Belgium’s Proximus Sees Addressable TV Improving Customer Experience

COLOGNE — Over the last year, we have reported how Belgian quad-play operator Proximus is trying to balance its broadband and TV subscribers’ customer experience with offering better ad targeting to clients. Now the outfit is ready to find out how well that balance can work, by lighting up a new addressable TV ad offering for Proximus TV, […]


IPG’s Media Lab Is Agency’s Spotter For Tech Trends, Simon Says

COLOGNE – How does a media company stay abreast of and adopt new technologies to best effect. For many, the answer is to create a “lab”, a division whose sole purpose is to let in-house geeks test out and apply transformational new tech. And IPG Mediabrands is no different. Its IPG Media Lab is devoted to finding […]


AcuityAds To Follow 140 Deal With More Acquisitions

Of all the programmatic trading platforms out in the market, AcuityAds may have been one of those the limelight has so far evaded. But that may be set to change, after the company went public to finance its current round of growth. First founded in 2009 and also offering a data management platform, the outfit listed […]


Drones And VR Firing Marketers’ Imagination: MediaLink’s Carty

COLOGNE — Once upon a time, multi-platform proliferation meant “desktop, tablet and smartphone”. Now, we are entering an era when virtual worlds, connected toasters and even unmanned aerial vehicles represent new challenges and opportunities for brands. Neil Carty, innovation strategy SVP of marketing consulting agency MediaLink, calls all the new platforms “data exhausts”, emitting cues that marketers can better use to […]


Programmatic Edges In To 2017 TV Upfronts As Clypd Goes To Europe

COLOGNE – So-called “programmatic” methods of targeting or trading advertising may be typically associated with online media platforms – but that doesn’t mean something of the techniques can’t also be applied to linear TV. Indeed, programmatic looks like playing a part in the next TV upfront season beginning next spring, when networks will tout their upcoming shows to advertisers […]


The Drum’s Gordon Young Wants To Change The World In a ‘Do-It Day’

LONG ISLAND, NY — They may not have dreamed it when they first formed a school magazine to cover a Glasgow suburb in the 1980s. But now The Drum‘s founders Gordon Young and Nick Creed are riding the wave of running one of the marketing industry’s most influential trade publications. After leaving school, the pair formed an early print trade […]


Online Live TV Brings Broadcasters Efficiencies: Verizon’s Jacob

Time was, it was online delivery that required investment decisions and a strategic shift. But now, for broadcasters looking for efficiency and transformation in how to deliver live TV, online networks are the way to go. Thats according to Verizon Digital Media Services, a wing of the telco that offers CDN and live transmission services […]


TV Companies’ Future Is In Programmatic, MTG’s Bastin Says

COLOGNE — It’s no wonder MTG’s VOD service looks so slick. After all, the Swedish media company’s Play catch-up TV offering is based in Stockholm, whose digital designers have created brands like Spotify and beyond. Now MTG’s pan-Scandinavian, free Play is changing the way it monetizes the multi-platform application. “We’re transitioning that sale model from a direct sales […]


‘Programmatic Guaranteed’ Soothes & Empowers Broadcasters: StickyADS’ Benincasa

COLOGNE — When programmatic ad trading burst on to the scene, it was as a mechanism to allow real-time, automated buying of lower-value auction ads. But times are changing. In fact, the needs of broadcasters dictate as much. They don’t want to give up their inventory to lack of control and poor returns. So technology vendors […]


Don’t Vacate The Top Of The Funnel, Nielsen’s Solomon Tells Marketers

Pretty much the whole of the advertising technology world these days seems to focus around targeting. The better the targeting, the better the results, many people believe. So when the world’s largest advertising spender pulls back from targeted ads on one of the world’s largest ad platforms, people take notice. That’s what Procter & Gamble did this summer, […]


‘Header Bidding 2.0’ Will Help RTB Kill IO: Rubicon’s Mulcahy

Just when you wrapped your head around “programmatic”, a new variant of the data-driven advertising technology is creeping on to the scene. In so-called “header bidding“, publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges before alerting their ad servers, intending to garner multiple bids on the same inventory and so make higher prices. And, no sooner […]


Oracle’s Marketing Cloud Aims To Solve Silos, Kathuria Says

What is one of the biggest database software companies doing at an advertising conference? Wandering amongst the brands, agencies and ad-tech vendors at the just-wrapped Advertising Week New York event, Beet.TV found Oracle, the massive seller of data products. Its strategic agency partnerships global head Vik Kathuria explains the logic of the attendance to Beet.TV: “Oracle have a pretty […]


Weather Company Taps IBM’s Watson to Deliver Targeted Ads

After “Hey, Siri”, “Alexa” and “OK Google”, comes… The Weather Company, whose partnership with IBM aims to let audiences converse with brand ads using their voice or typed questions. Acquired its digital operation was acquired by Big Blue last year, the company this summer announced it would unveil “Watson Ads”, formats that tap IBM’s Watson AI system to […]


Inside Nielsen’s Quest To Give Publishers Cross-Platform Audience Data

Nielsen is stepping up its game to measure up against its measurement rivals, launching a new product that aims to give content owners, and their advertisers, a single view of audience consumption across all platforms. Digital Content Ratings is the latest chapter in the group’s Total Audience Measurement roll-out. Why is Nielsen doing this? Product leadership […]


Get Creative To Understand VR: Google Zoo’s Bastholm

To some, it may have gone under the radar a little, but Google operates an in-house team dedicated to working with ad agencies and brands. “Zoo is Google’s creative think tank for brands and agencies,” explains Zoo’s global chief creative officer Lars Bastholm, in this video interview with Beet.TV. “We help brands and agencies think more […]


Spotify’s Programmatic Deals Make Ads ‘Immersive’: The TradeDesk’s Sims

So far, the discussion of so-called “programmatic”, automated digital advertising trading has centered on online display and video advertising. But what about advertising in content that no-one can see? Programmatic trading has already come to a number of audio platforms – Xaxis enabled an audio offering last year. And now one of the biggest out there, Spotify, has enabled the technology, […]


Organic Traffic Is Stagnant, But Social Can Help, Adobe Research Finds

These days, it takes a lot to move an audience. In fact, it looks like all the all tricks in the marketer playbook don’t work so well anymore – nowadays, it’s going to take money, too. That’s according to an Adobe’s just-published Digital Insights Advertising Demand Report – a survey of 800m North American customers – which […]


IPG & Innovid Partner To Find The Right OTT Recipe

COLOGNE — What’s the best way to deliver commercial viewing experiences to viewers in the interactive TV age? The new platform opportunity is considerable, but could be squandered by overly aggressive or jarring messaging. That’s why Interpublic’s IPG Mediabrands is partnering with interactive-TV advertising firm Innovid. The pair are collaborating to find the right recipe for […]


Samba TV Brings Real-Time, Cross-Device TV Attribution To Europe

COLOGNE — Imagine if advertisers and broadcasters could know, with certainty, which TV shows viewers were watching, for how long and how attentive they were? That’s what companies like Samba TV are claiming to offer. Launched in 2008 and backed by investors including Mark Cuban, the outfit works by having software embedded on some 180m […]


Brands Need Education On Cross-Device Attribution: OpenX’s Mesa

It’s one of the thorniest problems in marketing today – how do you target a single user when that user leaves separate breadcrumb trails on disconnected devices? Brands recognise the problem – but they need to do more to recognise there are companies out there that can help. That’s according to an OpenX exec working […]

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