Is Anyone Taking Responsibility For Dynamic Ad Creative? Flashtalking’s Pamboris Wonders

CANNES — In the emerging world of digital video advertising, now personalized ads can be made, on-the-fly, by assembling disparate scenes from alternate narratives in to a single, audience-specific ad spot. That’s the theory. So who’s responsible for the execution? Truth is, the new practice of dynamic ad creative is still shaking out – and whether it […]


Jivox’s Investment Round To Fuel Tech And Globalization

CANNES — During its nine years as a digital marketing platform, Jivox has stayed relatively under the radar during what have been the boom years of the discipline. But now the company, whose IQ platform is used by clients including Bayer, Bose, Condé Nast, Toyota and Johnson & Johnson, is enjoying another time in the sun, after […]


A Fifth Of FreeWheel Ads On Set-Top Box VOD, VP Smith Says

CANNES — Talking about the imperative to deliver and measure ads across platforms is one thing, doing it is another. Digital video ad-tech outfit FreeWheel says it sees a “tipping point” coming after the recent US TV upfronts season saw a range of new formats and techniques debut. But it is already seeing a march from traditional desktop internet […]


The Three Views You’ll Hear About Data, According To Annalect CEO

CANNES — Digital data, and the ability to harness it to better target advertising messages, is one of the greatest transformational forces in marketing. But the zeal with which executives are embracing the transformation reads like a menu of enthusiasm. Slavi Samardzija, global CEO of Annalect, the New York-based data analytics consulting and technology company for marketers, says: […]


How To Cut Through With Facebook Video, By McCann’s Bryan

It is a tremendous new advertising opportunity – but agencies are going to have to think a little differently if they want to get results from using video advertising on Facebook. That’s the message the social network itself has been pushing out to agencies in the last few months, and agencies appear to be getting the […]


Plista CEO Bidon Aims To Scale Native Ads Globally

CANNES — After Outbrain, Taboola, ShareThrough and other native advertising technology offerings, comes Plista. That is the German native ad tech company acquired by GroupM two years ago. Since then, the agency’s Xaxis unit has been deploying native ad formats around the world, following recent launches in Russia, China and the US. “Bringing it to the […]


TV Ad Creativity Flows from “Unlimited Time” in the Social Sphere: FCB’s Credle

By her own employer’s admission, Susan Credle is a real-life “Peggy Olson”. By all accounts, the global chief creative officer of FCB’s career bears more than a passing resemblance to that of the fictional Mad Men character, once rising from the bottom of BBDO to become its creative chief. “They said ‘we’ll pay you $11,500 to fill in […]


Advertisers Are Thieving From Users, Too: Fox’s Marchese

CANNES — Is ad blocking theft? To publishers and advertisers who each depend on ads for income, consumers ripping out those ads can represent a kind of daylight robbery. But the new accusation of “theft” is harsh, and forgets that companies are also robbing from the very users they hope to reach, says one ad tech […]


Clients And Tech Late To Measurement Necessity: Bough, Yaccarino, Jankowski, Ackerman, Ray

CANNES — In the old days of advertising, measuring audience was imprecise, but at least it was straightforward. Nowadays, measuring across media channels, and understanding consumers holistically across each, is a huge challenge. But it’s one that might have been advanced quicker, a panel of marketers discussed during the Cannes Lions festival. “The biggest challenge is […]


Connected TV Will Bestow Internet Powers: Mediavest | Spark’s Korenfeld

CANNES — Once, it was a one-to-many medium. But TV is being rebooted. As consumers connect a new wave TV boxes to the internet, the screen in the living room begins benefitting from all the things internet-connected devices have been able to do for the last 20 years. And marketers are getting excited, because targeted advertising […]


Programmatic’s Dead, All Hail Advertising Automation, Rubicon Project’s Jay Sears

CANNES — It has spent the last couple of years up-ending, shaking up and revolutionizing the buying and selling of advertising – all without, it sometimes seems, the industry ever agreeing what it really means. But could “programmatic” advertising now be waning? After a year in which executives have begun to apologetically refer to “the […]


Xaxis’ De Rijk Sees Advanced TV Advertising In Infancy In Asia

CANNES — TV ads bought using programmatic technology will grow to represent just 1% of the overall US TV ad spend in 2016, according to a recent eMarketer forecast. But, if you thought that was small, just look at the Asia-Pacific region, where things are still in their “infancy”, according to the Group M programmatic exec […]


TV Companies ‘Catching Up To Advertisers’ For Ad-Tech, Videology’s Jamboretz

CANNES — Buyers first, sellers second – that’s how the adoption of technology inside the world of TV advertising has rolled. But now broadcasters have caught up, and are beginning to use software to manage the ad-trading process, too. “The agency and the brand side of the business woke up and embraced programmatic technologies as well as […]


Sky Targets TV Ads Based On Viewers’ Grocery, Other Purchases

LONDON — Making cash registers ring is one ultimate aim of TV advertising. But, in the new era of targeting, it can also be a starting point. Sky, the UK’s leading pay-TV platform, is amongst the broadcaster platforms whose addressable TV systems now afford targeting based on the in-store purchase behavior of identified viewers. Its AdSmart addressable […]


Advertisers Want Google, Facebook Alternative: Rubicon’s Patz

CANNES — For the last couple of months, a big number has been rattling around the media industry – “85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising will go to Google or Facebook”, a Morgan Stanley analyst observed in The New York Times. The two big platforms are super-dominant when it comes to ad […]


AOL’s Content Team Takes Charge To Clean Up Ads

CANNES — If consumers are revolting against advertising because ad-tech has been too aggressive, why would anyone trust ad-tech to clean up the mess? That seems to be the rationale at AOL, whose content division is now taking a stronger role in making ad formats that don’t piss off its readers and viewers. “People are pushing back […]


‘Go Square’ To Win At Facebook Video: Wibbitz CEO

First, it was a letterbox. Then, it was vertical. But is the future of video actually… square? Zohar Dayan thinks so. He’s the CEO of Wibbitz, a company helping publishers make videos out of text articles. And, when it comes to distributing those videos through social media, one format wins “Eighty-five percent of the most shared videos on […]


Belief In ‘Better Ads’ Is ‘Self-Delusional’: Fox’s Marchese

CANNES — John Marchese has seen the future. It’s a world where consumers really like ads, and want to get more of them, because they enjoy interacting with commercial messages. That’s a world away from where we are today, says Fox Networks Group’s advanced advertising president. Because the truth is, consumers don’t really like ads at all. “We […]


USA Today’s Gentzel Seeks Brands To Sponsor VR News Show

CANNES — USA Today’s weekly virtual reality news show “VRtually There” may not even have launched yet – but that isn’t stopping the news publisher from touting the product to advertisers, all the same. Publisher Gannett announced in March that VRtually There would launch in the spring, bringing scheduled weekly news to consumers in virtual space. Speaking at […]


Facebook Feeds Are The Opposite Of TV Ads: Saatchi’s Figueira

LONDON — Advertising creatives schooled for a world of TV spots are going to have to think very differently in the age of newsfeed messaging. That’s according to one such exec who offers this fantastic observation to Beet.TV. “The social news feed is your personal curation of what’s going on – you just jump in, ‘what’s […]

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