Mid-roll video ads have the highest completion rate of in-stream units, finds VINDICO, the New York-based online video ad management platform.

In a study of millions of video impressions for consumer and packaged goods ads, the company found completion rates about ten percent greater for mid-roll compared to pre-roll.

We spoke with company president Matt Timothy about the value and opportunities around mid-roll advertising.  

Mid-roll is generally inserted into longer form content, mostly full episode programming. 

Some big publishers like CBS Interactive are starting to focus on using just mid-roll advertising and not pre-roll, as sales chief Ken Lagana told us in August.

In this interview, Matt Timothy tracks the the origins of VINDICO as part of BBE which are now owned by Specific Media.  Here is our report on the 2010 acquisition.


comsScore:  Specific Media Has Greatest Biggest Reach of "Ad Properties"

ComScore ranks VINDICO, listed as Specific Media, in the top five biggest online video advertising platforms with the biggest "reach" of total U.S. population.

Andy Plesser