ANAHEIM, CA – The Collective is a full-service entertainment, management and content production company that works with some of YouTube’s most popular creators.  At VidCon, Beet.TV sat down with Petar Mandich, a manager at The Collective, to talk about the process of pairing brands with YouTube creators for branded advertising campaigns.

Mandich says, "Our main concern is to protect both our clients brand and also the brand we’re working with."  He explains the importance of finding an organic balance between the brands that are paying to be featured in YouTube videos and the YouTube creators because, "the main thing about YouTube is staying true to your audience, really promoting things that you love as a person…because if you don’t do that it’s not going to come off well."

In the video interview Mandich elaborates on the process of pairing brands with big YouTube stars, as well as discusses some of the brands that The Collective has worked with.

Megan O’Neill