LAS VEGAS  — Live television delivery to mobile devices is a big focus of working groups and exhibitors here at the annual NAB convention, according to Chris Brown, the NAB executive in charge of the show.

While broadband and wireless companies can stream video to mobile devices, broadcasters are not yet capable.

Chris says he expects this to change and that it is a big opportunity for the industry.

David Rehr, chief executive of the NAB, said in his State of the Industry speech Monday:

"By 2012, we expect 130 million phones and 25 million media players will be able to receive mobile television. An NAB study concluded that TV broadcasters could see incremental revenue of more than $2 billion after 2012 with mobile DTV (digital television). I believe, the revenue upside is probably greater than we can even imagine."

Chris tells Beet.TV that other important innovation explored at the show are 3-D both in hardware and content.

Economics in Focus

In light of these difficult financial times, he says that many attendees are looking to technology to save costs and boost revenue. 

It would appear that the economic climate has impacted attendance this year, with attendance down about 20 percent, the Las Vegas Sun reported yesterday.

Much more to come from NAB on Beet.TV

— Andy Plesser, Executive Producer