Earlier this month, I sat down with Anil Dash, the chief evangelist for Six Apart, the world’s biggest blog software company.  They develop and run TypePad (Beet’s platform), Movable Type, Vox and LiveJournal.

Anil is one of the top thought leaders in the field.  He explains the simplicity and value of posting videos to a blog platform.  He references a tool from VideoEgg which allows registered users to upload to VideoEgg and post directly to a TypePad account.  (Google Video now allows you to upload directly to TypePad and Live Journal.)

You can also upload video directly simply by "scraping" the embed code of publicly available videos and pasting that code into your blog post using the "html" edit function.

All that is easy; the important part is getting good footage, but also employing the tools of effective blogging:  compelling perspective, new information and links back to other sources.  As Anil explains, all this data becomes searchable and makes your video discoverable.

More on my interview with Anil to come.

Andy Plesser

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