Ooyala Combines Ad-Tech For Higher Publisher Yield: GM Braley

COLOGNE — One source of ad demand is good, multiple sources all facing off against each other is better. That’s why video ad-tech platform Ooyala has combined its Pulse ad server and programmatic toolset to let publishers pool demand sources for better effect. Ooyala’s programmatic GM Scott Braley says the reboot is called a “Holistic Ad Decisioning” platform. According […]


VR Is Next Up For Brands’ Customer Experience Focus: Adobe’s Vittal

COLOGNE — Virtual reality is no longer in the future, it’s here and now – figuring out what that means is the next step. To Suresh Vittal, the new VR immersion is a big deal, but also merely an extension of an approach companies should already have been heeding. “Brands can achieve sustainable competitive advantage from focusing on […]


Rubicon’s Sears Sees Orders Boom, TV Far Away

COLOGNE — For one of the leading programmatic advertising technology outfits, it’s been a summer of announcements. Rubicon Project was tapped by Spotify to automate audio ad inventory, by an alliance of four leading US news publishers, by Flipboard to launch a mobile ad marketplace, and even launched an Olympics-themed ad marketplace with multiple publishers. For Jay […]


‘I Invented Header Bidding’: Now O’Kelly Is Making Marketing Programmable

COLOGNE — Thank Brian O’Kelley for the new-wave way that publishers are maximizing yield by tapping in to multiple demand sources. In the words of the AppNexus CEO himself: “I invented header bidding back in 2009.” Using that technology, publishers don’t have to be hemmed to selling their space through just one ad exchange, they can take […]


Xaxis’ Bidon Sees Dynamic TV Ads Coming into Focus

COLOGNE — TV has always traded on showing a single ad to as large an audience as possible. But the medium is being turned on its head. Pretty soon, advertisers will be using it to show thousands of different ads to individual audiences of just one. When exactly that will happen is anyone’s guess. But “no […]


White Ops’ Tiffany Takes $20m To Take Down Ad Botnet Ringleaders

COLOGNE — In the TV series The X-Files, paranormal investigators Mulder and Scully had, at their disposal, a trio of good-guy computer hackers named The Lone Gunmen. What if hard-pressed advertisers, also searching for a solution, could call on such a squad, too? That would probably look a lot like White Ops, a group of do-good hackers […]


TV Must Wake Up To On-Demand And Data Disruption, Exchange Lab’s Dobson Says

COLOGNE — It’s been a long, slow time coming – but now traditional TV is about to undergo a big disruption that it must respond to quickly, says a veteran ad man from the BBC’s commercial arm who now runs an ad-tech outfit. Whilst music and then newspapers were buffeted by digital winds of change, ye olde TV […]


Four Reasons 4C’s Neuhauser Is Taking A $26m Investment

COLOGNE — Last year, 4C Insights of Chicago bought itself a leg up in the fusion of social and TV advertising, by acquiring TV monitoring outfit Teletrax from Civolution, to know what’s airing when and where. Now the online ad targeting outfit is tooling up for further expansion, by taking a $26m series C investment from Kayne […]


Chris Cillizza: With Small Staff, Washington Post’s The Fix blog ‘Trumps’ Politico

WASHINGTON, DC — Ten years ago, blogging wasn’t new. People had been using weblogs to post tidbits and updates for a couple of years already. But Chris Cillizza saw an opportunity. The journalist launched The Washington Post’s The Fix to provide a unique take on political news, in a market that was already becoming crowded. “When […]


WPP’s Sorrell Wants Snapchat & AOL To Challenge Digital Ad Duopoly

COLOGNE — The world’s biggest ad agency holding group may soon spend more money with Mark Zuckerberg than with Rupert Murdoch, as it aims to shrink its reliance on Google in the media mix. But its CEO is still searching for other horses to back, in a digital ad world that is increasingly led by just two runners. Sir Martin Sorrell reveals to Beet.TV […]


Future Of Journalism Is Live Event Annotation: Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza

WASHINGTON, DC — Over the last couple of decades, there have been many extensions and plugins that aim to let web users annotate the pages they browse. The latest is Genius, the site which, previously, let users annotate song lyrics to provide greater insight but which this year opened the technology up to any web page. Chris […]


To Disrupt TV, Work With It, Not Against It: Videology’s Eisenstein

COLOGNE — In the last few years of advertising technology innovation, many ad-tech vendors’ sales strategies have looked like an aggressive playbook for disruption. But the TV industry industry looks far less tolerant to that kind of enforced change. After all, it remains fairly resilient, and holds a lot of the cards still in its […]


Agencies Must Put Data At Center Of New Bundle: MediaLink’s Kassan

COLOGNE — The media agency is changing. In a world where clients can do more themselves, or go elsewhere for services, agencies may be under threat. Michael Kassan thinks he has seen the future for a rejuvenated, more relevant model. “We just completed advising AT&T … a month ago …on the largest single review in history, I […]


Brands Flock To Figure Out New-Screen Opportunities At DMEXCO

COLOGNE — Is a big touchscreen in a car a driving aid – or a media device? Is an internet-connected fridge one of life’s little efficiencies, or a chance to communicate with householders? And how do you dress up these innovations anyway? Those were some of the questions on lips at the big DMEXCO marketing conference […]


VR Storytelling Is Adland’s Number One Topic: Starcom’s Donohue

COLOGNE — Publishers like The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Sky News, Facebook and YouTube are now gaining traction for their 360-degree and virtual reality video productions. Could advertisers do the same? In this interview with Beet.TV, Starcom Worldwide Global Brand President Lisa Donohue joins the excitement with an emphatic ‘yes’. But how should brands and […]


Washington’s Post’s Connelly Puts Election Video Front, Center And Everywhere Else

WASHINGTON, DC — A presidential election cycle is a big deal for any US paper, but few more so than The Washington Post. So WaPo, now under Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ownership, is upping the game, building on its its text reporting heritage with even more video. The difference from previous years? More kinds of video, distributed […]


Broadcasters Fear Tech Giants: Videology’s Jamboretz

COLOGNE – Google’s efforts to break in to TV seem to have had as many reboots as a dodgy old laptop. But the lingering developments in Chromecast, Google Fiber and more give broadcasters the jitters, says an ad-tech exec who meets with them frequently. “Google sees intermediaries like television networks as being unnecessary,” according to Videology‘s chief commercial […]


Sky’s Jamie West Wants To Super-Serve Brands Across Screens, Across Europe

COLOGNE — The UK may be preparing to leave Europe, but UK satellite TV platform and ISP Sky is heading farther in to combining its European business and uniting advertisers’ opportunities, across multiple screens and across the continent. The company, which is the UK’s leading pay-TV provider, has satellite addressable TV system AdSmart and cross-platform ad sequencing system AdVance under […]


Why ‘360’ News Video Matters to the Washington Post, Jeremy Gilbert explains

WASHINGTON, DC — If you just have to be at the next Donald Trump rally, The Washington Post back have your back. The newspaper now publishes not just regular 2D video but is also shooting video in 360-degree format from certain key events, like Democratic and Republican election rallies. In this 2D video interview, WaPo strategic […]


Vox’s Bankoff Wants A ‘Smarter’ Kind Of Branded Content

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The best branded content comes from niche publishers that care, that scale and which can help advertisers rise above clutter with a strategy that is both data- and outcome-driven. So says Jim Bankoff, the CEO of Vox Media, home to some of the web’s rising-star, pure-play publishing brands, like The Verge, Vox and Eater. […]

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