Peacock Ready For Paris: NBCU’s Noval On A Step-Change In Olympics Coverage

In years gone by, NBC’s Olympics coverage was sometime criticised for practices like airing events on tape-delay due to broadcast schedules. But the infinite space afforded by online distribution changes all that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Josh Noval, SVP of NBC Olympics & Paralympics Advertising & Partnerships at NBCUniversal, explains the role Peacock will […]


The Plight of Evan Gershkovich: The Wall Street Journal’s Almar Latour Urges Advertiser Support for Press Freedom

CANNES — The Wall Street Journal’s publisher has called on the advertising and media industry to shine a “spotlight” and join the fight for press freedom, as his reporter faces conviction and imprisonment in Russia. Evan Gershkovich has already been imprisoned in Russia for over 15 months, facing what many say are false accusations and […]


Beet Art Has Pride Of Place On Cannes’ Croisette

In Cannes, the Croisette in front of the town’s Palais des Festivals may be more commonly associated with the red-carpet glamor of the movie screen. But, this week, Beet.TV is taking center-stage. For the second consecutive year, Beet.TV has brought its own creative twist to the main thoroughfare outside the International Festival of Creativity. Beet […]


Contextual AI Enables Advertisers to Craft Personalized Stories: Zenith’s Adam Hancox

In a fragmented media landscape, advertisers face significant challenges in delivering personalized stories to consumers. However, contextual AI offers a powerful solution by allowing advertisers to stitch together a wealth of data and context from various sources. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Adam Hancox, SVP of Precision at Zenith, says he is excited because […]


Cannes Lions Chief Thomas Expects Record Attendance

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which began on Monday, June 17, 2024, is shaping up for its biggest year ever, as the advertising industry’s premier event continues to evolve and expand. Despite initial concerns about the macro environment and potential impacts from recession and geopolitical problems, major partners like Amazon, LinkedIn, TikTok, Meta, […]


Travel Media Networks Extend Retail Ad Opportunities: Publicis’ Cruz

The travel industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with new opportunities emerging for brands to connect with consumers at various touchpoints throughout their journey. With airlines launching their own travel media networks, Jill Cruz, EVP of Commerce Strategy at Publicis Commerce, says it is an exciting time for advertisers. But, she says, those networks are just the […]


Relevance Is Not Personalization: Rokt’s Srishti Gupta On The Transaction Moment

In the data-driven ad world, we often hear executives talk about the importance of ad relevance. What what is relevance, really? For many, that word means simply personalized ads. But Srishti Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rokt, goes deeper than that. Relevance from Rokt “Relevance is not personalization. Completely different,” Gupta explains, in this video interview […]


Context’s Comeback: AI Brings Art and Science Back Together in Advertising

Once upon a time, it was the only ad-targeting game in town. But context in advertising was overtaken for a time by data, demographics and ethnographics. Now, with the deprecation of cookies looming, contextual AI is coming back to the fore, helping advertisers understand not just who their audience is but also the environment and mindset […]


Context Is King: Seedtag’s Goksel Uses AI To Create Privacy-Safe Targeting Signals

Traditional advertising methods are losing their effectiveness, as audiences shift away from old-school TV and toward connected TV (CTV), meaning advertisers face new challenges in reaching their target consumers. But Kartal Goksel, CTO of Seedtag, believes that contextual AI holds the key to unlocking the full potential of advertising in this new era. In this […]


IAB’s Gabilan Sees Symbiotic Future For Connected TV and Podcasting

They have been two of the fastest-growing consumer media in recent years. Now the digital ad industry’s umbrella group sees a brighter future at their fusion. The intersection of Connected TV (CTV) and podcasting represents one of the most dynamic frontiers in digital media, promising innovative ways for advertisers to engage with audiences, according to […]


Contextual Advertising Gains New Relevance in Cookieless World: Havas’ Vaish

As the advertising landscape continues to shift with the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, marketers are increasingly turning to contextual advertising as a way to effectively reach their target audiences. Contextual advertising, which involves placing ads in relevant content environments, has been around for a long time but is gaining new importance in the current […]


Digital Video Surges, Social Video Set To Overtake CTV: IAB’s Koch

Are you reaching your customers where they are spending the most time? Nearly 80% of all US consumers are now watching digital video monthly, with the average person tuning in for over four hours a day. That’s an extra 30 minutes per day compared with just two years ago. “As more content comes online and […]


AI Can Drive Relevance Amid Growing Pains In Retail Media: Digitas’ Lanzi

Retail media is exploding, forecast by Advertiser Perceptions to grow 30% in 2024 to reach a fifth of US advertising. However, with rapid expansion comes significant challenges. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Amy Lanzi, CEO of Digitas North America, identifies the primary issue as the retail sector’s nascence in the […]


Instacart Ads’ DeRobbio: Retail Media Will Unlock Consumer Insights for Brands

Retail media networks offer brands an opportunity to unlock consumer insights that were once the preserve of retailers and credit card companies. That’s according to Dave DeRobbio, Director of API & Off Platform Data Partnerships at Instacart Ads. The growth of e-commerce and retail media networks means brands can now access information about who bought […]


Criteo’s Gleason: Privacy Sandbox Reimagines Open Web Currency

The deprecation of third-party cookies and emergence of new privacy technologies like Google’s Privacy Sandbox will significantly disrupt the historic “currency” by which advertising on the open web is traded. That is the view of Criteo’s global chief revenue officer Brian Gleason, who says the industry now needs to come together to rethink how it […]


CTV’s Unsung Hero Is The Ad Server: Innovid Brings ‘Harmony’ To Platforms

In the fast-evolving terrain of connected TV (CTV) advertising, the conversation often orbits around the latest buzzwords: interactivity, shoppable video, measurement, and optimization. Yet, according to Zvika Netter, CEO & Co-Founder of Innovid, it’s an old player—the ad server—that’s emerging as the unsung hero. The ad server is becoming recognized as a “critical component” in […]


Data Collaboration Takes Center Stage in the Privacy-First Era, InfoSum’s Wetzel

The deprecation of cookies, the rise of retail media networks and the ever-present spectre of privacy – while they may seem like separate trends, these industry topics are converging on one, over-arching theme – data collaboration. That is according to Lauren Wetzel, Chief Operating Officer of data collaboration platform InfoSum, who says her panel discussion […]


Programmatic Propels Streaming TV to New Heights, Says Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

MIAMI — The shift towards programmatic advertising is reshaping the streaming TV landscape, delivering scale, addressability, and simplicity in crafting complex TV strategies. With a growing proportion of streaming on-demand TV ads now powered by programmatic, can live streaming TV pull off the same trick? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Beau Ordemann, VP, Head of […]


Retail Media Offers Relevance At Scale, Holiday Boom: Omnicom’s Baker

Retail media spending is already booming, as new retailers light up ad inventory opportunities and brands clamour to get close to the point of purchase. As the holiday season approaches, some in the industry are expecting the category to soar to even higher heights. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, Jacquelyn […]


Breaking Out Of The Ad Pod: TripleLift’s King Sees Programmatic Power Creative Disruption

It used to be considered a technical tool for selling-off cheap inventory – now programmatic is helping facilitate major ad placements and drive creative innovation. Andrew King, VP of Product at TripleLift, highlights this shift, emphasizing the pivotal role of programmatic in the CTV space. In this video interview with Beet.TV editorial director Lisa Granatstein, […]

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