A+E’s Garner Plans More “Lively Places” For OTT TV

A+E Networks plans to launch more library-based TV channels for OTT platforms, after this December switching on “Lively Place” on Samsung smart TVs. Lively Place is a scheduled collection of library programming from A+E’s roster of unscripted lifestyle shows, for free with ad support. It is available via Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s own gateway to […]


Cadent Rings In 2020 With 4INFO Acquisition

2020 has barely begun but, already, it looks like we are in another wave of ad-tech consolidation – this time, driven by the opportunity to make connected TV ad buying smarter about audience targeting. Cadent, a company helping deliver addressable ads to connected TV and data-driven ads to linear TV, announced it will acquire 4INFO, […]


The Quest For Total TV: Gottlieb Seeks The Full Picture

Everyone wants better data. The trouble is, with so many platforms to measure, getting a holistic understanding is proving challenging. Now there is a burgeoning number of vendors aiming to capture viewer behavior from across multiple media screen types. In this interview with Beet.TV, Irwin Gottlieb says the quest continues. The former GroupM global CEO […]


How HBO Max Is Finding Its UX: WarnerMedia’s Toeman

With HBO Max poised to become the latest subscription TV streaming service in May 2020, many are starting to speculate how the offering will shape up amongst a growing competitive set. That’s something Jeremy Toeman can help with. HBO parent WarnerMedia in November hired Toeman as chief product innovation officer in its Innovation Lab, which […]


Xumo In Advanced Talks for Sale to Comcast, report

If “subscription fatigue” ever becomes a real illness, what will the cure be? A growing number of video services now believes it will be to swing the pendulum back toward advertising business models. News that Comcast’s Peacock service will include a significant proportion of advertising funding is galvanizing the industry not to throw the historic […]


TVbeat Pooling TV Companies’ Ad Inventory

LONDON — TV distributors no longer have to hold themselves back by selling ads according to channel. Nor do they have to limit themselves by offering ads only from their own marketplace. TVbeat, a technology company, says they should open up and go wide. In this video interview with Furious Corp CEO Ashley J. Swartz […]


Irwin Gotlieb’s Take On the Streaming Wars

It made all the early running – but can Netflix keep its place at the head of the SVOD pack? Irwin Gotlieb doesn’t think so. The veteran media and technology watcher spent years as global CEO of media agency GroupM. In this video interview with Beet.TV, he says he foresees “fall-out” from the streaming wars, […]


TV Is Great But Complex, Say Stressed-Out Viewers: Viacom Research

Viewers still love TV, they use it to de-stress, and they have more of it available than ever. But the plethora of viewing options threatens to make audiences’ lives more complex, not less. That is according to research commissioned by Viacom. The owner of MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Channel 5 recently published Today’s TV, […]


Inside Liberty Global’s Addressable Roll-Out With Adrian Stroud

LONDON — After its UK subsidiary Virgin Media spent the last two years integrating with rival pay-TV operator Sky to light up targeted TV ad capabilities, Liberty Global will use the deal as a template for future European roll-outs. In 2017, rival Virgin Media, a cable TV operator, announced it would take on Sky’s AdSmart to power […]


GroupM’s Thomas Frets About Total Video Measurement

LONDON — It’s a fragmented world, and none more so than in a fragmented continent. Advertisers want to be able to reach viewers across the plethora of video screens and services – but their agencies are hard-pressed to measure their impact. That goes doubly so when new services keep popping up which don’t necessarily subscribe […]


Nielsen Seeks Scale For Addressable TV Tech

LONDON – It was one of the most promising early pioneers of the digital video technology world. Could Sorenson Media finally be about to make it big? Nielsen last year acquired Sorenson Media, the early video encoding pioneer which had since moved in to enabling household-level addressable TV ad targeting but which had since filed […]


Rubicon, Telaria Merge To Bolster Connected TV Ads

Two publicly-traded ad-tech companies say they want to merge, in order to seize the opportunity emerging in connected TV advertising alongside inventory of other digital channels. Rubicon Project and Telaria announced their agreement on Thursday, without putting a price on it. They say the combined company – owned 47.1% by Telaria shareholders and 52.9% by […]


With Kayo, Australia’s Foxtel Happy Cutting Its Own Cord

LONDON – Live sports used to be the cornerstone of pay-TV providers’ bundled strategy. But, with classical pay-TV subscriptions around the world plateauing, many pay-TV companies are now peeling out sports from their bundle, via over-the-top internet streaming offerings. Case in point – Australia’s Foxtel, which has around three million total subscribers but which last […]


Samsung Ads’ Three CES Priorities: Alex Hole

LONDON – Samsung knows what you use your TV for – now it just needs to encourage advertisers to use that data. The electronics manufacturer’s Samsung Ads division has access to viewing data from 45 million US owners of Samsung Smart TVs plus 200 million connected devices. The business unit is able to understand actual […]


Canoe Will Pilot ‘On Addressability’ In 2020

LONDON — It’s half a year since three of the biggest US cable TV groups came together to unite TV distributors around addressable targeting technology. Going in to a new year, one of the technical partners delivering the project says it will pilot the initiative in 2020. Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox Communications announced On […]


Advanced TV Brings All Hands To The Pump: Finecast’s Caxton

LONDON – Ad agencies are rearchitecting themselves to meet the opportunities of advanced TV technology that promises them the ability to reach individual households or precision-targeted groups of individuals. That is the observation from one group providing a helping hand to agencies under the banner of the world’s largest agency holding group. Finecast claims to […]


Samba TV Ready For Big European Splash In 2020

LONDON – It is already helping advertisers understand what viewers are watching on TV channels around the world. Now it is gearing up to increase its European footprint significantly in the year ahead. TV ad-tech firm Samba TV tells Beet.TV it just inked a deal that will allow it to so so. “We recently did […]


Fixed Fees Are Fairer: Beeswax’s Jones

LONDON – A couple of years after the media industry’s great ad transparency outcry sparked, a consensus emerged over why a change in pricing model would be necessary. Cadi Jones is convinced that change – from ad-tech intermediaries taking a percentage of media spend to simply taking a flat, fixed fee – is right. In […]


Roku Takes TV Sets & dataxu Overseas

Roku is the world’s most popular add-on internet TV device. But, in a world where more new TV sets are now shipping with internet services built in, Roku is going to need to change to defend its position. After previously getting its software embedded on TVs from TCL, Sharp and Hisense in the US, Roku […]


Can AdSmart Be A Global Standard? Sky’s New Man Sangani Thinks So

It is the addressable TV technology that started by storing alternative commercials on satellite subscribers’ set-top boxes, then grew in to one of the world’s most revered such systems. Can Sky’s AdSmart now become a global standard in the deployment of household-targetable TV advertising? After the European provider’s acquisition by Comcast last year, after it […]

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