Addressability Is Finally Here: Nielsen’s Somaya

It was a long time coming, but the long-held promise of targeting individual households with customized TV ads has finally come in to view. That is something video and TV programmers – all facing competition from digital-native ad platforms that have long offered super-targeting – need to remain competitive. “I think there are finally real […]


How Panels Improve Big Data: Nielsen’s Hohman

Panel-based measurement of media consumption may seem antiquated when you consider that modern digital media tend to include audience tracking out of the box. But Dave Hohmann thinks counting consumption through panel reporting is still relevant. He would think that. As EVP and MD of buy-side media at Nielsen, Hohman works on continuing to offer […]


TV Serves Brand & Performance: Marketing Architects’ Hengel

In 2019, all the marketing talk is of combining data and connectivity with TV and the potential mass audience, creating a targeted rich advertising opportunity. But Minneapolis-based Marketing Architects has working on the next generation of TV ad for more than two decades now. The independent agency was founded by Chuck Hengel in 1997 to create […]


D2C Brands Are ‘Outcome-Obsessed’: VAB’s Cunningham

They may be advertising on TV – but that doesn’t mean the growing wave of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands is happy to get by simply building their image. In the emerging D2C landscape, the new brand beasts want to use TV to fuel real purchases. In 2019, that appears to be a real possibility. Whilst, historically, […]


Creative Testing Unleashes Marketing Architects, Hultgren Says

Not all media agencies are on Madison Avenue. In the case of Marketing Architects, Minneapolis is the perfect place to be powering the next generation of TV ad. The independent agency was founded by Chuck Hengel in 1997 to create TV campaigns for businesses looking to reach major milestones.  In the last couple of years, […]


‘More Than A Bike’: How Video Drives Peloton

Over the last year, one new tech company has moved very fast whilst standing still. Peloton has made waves with its static workout bike that is married with live and on-demand head-mounted video exercise instructions. Not just for its product model, Peloton has also found itself nestled amongst the growing crop of “direct-to-consumer” (D2C) retailers. […]


Spark Foundry’s Giacosa Wants AI To Get Emotional

People keep talking about artificial intelligence as though it is some distant future. The reality is that many companies are now using variants of AI to enhance their business processes. Case in point – Publicis agency Spark Foundry is using machine learning on audience data points to enable the creation of dynamically-produced ad creative, customized […]


Local TV Buyers Need Power: Hudson MX’s Stevens

Local TV is one of the biggest advertising opportunities – but the ecosystem needs new efficiencies to ensure advertisers can make the most of the medium. That is according to an ad-tech veteran who spent years bringing programmatic technology to market – and now aims to use digital to unlock new dollars in local TV. […]


Local TV Advertisers Find Results In Measurement: TVSquared’s Kinsella

Some may think local advertisers and TV networks are under-powered when it comes to ad-tech capabilities – but that isn’t necessarily so, according to a growing number of vendors serving a local market that is increasingly keen on data-driven solutions. One of them is TVSquared, a company helping brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic […]


OTT Won’t Stop US TV Ad Shrinkage: GroupM’s Wieser

Five months after the “most-quoted man in advertising” moved from Pivotal Research to go in-house at GroupM, Brian Wieser has some mixed news for his new employer. Wieser, who was a media and marketing soothsayer at the research firm and is now business intelligence global president for the agency, says TV ad spend will decline […]


Focus On The Outcome: WarnerMedia’s Riess

A marketing industry which has traditionally measured proxy metrics that came prior to a hard-to-see eventual purchase now needs to change to consider the end goal as its prime destination. That is according to one man whose primary medium has not always been considered adept at measuring through to actual consumer purchase – but, for […]


Converged At Cannes: Amobee’s Venuto On TV Data

For a company that is, itself, increasingly the product of a growing acquisition trail, Amobee may be well within its rights to talk about “convergence”. And that is exactly the message Domenic Venuto wants to bring to the upcoming Cannes Lions ad festival. After a couple of years in which Amobee acquired Turn and Videology, […]


Xandr Has Created a New ‘Community’ Marketplace

After a couple of years of intense change in the wider group, AT&T’s Xandr unit last month created a whole new digital marketplace for trading video ads. Xandr, AT&T’s unit for advanced TV advertising, is barely nine months old, itself coming after a period in which AT&T has gobbled up WarnerMedia. But, in May, it […]


Brands Want Deeper Relationship With Fewer Tech Partners: SpotX’s Buckley

If the process of brands and their ad agencies contracting advertising technology vendors were like the dating game, well, these days more of them are becoming less promiscuous. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, CRO of SpotX , says brands are now seeking out deeper, more meaningful relationships with fewer tech suppliers. That […]


Omni-Channel Depends On Measurement: Xaxis’ Anderson

In the marketing world, omni-channel – the ability to reach a consumer across one or many of a range of different media, but only the right media at the right time – is gathering steam. But knowing which channel to use and when is a thorny problem that must be solved before a marketer can really […]


Identity Resolution Needed To Enable Data-Driven TV: FreeWheel’s Manningham

Coming in to view, the new world of using audience data to precision-target connected TV advertisements depends on a solid understanding of who those consumers really are. But do marketers have what they need to succeed in this new world? “Identity is really at the center of data-driven TV,” says Jason Manningham, General Manager of […]


Local TV Needs Better Measurement: Alphonso’s Chordia

Whilst national TV networks upgrade their technology to support better targeting, buying and measurement of TV and digital video ads, local TV operators risk being left out. That is according to one technology supplier who doesn’t, as some might, see local as back water – he sees it as an opportunity. “One of the parts […]


IAS CEO Utzschneider Aims At Differentiation, OTT & Platform Support

If advertising viewability is, as many folks say these days, “table stakes”, where does that leave one of the original digital ad verification vendors? Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) new CEO says she is focused on differentiation, on Internet TV and on big platforms. “Many marketers are asking IAS, ‘Hey, get in the OTT game’, says […]


How Foursquare Balances Geo Ad Power With Ethics: CEO Glueck

With power, comes responsibility. And, for a company that is currently tracking the whereabouts of 150 million Americans on the go, that responsibility is great. Which is why Foursquare CEO says he takes consumer privacy deadly seriously. “We’ve turned down millions of dollars of requests from customers who ask for something that violates our ethics […]


Untold Consequences Of Tech Regulation: GroupM’s Norman

In 2019, barely a week goes by without another big scandal or controversy concerning a big technology company, the rules around its platform access or the use of its audience data. And all that comes on the heels of the prior two years of ad-tech outcry, when advertisers lamented the opaque and often fraudulent digital […]

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