Vevo Aims To Help Advertisers Understand Its Enormous Footprint

LONDON, UK — When you offer your content across a huge swathe of platforms, how do you help your advertisers understand your offering? Richard Brant, Sr. Director, Advanced TV, UK & International, Vevo, acknowledges: “That’s one of our biggest challenges.” Speaking to me at Looking Ahead: TV in Europe 2025, a Beet.TV Leadership Summit, presented […]


Disney+’s ‘Mindful’ International Ads Sold Out At Launch: Armstrong

LONDON, UK — Eleven months after it launched an ad-supported tier in the US, Disney did the same across Canada and Europe. A mere five weeks after that launch, speaking to me at The Future Of Television Advertising Global conference in London, Deborah Armstrong, SVP, Media Sales & Brand Partnerships, The Walt Disney Company, gave a […]


Brightline Going Global With Interactive TV Ads In 2024

LONDON, UK — In discussions about how digitally-infused connected TV ads should feel and function, many have settled on the idea that they should mimic the traditional TV experience, with back-to-back 15- or 30-second ads. Michael Bologna doesn’t think that’s going to cut it. Bologna is Chief Accelerator, Brightline, a company offering interactive, dynamic and […]


‘The Effectiveness Equation’: Harnessing the Power of CTV Advertising

LONDON, UK — At the recent The Future of TV Advertising Global conference, executives discussed how international markets were lagging the US when it comes to actually uncovering the effectiveness of connected TV advertising. With some forecasts for TV ad spend showing lower growth, that topic may grow in importance. On the main stage, Nicola […]


Transaction Data Takes Measurement Beyond First-Party: Affinity’s Garbaccio

The coming tide of regulatory changes and privacy concerns in data-driven marketing will leave only the most valuable and consented data sets standing. That is according to one executive whose company captures consumer data from the sharp end – actual purchases. Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business & Marketing Officer at Affinity Solutions, believes that traditional marketing […]


Programmatic Advertising’s Role in Carbon Reduction: Magnite’s Selman

LONDON, UK — It’s not every day you can chalk up a “win-win”. But ad buyers’ quest for shorter programmatic supply chains may do the climate a favor. “The advertising industry’s quest for transparency and cost efficiency in the programmatic world has inadvertently unlocked a path towards sustainability,” Julie Selman, SVP, Head of EMEA, Magnite […]


Programmatic Now Front And Center For TV Ads: Publica’s Gubbins

LONDON, UK — For a practice that once drew suspicion in TV land, programmatic ad trading’s arrival in the channel is now clear. And, since everyone agrees programmatic still has work-ons when it comes to connected TV, the growth curve could get even higher. Speaking to me at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, […]


Ad Agencies Like OMD Showing Keen Interest In Generative AI Creativity

LONDON, UK — In 2024, hype about bleeding-edge creative AI in the ad industry is likely to blossom into real-world application. Speaking to me at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, presented by Index Exchange, Jean-Paul Edwards, Managing Director, Product, OMD Worldwide, got excited about use of machine learning in ad planning and generative […]


ITV Aims To Boost Ad Fortunes With Upgraded Digital Platforms

LONDON, UK — As we head in to 2024, some ad spend forecasts are showing flatter growth and increased challenges for TV, with the key challenge being the extent to which new streaming ads can offset declines from linear ad spend. In the UK, ITV’s CEO has warned of a challenging ad revenue outlook, albeit […]


Cookiepocalypse Will Return Art To Advertising: Nexxen’s Johnson

For many marketers, the fragmented landscape of streaming and the audience identifiers lost from privacy changes pose significant hurdles to overcome. But Chance Johnson sees a positive future emerging out of those travails. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer, Nexxen, explains the future. Tough Times “Wow, it’s actually a really hard […]


Disney+’s 2024 Ad Upfront Begins At CES With New Formats At Tech Showcase

LONDON, UK — A year after it launched an ad-supported tier for Disney+, Disney Advertising will use CES to showcase new ad formats including gamification, shoppability and social integration. The appearance at January’s tech show in Las Vegas will essentially fire the starting gun on the narrative Disney+ will use to tell its advertising story […]


TiVo Launching On TVs & Cars To Capture Audience Data

LONDON, UK — A quarter of a century after TiVo launched the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the company, now owned by Xperi, is developing new consumer touchpoints to gather valuable audience data. Speaking with me at The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, presented by Index Exchange, Fariba Zamaniyan, VP, Advanced Media & Advertising, TiVo, explained […]


Not All JICs Are Equal: Roku’s Chaibi Sees Global Measurement Diversity

LONDON, UK — In 2023, the US TV and advertising industries may have come together to form a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) to agree video currency standards for TV measurement companies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the JIC will work on the same model as the European JICs that long preceded it. In fact, Laura […]


Dentsu Plans Broadcaster Partnerships, Attention Focus In 2024

LONDON, UK — Ad agency Dentsu will trial collaboration with UK broadcasters to leverage its own audience insight panel in 2024. CCS is Dentsu’s worldwide survey with more than 400,000 respondents in over 70 markets, comprising 10,500 attributes, giving Dentsu insight into areas such as consumer interests, passions, values, trust drivers, motivations, and needs. Speaking […]


YouTube Is Maturing As A TV Ad Channel: Pixability’s Jones

LONDON, UK — YouTube had already graduated from its “skateboarding dog” phase. But can it cross the chasm from digital devices to the TV? Well, “nearly half (45%) of all YouTube viewership takes place on TVs” and “time spent watching YouTube on TVs now exceeds any other individual network or streaming service”, according to this […]


TransUnion Offers The Full Stack As Curiosity Drives Demand

SANTA MONICA, CA — These days, big brands looking to leverage data in advertising have to consider identity resolution, audience building, activation, measurement and analytics. TransUnion wants to offer the whole kaboodle under one roof. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cory Davis, Sr. Industry Executive, Media & Platforms, TransUnion, explains why. Consolidating Providers TransUnion […]


SSPs Must Evolve to Help Publishers Meet Needs of Modern Media Landscape: Magnite’s Buckley

LONDON, UK — In the last few years, we have seen media industry consolidation on the publisher side, as media owners grapple with digital transformation. But consolidation is also happening within ad-tech vendor relationships, as buyers reduce the number of partners they work with. In this fireside chat Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, […]


‘We Need to Change the Narrative’: Havas’ Strategy Director Wants to Return to the Art of TV Planning

LONDON, UK — At December’s The Future of TV Advertising Global 2023, TV and advertising executives debated the extent to which TV should be a brand-building channel or an outcome-driven one. Recent 2024 forecasts show TV ad growth will slow. Some brands, themselves under pressure to improve results in a tricky economy, are hoping streaming […]


GroupM’s Thomas Hopes Amazon Prime Video Ads Can Light Up 2024

LONDON, UK — 2024 is shaping up to be a year of slow growth for TV advertising, even when you factor in the emergence of connected TV advertising. But Simon Thomas, Global Director, Audiences Research, GroupM, is keeping an eye on whether Amazon Prime’s forthcoming ad-supported tier can tempt buyers with its mix of programming and […]


From ‘TV’ To ‘Total Video’: RTL AdAlliance’s Coruble Sees Linear In Broad Media Mix

LONDON, UK — The fading picture of traditional TV may be clear to see – but Stéphane Coruble wants you to see the bigger picture. Coruble is CEO, RTL AdAlliance, a gateway representing pan-European TV and digital video ad sellers. RTL just published the thirtieth edition of its annual TV Key Facts, a compendium of […]

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