Beyond Point Solutions: Mediaocean’s Gupta Targets Three-Layered TV Ad Efficiency

LOS ANGELES — When you already facilitate a gargantuan chunk of media spending, any improvements you make to the platform could yield huge results. That is the place at which Mediaocean finds itself. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer, Mediaocean, explains the areas his company is focused on improving for 2022. […]


How Programmatic Plays Differently On TV: Magnite’s Buckley

LOS ANGELES — It’s programmatic, but not as we know it. The technology commonly used to run automated, auction-based digital display advertising has come to connected TV – but, in this space, the same rules don’t apply. In this video interview with The Project X Institute executive director Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, CTV chief […]


Full, FAST & Local: Entertainment Studios’ Quandt Targets 2022 CTV Growth

Over the last couple of years of connected TV growth, local marketers and publishers have not exactly been the biggest beneficiaries. Jeff Quandt wants to change all that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Quandt, Vice President, Revenue Partnerships at Entertainment Studios, says 2022 is going to see an ad sales jump for CTV – […]


The Future Of Measurement Is Multi-Layered: Samba TV’s Magel

LOS ANGELES – Once upon a time, measuring TV ads was straightforward, if not terribly effective. Now, the increasing likelihood is that the practice will be owned by every actor in the system and will mean far higher accuracy. That is the vision according to Kris Magel, VP and head of agency development at Samba […]


Criteo’s IPONWEB Acquisition Fuels First-Party, Open-Internet Future: CEO Clarken

PARIS – If Criteo wanted to build itself a bridge to the post-cookie future, it could do worse than acquiring the company that built much of contemporary ad-tech. That’s what the French company is aiming to do with its proposed $380 million of IPONWEB. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Criteo CEO Megan Clarken explains […]


All-In On Programmatic, Philo’s Quest For TV Tags: Barker

In the new era of ad targeting, the context of contextual matters. That is to say, contextual targeting can succeed or fail depending on who is tagging the content. To get the most accuracy possible when making its shows available to buyers, US streaming TV service Philo is turning to what it sees as the […]


Explosion After Inertia: FreeWheel’s Clark On Advanced TV Evolution

LOS ANGELES — Don’t call it the foxtrot, but the revolution leading to the future in TV ad sales may be a case of “slow, slow, quick-quick, slow”. In this recorded interview with Denise Colella, ex NBCUniversal SVP, Advanced Advertising and Data, at Beet Retreat, Dave Clark, General Manager, FreeWheel, predicts a profound up-ending in […]


OpenAP’s New XPm Brings Cross-Platform Deduplication To TV, CEO Levy Says

LOS ANGELES — At this point, the clamor from ad buyers for unified TV buying and measurement has reached fever pitch. Into that maelstrom, and just in time for Christmas, US advanced TV consortium OpenAP is launching XPm, a cross-platform measurement framework designed to reduce duplicated ad exposure. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers […]


Privacy Depends On Data Security: Comcast’s Midha

The ad industry now knows consumer privacy is the key imperative. But achieving that whilst nevertheless offering advertisers advanced targeting capabilities is a work in progress. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comcast Advertising Chief Growth Officer Pooja Midha says realizing privacy plus capability depends on data quality. Privacy-first “When it comes to the safeguarding […]


UK Health Retailer Boots Leaning Into Targeted TV: CMO Markey

A retail category as seemingly distinct as “health and beauty” is not necessarily as one-dimensional as many may think. Case in point – UK health retailer Boots, a sister to Walgreens, sells an increasingly diverse range of products and services. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Boots CMO Pete Markey says the company is evolving […]


Brands Want TV Makers To Share ‘Whole-House’ Viewing Data: Essence’s Fisher

LOS ANGELES — It is an irony of the modern media age that, in an era of abundant data, so much of it remains out of reach. That leaves agencies like Essence striving to knit together solutions for advertisers using the data streams they can get their hands on. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike […]


Video Headwinds Bring Agency, Measurement Changes: Samba TV’s Belaidi

LOS ANGELES — It is a fast-changing media environment, and the latest trends suggest that change shows little sign of abating. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV, Samba TV US sales VP Alex Belaidi describes key drivers re-shaping ad sales. Belaidi begins by depicting two main trends. The way the wind blows […]


Context Is Rebooted For CTV: IRIS.TV’s Hyden

LOS ANGELES — Contextual targeting is nothing new. In fact, you could say the new limitations on audience identification are driving the industry back to the old practice of content adjacency. However, what has become standard practice for web articles is a different ballgame for streaming TV. In this video interview with Beet.TV, IRIS.TV co-founder […]


Univision’s Lin Can Tie TV Ad Outcomes To Search Behavior

Brian Lin can see the future – but the broadcast executive is helping advertisers act on it today. The SVP of product management and advanced advertising at Hispanic broadcaster Univision just unveiled a new way for advertisers to understand the likely success of particular inventory moments, before they buy the ads. In this video interview […]


EDO’s Krim Helps Univision Advertisers Predict The Future

These days, the business environment is becoming too critical to leave the results of marketing spend to chance. That is why so many ad buyers are leaning into publishers that can guarantee them outcomes. In the latest example, Spanish-language broadcaster Univision will get to tell its advertisers the likely success of particular inventory moments, after […]


Innovid Debuts Trading on NYSE today Under Symbol “CTV”

A cool ticker symbol for a very exciting company: Innovid begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange as CTV. More public offering and pricing is in this release. In June, when Innovid announced the SPAC< which enabled it to go public, I interviewed Zvika Netter, CEO. We have republished the video with today’s news. […]


Roku’s ‘Streaming Decade’: Data Brains & The Richest Ad Canvas

LONDON – the future pans out as Roku expects it, the TV industry is going to need some new capabilities to deliver on new promises. In a recent research exercise dubbed The Streaming Decade, the connected TV hardware and platform company outlined its belief that all TV – and, therefore, all TV ads – will […]


Effectv’s Brauer Melds Different Data To Create Better Ad Outcomes

If trying to align digital and traditional media metrics has typically been like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, then the future of media measurement depends on the people who can make that happen. At Comcast Cable’s ad sales division Effectv, the watchword is all about “convergence” – aligning the old […]


Jukin Media’s Richter Seeks CTV’s ‘Circle Of Life’

It is the little content studio that made it big through social media and connected TV. Now Jukin Media wants to keep control of its new-wave ad sales opportunity, as it scales under new ownership. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jukin Media global CTV revenue operations VP Mike Richter explains how he views the […]


‘We’re Here To Play’: TransUnion Favors Integration In TV Foray

LOS ANGELES – It may be more commonly thoughts of as a consumer credit information provider. But, after a couple of years involving acquisitions and integrations, TransUnion has arrived on the map as an advertising data enabler. In this video interview at Beet.TV’s Beet Retreat in Santa Monica, Frans Vermeulen, VP of market development for […]

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