Ad Threats & Consolidation In Kawaja’s ‘House Of Cards’

The threats are mounting. With challenges like viewability, fraud and ad blocking rising, the online ad industry could risk falling, just as Rome’s empire did before it. That’s the view of Terence Kawaja, the famed digital media M&A advisor, whose just-released 100-slide deck, inspired by Netflix’s House Of Cards, lays the industry bare. LUMA's State of Digital Media at DMS 16 […]


Four Reasons FreeWheel Is Buying StickyADS: Rooke

The video ad-tech roll-up continued this month, as Comcast-owned premium video ad-tech vendor FreeWheel announced it was acquiring France-based server-side platform (SSP) StickyADS. StickyADS offers premium publishers software to build, run and operate their own private exchange. So why did FreeWheel buy? “We knew we had to become a full-stack provider to enable our clients to […]


Emerging: ‘Offline Retargeting’, Marrying Physical And Digital, Bannerconnect’s Geenen explains

SEVILLE — By now, people know all about ad retargeting – the practice through which ads for products you have viewed online follow you around the web. But what if those products followed you out of a store, through the shopping mall and in your car home after a visit to your local shop? That’s what Bannerconnect […]


Viant And Time Inc: ‘More Synergies Than We Expected’

SEVILLE — Back in February, the remnants of MySpace ended up located at Time Inc,when the publisher acquired Viant, the advertising data company that was the latest owner of the once-mighty social network. But Time’s interest was about more than social. It was buying Viant because of its considerable bank of first-party data about consumers, also including in […]


Taboola Cites 1 Billion Users On Road To Personalized Web

If Taboola wanted to show the industry the scale it has amassed, it is certainly now using some very big numbers to do so – comScore Media Trend data it republished today suggests the content discovery tech vendor is becoming gargantuan. 200m+ mobile-only and 810m+ desktop users, totalling more than 1b monthly users. “Every American internet user sees Taboola […]


comScore’s Chasin Puts The Meter In The Router

SEVILLE — When comScore launched in the 1990s, it began measuring consumers’ internet browsing habits by installing a software monitor on their PC. Times have changed. A lot. With devices proliferating, online life is no longer about the computer in the study – so comScore is making a move to capture everything, with a new product […]


Cross-Screen Measurement Is Priority #1: comScore’s Bhatia

SEVILLE — As consumers’ media time has fragmented across a smorgasbord of different devices, comScore is amongst the agencies racing to catch up, by allowing media companies and advertisers to track holistic experiences. “When we talk to our clients, the number one ask is the ability to be able to track and report their audiences and […]


Algorithms Will Revolutionize Audience Targeting: TubeMogul’s Schreiner

SEVILLE — We’ve heard a lot about the supposed transition from “mad men to maths men” – but what if the real transition is straight to software? Increasingly, computer algorithms are beginning to take on many of the functions of ad targeting and buying themselves. One company where that’s happening is TubeMogul, whose programmatic video platform […]


Stop Experimenting With Video Ad Budgets: Quantcast’s D’Souza

SEVILLE — The time for playing around with small change is over – it’s time to put your hand in your pocket and put real money on the table. That’s what one ad-tech exec says about the manner in which ad buyers have thus far approached the two biggest emerging media channels – mobile and video. “Marketers […]


Europe Lags US By Three Years On Mar-Tech: Neustar’s Van der Hoeven

SEVILLE — It is a generalization to say, but the usual order of technology adoption goes: US, Europe, Asia-Pacific. In marketing-technology, Europe is certainly lagging the States, according to one analytics supplier. “Compared to US, Europe is one, two, maybe three years behind,” according to Lucien van der Hoeven, the EMEA MD of MarketShare, acquired by […]


Euro Brands Slower To Pull Ad-Buying In-House: AppNexus’ Sagness

SEVILLE — As ad-tech platforms continue to rise up, the lingering question is: Will newly-empowered brands now decide to take on many of the functions they previously outsourced to ad agencies? Whilst that appears to be happening sporadically, it won’t happen so fast in Europe, says one ad-tech exec with a read on the trend. “As we […]


Marketers’ Key Challenge: Measuring Impact, Says Xaxis’ Patil

SEVILLE — Data, data everywhere. But now the top priority is making sense of it all. That continues to be one of the biggest challenges for modern marketers, says an agency’s programmatic exec. Group M’s Xaxis data intelligence VP Kedar Patil tells Beet.TV, in this video interview, the top imperative is “how to capture them and tie […]


FCC Cable Box Reforms Make Data-Driven TV Urgent: Simulmedia’s Morgan

SEVILLE – Government regulation “FCC 16-18” may sound innocuous enough – but the implications of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to open up set-top box hardware will be far-reaching. The rule would compel cable companies to offer their programming not just over their own boxes but through those of third-party vendors, too. One ad industry […]


Xaxis’ Crittenden Wants Clients A World Beyond CTR

SEVILLE — The click-through rate has long been used as one of the key measures of effectiveness in online advertising. But, for some, that measure is losing its relevance in the new age. “There are some real challenges around fixation on click-through rates,” according to Damien Crittenden, analytics and insights director for Group M’s programmatic division Xaxis, speaking […]


Vice Sticks With Its Strategy To Beat Ad Blockers

LAS VEGAS — The number of publishers choosing to bar users running ad-blocking software is growing by the day. Ad agency holding group WPP’s digital president has asked more publishers to do the same. Vice Media recognizes the problem – but it doesn’t want to tackle it in quite the same way. “This is troubling for […]


Kantar Media’s Brown On Cross-Media Measurement Roadmap

SEVILLE — Kantar Media helps advertising businesses measure the reach of content across many media. The new challenges are measuring digital screens and tying together measurement of multiple screens. Speaking with Beet.TV, CEO Andy Brown explains Kantar Media’s approach to new TV and video platforms: “It’s a process of evolution, there’s a roadmap: “We start with ‘Extended TV’, […]


Next-Gen Viewability Is Personal: Integral’s Iantosca

SEVILLE — Last year, the advertising industry freaked out after hearing that a large proportion of ads being served to consumers were not even feasibly viewable. Now software platforms are helping to identify the “viewability” of ad inventory. But we’re hearing more ad-tech execs begin to call viewability mere “table stakes”. So what’s next? Integral Ad […]


‘Make Data Human’ Or Business Is Ruined, I-COM’s Cohen Warns

SEVILLE — In the world of ad-tech, advertisers and vendors frequently point at so-called “bad actors” ruining the system. But what if the real “bad actors” were industry executives themselves? For Andreas Cohen, chair of the I-COM, the global marketing data trade body, it’s time professionals started putting consumers first – or they risk letting the […]


OTT Most Exciting Part Of Programmatic TV: Trade Desk’s Sims

SEVILLE — Dozens of ad-tech vendors are gathering around the $70bn+ US TV advertising industry like bees to a honey pot, hoping to enable even a tiny fraction of those ad buys on TV’s journey to a promised programmatic future. But we’re not there yet. That’s why, when Tim Sims imagines the spectrum of things […]


Machine Learning Counters Human Creativity Fatigue: Krux’s Reid

SEVILLE — The ad industry has come a long way in the enablement of trading through digital pipes and automated decisions. Now a new wave in artificial intelligence is bidding to make even smarter decisions on buyers’ behalf – and it’s all about alleviating staff of the boredom of testing out different ad outcomes. “The […]

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