CANNES — As it expands its marketing services footprint, Adobe has been focusing on its Adobe Marketing Cloud platform for digital marketers, says Ben Rabner, Web and Content Strategist at Adobe during an interview with Beet.TV. Offering real-time feedback, the Adobe Marketing Cloud is designed to help marketers measure, monetize and understand their ROI for digital campaigns that encompass advertising, targeting, social and Web experiences, he explains.

“If you have a piece of creative, what is the return on that? You can test it and segment it for different audiences to get a certain lift,” he explains. He adds that Adobe works with several major brands that use the service to identify the best channels in which to invest their ad spend. “Our algorithms identify what the lifts will be, what targets they need to go higher, how far into the video someone is getting.”

For more insight into how brands are using Adobe Marketing Cloud, check out this video interview.

Adobe recently announced plans to acquire conversational marketing company Neolane in a deal valued at $600 million, according to TechCrunch. The acquisition should help boost the Marketing Cloud service.


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