CANNES — Real-time marketing needs to become a part of the industrial muscle of the advertising business, says Ian James, Chief Digital Officer, EMEA at Starcom MediaVest Group in the UK during an interview with Beet.TV. Great brands like Heineken and Samsung are already engaging in real-time marketing and more need to do so to keep pace with consumers, he says. “The use of data and the smart agility it gives us lets us be at forefront of the creative content assets and how they get deployed,” he says in this interview.

Marketers should focus on consumer experiences though, rather than screens.” Don’t think about mobile as a separate identity, but think about how to create an experience across screens,” he says. Similarly, data should be used to create context and address consumers intelligently on the right screen. “Use data to create context…But do it badly, and you are into a display market on the small screen,” he says.