There are a lot of widgets on the web, but TechCrunch50 presenter Tingz has created a solution that works across almost any platform, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Macs OS X, and Windows Media Center. The widgets look and act the same on each device and automatically sync up, according to CEO Patrick Hunt.

Tingz widgets also interact with one another: The widget for sharing video recipes has a feature that lets users write down ingredients that will automatically show up in the shopping list application. The number of Tingz widgets will continue to expand: "The possibilities for Tingz applications is really limitless," Hunt says.

Getting users to adopt the product could be a large hurdle for the start-up to overcome, however. TechCrunch50 judge and Digg founder Kevin Rose said he saw no compelling reason to switch over from the Mac OS X widgets, and Don Dodge had doubts that an advertising revenue model would work for the product. The report by TechCrunch has more comments from the judges.

Hunt told me Tings will also make money from transaction revenue share. "Every time someone buys a movie ticket from our platform, for example, we take a cut of that revenue," he says.

Kelsey Blodget, Associte Producer 

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