Horizon Taps 4C Insights For Better TV Targeting, Gupta Says

LAS VEGAS — Brands which use the media agency Horizon to buy ads on connected TVs are about to get smarter placements, following a partnership with 4C Insights. As AdExchanger reported, on top of its Pivot advanced TV platform, Horizon is building a custom planning tool to marry behavioral, attitudinal and purchase data with viewership data. […]


Spotify’s Bertozzi Fast-Forwards From Playlists To ‘Multi-Sensory’ Music

LAS VEGAS — When Spotify was growing up, its founder Daniel Ek often talked at length about the gravitational force of the playlist. Where albums once dictated how consumers accessed music, and MP3s atomized the album, playlists would be the new unit of consumption. But, even as it dives more heavily in to podcasts, now […]


Amazon’s Cloud Fuels More Efficient Ad Delivery: SpotX’s Straight

LAS VEGAS — All the chatter is about Amazon building an advertising business that could rival the biggest platforms in ad sales. But Amazon could be an advertising partner, too. Earlier this month, SpotX, the digital video ad tech vendor, announced a deal with the retail giant to make video ad deliver more seamless. And, in […]


Distressed Brands Should Not Shave Ad Spend: GroupM’s Gotlieb

If the health of the advertiser business is a bellwether for the state of the economy, then listen up to the world’s largest media investment group. In this video interview with Beet.TV, GroupM chairman Irwin Gotlieb sounds a worrying call. “The troubling aspect of it is that we see more and more clients who are […]


Addressable TV Puts Marketing “On Steroids”: GroupM’s Gotlieb Outlines Global Roll-out

The deployments are different in every market around the world but, slowly but surely, addressable TV – technology which helps advertisers target individual viewers – is rolling out globally. But don’t bet on this granular-targeting super-power usurping the traditional construct of TV ad-buying – wherein the goal is to reach a mass audience, measured roughly […]


Header Bidding Will Go Hybrid & In-App In 2018: PubMatic’s Khatri

The technology which allows publishers to entertain ad bids from multiple demand sources simultaneously has made in-roads to facilitating a healthy chunk of display ad sales in the last couple of years. So what is next on the radar for header bidding? The tech begun by deploying on the client side and for display ads […]


Balancing New Revenue Streams: NBCU, Fox, Acxiom, Oath, A+E Execs Discuss

MIAMI — These days, consumers have more choices than ever before about how to consume video and TV content. And that means a new spectrum of opportunities – and challenges – for content owners and distributors. For companies more used to selling the context of their content to advertisers, the hot new possibility – in […]


Navigating New Solutions: Simulmedia, IAB, DISH, Videology, Google Execs Discuss

MIAMI — The medium of television is moving faster than than it has in decades, maybe even ever, as new opportunities to deliver, measure and monetize programming emerge almost weekly. In advertising, buyers are getting excited about a world in which planning moves beyond the broad demographic audience targeting of yore, to a world of […]


Conde Nast Hits Total Programmatic In Digital & Analog: VP Adlman

After programmatic ad-trading technologies have begun facilitating so much of the digital display advertising online, and have made in-roads to channels like online radio, some voices have started to wonder whether programmatic could, one day, power all media – online and off. For one publisher, that day may already have come. According to Conde Nast […]


In Its ‘Third Innings’, Header Bidder Ready To Bat For Mobile: Oath’s Gillis

Header bidding, the technology which now allows publishers to entertain bids for ads from multiple demand sources simultaneously to gain higher prices, has been operating for just about two short years. But in that time it has gained much favor amongst display ad sellers. Now it is ready to shake up one of the fastest-growing […]


Header Bidding Is At A ‘Tipping Point’: PubMatic’s Pichardo

It has only been around for about two years – but, already, header bidding, the technology which allows publishers to entertain bids from multiple ad buying sources simultaneously to achieve higher yield, is changing fast. Quickly cornering segments of the display market, now header bidding is ready to thread its way in to richer ad […]


NBC’s Rosen Wants An Upgrade For Cross-Screen Measurement

A leading NBC ad sales executive has stressed the importance of effective measurement for programming and ads across a plethora of screens, as the company convenes a summit to bash industry heads together on the topic. Nielsen’s Total Audience Report solution, for reporting cross-platform viewing of TV and digital content using a single metric, was  delayed earlier this year […]


Keynote: Furious’ Swartz On Media’s Battle With The Oligopoly

MIAMI — We are nearing the end of a year in which the murmurings of discontent toward the biggest tech companies grew in to a crescendo. Media companies, advertisers, politicians, police and all manner of citizens have lined up to take pot-shots at the platforms. At this point, no-one would bet against lawmakers taking significant […]


Alphonso’s Chordia On How TV Ads Can Drive Store Purchases

Over the last few years of digital marketing evolution, two accepted wisdoms have bubbled up. First, that TV is a top-of-funnel advertising medium – good for sparking interesting, but difficult to tack consumers all the way through to purchase. Second, that digital media are supremely measurable, but that they can make little impact on the […]


Five Years Out: How Data Will Change TV Ad Buying according to Nielsen, Cross MediaWorks, Turner & Sinclair

MIAMI — It is the “new oil” that is fuelling value creation in businesses across the world, and now the TV ad sales business is really getting its motor running on data. Advertisers’ own primary data, off-the-shelf datasets and more… a new world of viewer information has opened up to make TV ad targeting to […]


WPP’s New Finecast to be Global, Advanced TV Ecosystem

MIAMI — It has a large and increasingly switched-on populace, and, when it comes to television, more and more of that consumer base is going straight to over-the-top. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO of a company GroupM has established to work on addressable TV advertising in the UK has an observation that may […]


Nielsen’s Comcast Deal Meets Growing Data Demand: Abcarian

MIAMI — The partnership Comcast and Nielsen announced last month came as TV and advertising companies are making bigger and bigger demands for data that understands the modern viewer, according to one of the women familiar with the deal. The deal involves Comcast agreeing to give its set-top data to Nielsen’s local TV measurement service. “The need […]


Ziff Davis’ Irenski Jumps In To Wrappers & DIY Ad-Tech

It may have just bought ad-funded Mashable, but Ziff Davis’ portfolio was already stuffed with tech and lifestyle media brands. So how does the publisher plan to adapt to latest ad-tech trends? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ziff Davis ad ops VP Michael Irenski explains the company likes to roll up its sleeves. Case […]


Essence’s Gerber Says SVOD & Middle-Men Worse Than Duopoly

There is no shortage of horror, in digital media circles, that it is big platforms which are gobbling the lion’s share of ad spending. The latest Zenith figures estimate Google and Facebook took 96% of spending outside of China last year. But one of the world’s biggest media-buying agencies says there are bigger problems than […]


How 605 Has Helped Charter’s Data-Driven TV Ad Sales

MIAMI — The announcement was made in the summer but, already, it seems like cable operator Charter and TV ad data tech outfit 605 have converted their partnership in to visible results. In July, the pair announced 605’s methodology and technology would be used by Charter to fuel census-based TV measurement and analytics. In this recorded […]

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