more marketing will move to mobile and the value of that inventory will continue to rise.

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