Connected TV Can Learn Measurement From Mobile: DoubleVerify’s McLaughlin

Brands want to advertise in connected TV environments, and publishers there are eager to earn what can be higher CPMs. But, for that opportunity to reach its potential, the industry is going to have to give both parties the metrics they need to prove effectiveness. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Remove term: Matt Mclaughlin […]


Health Marketers Embrace CTV: Publicis’ Imburgia

CHICAGO –  The emergence of connected TV has bifurcated viewing behavior along age lines, providing a neat segmenting opportunity for health and wellness brands. But those brands will need to do more than that to avoid marketing to off-limits audience members. That is according to healthcare media planning and buying agency Publicis Health Media. In […]


The Origin Of Source: IBM’s Brandolino On MediaMath’s Search For Transparency

“Big Blue” wants to pull advertising out of the darkness. IBM isn’t just operator of Watson, the AI engine being used to make advertising more efficient – it is also a big ad buyer in its own right. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Richard Brandolino, Head of Marketing Innovation and Programmatic Media at the […]


Stopping CTV Ad Fraud In Its Tracks: SpotX’s Frizzell

DENVER – When it comes to connected TV, many people have considered the channel fraud-free – at least, relative to display advertising. But, slowly but surely, fraudsters are following the money to the booming OTT TV landscape. So ad-trading platforms are plugging in fraud-fighting software in a bid to eradicate the problem before it smothers […]


‘Programmatic Properly’: ITV’s ‘Planet V’ Addressable Platform On Offer To Agencies

LONDON – Almost a year after it was announced, the addressable advertising platform from the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster is about to go fully live. In November 2019, ITV announced Planet V, a platform enabling data-driven buying, optimization and monitoring of ads on ITV Hub, the multi-platform app through which viewers can watch catch-up and live […]


How TV Measurement Is Evolving: Tremor’s Guenel

DETROIT  — Two TV worlds are colliding: the old one, in which advertisers bought air-time watched by rough demographics and then completed modelling to understand its effectiveness the new, over-the-top TV ecosystem, which can accurately measure consumption and even track through to outcomes. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amy Guenel, VP of Product Marketing […]


TransUnion to Acquire Tru Optik To Bolster Connected Identity Matching

TransUnion will continue its expansion from providing consumer financial profiles into powering advertising transactions with audience data, by fully acquiring Tru Optik. Tru Optik is a data marketplace and management platform that includes the behavior of more than 80 million homes on connected TV, streaming audio and gaming. Deal terms were not immediately disclosed. TransUnion […]


True[X]’s Gimbal Sale Fuses Location & Connected TV

The company which has pioneered the creation of interactive ads that can reduce ad load and yield higher viewer engagement will get another owner, after Disney off-loaded it. True[X] is being sold to Gimbal, a technology company focused on using location information to activate ads. In its announcement, Gimbal says true[X] publisher integrations enhance its […]


Disney & Hulu’s Merged XP Ad Platform Combines Best Of Both, Barnes Says

Combine two giant digital ad management platforms, and what do you get? A content powerhouse, according to the man bringing them together. From October 1, the video ad management platforms at Disney and Hulu combine as a single one called Disney Hulu XP, helping ad buyers make one buy across the combined footprint and reduce […]


Unifying In The CTV Moment: Amobee’s Bamberger

Connected TV may be having a “moment” – but the future is about allowing brands to advertise through both connected and linear television. That’s according to an ad-tech exec who is trying to give them that capability. There’s been a lot of chat in the industry about the growth of CTV of up 50% in […]


TV Viewability Is Not Guaranteed: DoubleVerify CEO Zagorski

Mark Zagorski has a vision for a unified connected TV effectiveness metric. But first, he’s going to need to ensure connected TV ads can all be seen in the first place. In September, Zagorski joined as CEO of DoubleVerify, after exiting the same role from Telaria amid its merger with Rubicon Project. In this video […]


Driving Ad Measurement Toward Outcomes: NBCU’s Vazirani

Another nail in the coffin for traditional ad measurement metrics? NBCUniversal has become the latest media owner to launch its own effort to quantify impact for advertisers. It’s called Total Investment Impact, an attempt to measure the effectiveness of advertising across campaigns, screens and platforms, focused not on simple impressions but on business results. In […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Will Hurt Publishers & Advertisers: Epsilon’s Elert

By ripping up the fabric of ad targeting on iOS devices in pursuit of consumer privacy enhancement, Apple will impact advertisers and publishers alike. That is the view of one marketing executive who has been trying to solve this kind of problem for several years. Apple is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), […]


People Power: Ad Buyers Discovering True Identity, LiveRamp’s Clinger Says

SAN FRANCISCO – How can ad platforms hope to front up against Google and Facebook when the fabric of ad targeting is being ripped apart? By laying a new infrastructure, says Travis Clinger. Third-party cookies are being deprecated by browser makers and Apple is switching its Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) system to opt-in by consumers […]


How To Solve Identity & Safeguard Privacy: Comscore’s Gantz

BOSTON –  Deprecation of third-party cookies and now Apple’s decision to make its IDFA mobile ad system opt-in by consumers will have a profound impact on how advertisers can target audiences across screens. So how can ad buyers adapt and change tactics? Apple is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use […]


After Syncing, MediaMath’s Jim Sink Sees Hybrid Identity Trading Emerging

AUSTIN – What lies on the other side of the some of the most fundamental changes to digital advertising infrastructure that we have ever seen? Around a dozen enablers of a new, identity-driven digital ad landscape. That is according to one executive whose company has been trying to bring about a consensual, yet consolidated approach. […]


Apple’s IDFA Change Could Drive CTV Advertising, MMA’s Greg Stuart

Apple is tearing up the fabric of ad targeting on iOS devices in pursuit of consumer privacy enhancement – but a majority of marketers are scratching their heads and may move from iPhone to Android. That is according to a man who represents more than 800 leading brands on the topic of mobile marketing. Apple […]


We Will Overcome Ad Identity Challenges: Oracle’s Langel

In the ad industry, as in society at large, fissures are everywhere. Deprecation of third-party cookies, Apple’s decision to up-end its IDFA mobile targeting system, the COVID-19 pandemic and civil rights protests – these factors and more mean the industry is going through one of its most turbulent periods. But Chris Langel thinks what lies […]


AI, Advertising & The Identity Era: IBM’s Bachstein

You don’t need an algorithm to tell you the US west coast is ablaze this week – but the advertising business, too, is being set alight. Opt-in privacy legislation, deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple ripping up the fabric of iOS ad tracking all pose a threat to the norms of digital ad targeting. Sheri […]


Advertisers Must Stop The Rot Of ‘Truth Decay’: TRUSTX’s Kohl

Advertisers must accept their responsibility to continue funding journalism that plays a vital civic role – and their ROI shows it’s worth it. That is the view of the man who runs a premium private marketplace jointly owned by some of America’s leading news publishers. For news organizations, this year’s advertising outlook turned down thanks […]

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