Alphonso’s Upadhyay Brings Planning & Attribution To Local TV Ads

Over the last year, some of the big national US TV networks have been rolling out advanced advertising capabilities allowing advertisers to plan a more targeted campaign, and measure the cross-screen effects. But the local market doesn’t have to be left on the sidelines, says one ad-tech provider. Alphonso‘s offering brings the ability to retarget […]


Havas’ Ankeney On The Future Of The Media Agency

MIAMI — In changing times, when advertisers are being invited to buy media directly with platforms, rather than continuing to go through their traditional agencies, is the writing on the wall for the incumbent intermediaries? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Havas Media Group North America president Shane Ankeney acknowledges “everyone is a little intimidated” by the […]


Hearts & Science’s Brookbanks On Rebooting Media’s Hiring Culture

MIAMI — Kathleen Brookbanks knows the future is mobile – she just has to hire for it. The chief operating officer of Omnicom’s two-year-old agency Hearts & Science says the future of advertising depends on finding the right people. “Being that we’re in a world where we have to figure out mobile, I think I would […]


Oceans Of Ad Data Failing To Drive Business Growth: ANA’s Liodice

MIAMI — Advertisers now have an arsenal of tools with which to make and buy ads, and a plethora of platforms with which to measure them. But one outcome that is sorely lacking, according to the man who speaks for big-brand marketers? Advanced ad tools are not driving actual business growth. In this video interview […]


Altice Launches National, Cross-Screen Advertising Solution with “a4”

After a year in which it acquired Teads (video ads), miLibris (digital publishing), Audience Partners (ad-tech), Placemedia (advanced TV ads) and more, multi-national cable company Altice is making a step change to unify its ad offerings. In April, the Netherlands company’s USA division, which bought Cablevision in 2015, launched a4, a business allowing advertisers to build […]


Ad Industry Unifies Against Unsafe Media, GroupM’s Barone explains

MIAMI — As the name of an organization, it may evoke memories of 1950s cop TV series – but, whilst the Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) fights misdemeanors, it isn’t a crime-busting agency and its members don’t carry badges. Launched at the 4A’s Accelerate conference, APB is a new body through which ad agency groups will […]


Blockchain Tokens May Solve Ad-Tech Challenges? Omnicom’s Steuer Thinks So

MIAMI — Bitcoin isn’t the only beneficiary from blockchain, the underlying technology that powers decentralized cryptocurrencies and, potentially, a whole lot more. That same kind of infrastructure is getting people in several industries excited. In particular, blockchains’ ability to store an immutable, public ledger of every system activity. In the advertising world, that capability has […]


NBCUniversal’s “CFlight” Will Prove Missing 15% Of Viewing: Molen

On the spectrum of ad-tech bold moves, it has to rank high. Last week, NBCUniversal announced it would create nothing less than “the industry’s first unified advertising metric”. So-called CFlight is a new measurement metric that aims to give advertisers a total sense of campaign viewership across screens, creating a new currency and offering guarantees […]


Mediaocean’s Wise Begins Building Blockchain For Ad-Tech Transparency

Ad-tech provider Mediaocean will soon begin deploying the technology that underpins decentralised cryptocurrencies as a solution in the fight for ad transparency. In this video interview with Beet.TV, company CEO Bill Wise says Mediaocean will be making a blockchain announcement in the next few months, though initial activity in entered on discussions with potential partners. […]


Smart TV Data + First Party Data is Driving Advanced TV Transformation: 4C’s Gupta

What do you get when you mix the largest TV ad-monitoring service with one of the crop of TV content recognition vendors? 4C Insights calls it “enhanced audience targeting and analytics for premium channels including linear television, over-the-top (OTT) television, social, and digital media”. Back in January, the ad intelligence company, whose Teletrax unit monitors […]


Is ACR The Future Of TV Currency? Sequent’s Spaeth Thinks So

The TV world is engaged in a long-running effort to upgrade its measurement systems, which, traditionally, have involved viewers completing a questionnaire to indicate their weekly viewing habits. If TVs could automatically log viewers’ behaviour and report it back to measurement agencies, wouldn’t that be easier? It’s already happening. Automatic content recognition (ACR) happens when […]


Inscape’s Neumeier On The Privacy Of Smart TV Viewers’ Behavior

As the rolling stone of digital privacy concerns has gathered more moss over the last couple of years, could TVs become the next device to worry consumers? In the practice of automated content recognition (ACR), a television set analyzes a viewers’ current viewing behavior to turn habits like viewing time and channel in to actionable […]


NBCUniversal’s Rosen On Self-Serve Ad Tie-Up With Adobe

NBCUniversal’s TV inventory is about to become available to more advertisers thanks to an expansion through Adobe’s Advertising Cloud TV suite. The pair are announcing that NBCU’s Audience Studio, its suite of audience buying tools, will now plug in to the Adobe system, effectively creating a programatic private marketplace comprising NBCU’s broadcast and cable TV […]


On Tip Of An Iceberg, Cadreon’s Schmidt Pushes Advanced TV Forward

The ability to target TV audiences with granular data, going beyond traditional age- and gender-based contextual matching, may have existed for a couple of years now. But history will likely show that the opportunity is still just getting started. “The opportunity is huge,” says Erica Schmidt, the global CEO of IPG Mediabrand’s ad-tech unit Cadreon. […]


‘Nutrition Label’ For Ad Data Will Spotlight Sources: CIMM’s Clarke

There are now thousands of sources of customer data that can help ad buyers target their campaigns at particular groups of consumers. And many of them now extend to function on the new screen of advanced TV. But, in an ocean of data, how can advertisers catch the sets that are accurate, timely and effective […]


Native Video Is Programmatically-Viable: Sharethrough’s Greenberg

SAN FRANCISCO — When native advertising rose to prominence in 2011, many onlookers believed that, to match the unique publishing environment in which they were delivered, native ads could not scale to the kind of efficiencies demanded by modern ad-tech. But many a native ad vendor has proved that theory wrong. These days, it is […]


Index Exchange CEO Casale On The Quest For An Open ID Graph

SAN FRANCISCO — In a world where advertisers will increasingly have to gain audience members’ permission to use personal data for targeted messaging, plenty of attention is swinging back to marketing. Many brands have spent years building up databases of their own customers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale says […]


FreeWheel’s Marcus On Using Voice Assistants To Understand Viewers

SAN FRANCISCO — These days, TV companies have a lot of new data sources with which to better understand viewer behaviour and with which to help advertisers better reach the right audiences. Could voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home be the next big technology to light up the data-collection opportunity? In this video interview […]


How LiveRamp + Acxiom = A Unified TV ID Graph

SAN FRANCISCO — When Acxiom acquired LiveRamp back in 2014, the potential pairings were clear to see. But one tie-up that was not immediately obvious was video. Relative to modern consumption habits, video viewing had still not truly taken off, and video didn’t even garner a mention in the companies’ announcement. Fast-forward, however, and video […]


Clypd Begins Decoupling Its Tech To Expand Clients: Burke

SAN FRANCISCO — Since it started in 2012, supply-side platform Clypd has focused on building an ad sales platform for TV owners. It has started to unpack its technology, making it available to a wider set of customers. That started this month, when Nielsen launched Advanced Audience Forecasting, a tool for TV audience forecasting, built on […]

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