New Coding School EngineHere Sees WebRTC As Future

“Coding” is the new black, and there’s no longer a shortage of service teaching kids, women and all comers the virtues of computer programming. One of the latest, EngineHere, aims to to get ahead of the pack by replicating the familiar school environment using online video. Recently-launched, EngineHere uses Tokbox’s WebRTC video tools to support […]


Tokbox CEO: WebRTC Can Power Remote Learning By Video

Many people are out to re-invent education as a “flipped classroom“, in which learning and interaction is carried out remotely and digitally. Tokbox CEO Ian Small agrees video is just the medium to support the idea. “WebRTC on its own solves the one-to-one, peer-to-peer (video) case reasonably well,” he tells Beet.TV. “But what it doesn’t really […]


New Online School for Code Offers Mentoring in Real-Time, Live Video Classroom

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – EngineHere, an online education platform for learning code, has gone live. Positioned between low cost (or free) MOOCs and immersive, high-priced developer bootcamps, the San Francisco start-up is offering introductory and intermediate level programming and web development courses with an emphasis on live mentorship. Founder Benjamin Plesser says that, while the […]


NYU Goes Global with Video Offering, and Adaptive Streaming is Key

New York University, which has expanded  globally with a number of campuses, is delivering an increasing amount of video from inside and outside the classroom.  It is successfully serving  content to many students in low-bandwidth regions by using adaptive bit rate technology provided by Kaltura and Akamai, says Richard Malenitza, Manager of Academic Technology Services […]


Kaltura Finds Broad Adoption of Video Solution in Higher Education & the Enterprise

Online video technology provider Kaltura sees a growing business line in the growing movement to revolutionize education. The firm, which began by offering open-source software, has been offering its services to colleges for some time. But CEO and co-founder Ron Yekutiel reckons there is further promise in the “flipped classroom” movement, in which students would […]


Educator Laurie Burruss: Video In The Classroom Empowers Students

BERLIN — Today video is accessible to everyone, which makes it the perfect tool for education.  At the Online Educa conference in Berlin Laurie Burruss, senior director of education at, spoke with us about what makes video such a great tool for learning, how the field is evolving, and how she’s seen students react […]


Video Arts CEO: “The role of video has changed”

BERLIN — Founded by actor John Cleese in 1972, Video Arts has been at the forefront of video training and education.  At the Online Educa conference in Berlin, CEO Martin Addison spoke with us about how the role of video has changed since Video Arts launched thirty years ago.


Kaltura Brings Video To Learning Management Systems Blackboard, Moodle

BERLIN — "Video is the future," says Sergio Cardoso, EMEA Account Director at Kaltura, "and the way that we are enhancing teaching and learning is that we are giving the ability for students…and teachers to share [the learning] experience via video."  At the Online Educa conference in Berlin, Cardoso spoke with us about Kaltura’s new […]


Tinopolis’ Programming Head Touts Video as Powerful Learning Tool

BERLIN — "People have always been using film as a tool for learning," says Adam Salkeld, Head of Programming at Britains' big TV production house Tinopolis. 


Dispatch from Berlin: Kaltura Has Multi-Platform Educational Video Service

BERLIN — This year Kaltura launched a new educational video platform that can be integrated into learning management systems including Blackboard, Moodle and Sakai. 


Northwestern Prof Craig Duff: Journalists Need To Specialize

Journalism students need to learn how to specialize, while being able to adapt says Craig Duff, Journalism Professor at Medill Northwestern University, in this video interview with Beet.TV


Watching “Big Think” Videos for Credit at Harvard and Yale

Big Think, the New York-based publisher and syndicator of short videos of thought leaders in business, academia, politics and the arts, now provides video-centric courses to top universities including Harvard and Yale.


YouTube Has New Channel for Teachers

SAN BRUNO, Calif — As YouTube expands its education offering beyond what is mostly college-level classes, it is encouraging secondary and primary grade school teachers to make and share videos through the YouTube Teacher's Channel.


Google is Building a “Global Classroom” with “YouTube EDU”

Having launched just over two years ago as a hub for colleges' and universities' YouTube channels, YouTube EDU has become a destination for education, providing an index for a broad range of topics and campus activities, says Angela Lin who manages the education program at YouTube.


Video Start-up ‘Big Think’ Finds Profitability and Expands Business Model

New York-based Big Think, which launched in early 2008 with seed capital from Lawrence  Summers*, President Obama's Director of the National Economic Council, and other investors including Peter Thiel, is serving some 5 million monthly video views and has reached profitability, says Victoria Brown, co-founder and CEO.


Pay-Per-View for Online Video Emerges as Ooyala Integrates PayPal

While pay–per-view has become pervasive for live sports, Amazon’s on-demand service and adult entertainment, subscriptions and micro-payments are emerging for online video publishers. 


Aspirational Video Site “Capture Your Flag” is Launched

Late last year, Capture Your Flag, a new online video site that chronicles the leadership philosophy and strategy of emerging leaders, launched in beta with some 500 clips.


YouTube Testing Pay Scenario for Niche Content

AUSTIN — YouTube Rental, the video sharing site's nascent pay-per-view service that launched in January with a handful of independent films, is becoming a paid platform for creators of education, travel, and entertainment programming, according to YouTube's Sara Pollack.


J-schools and Editor in Chief Agree: Journalists Need to Embrace Tools of New Media

Click To Play While chatting with Editor in Chief Len Apcar, we asked the man at the helm of one of the pioneering new media newspaper websites how journalists could make the transition from traditional media to the fast-pace, multi-dimensional world of new media. Len saysthat journalists must now be ‘mentally ambidextrous’ when it […]