TripleLift Investment Funds Next Innings For CTV: Lewine

TripleLift, the ad-tech company that was founded to enable scaled and automated trading of native ad formats for publishers, is taking an investment from Vista Equity Partners to fund its continuing push into connected TV (CTV). Vista, a enterprise software investment firm with 480 private equity deals under its belt, already owns several leading ad-tech […]


After The Cookie, Spark Has A New Ad Recipe, Giacosa Says

Traditional ad-targeting and measurement methods like third-party cookie matching and mobile identifiers are crumbling, it’s true. But many in the industry are not as pessimistic as some may have you believe. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lisa Giacosa, president of Publicis Media agency Spark Foundry, suggests that the erosion of the accepted infrastructure also […]


The Cookieless Cookie Co.: How Mondelēz Went All-In For Consumer Data

It may be one of the world’s largest snack companies, with brands like Cadbury, Milka and Oreo. But, when it comes to digital marketing, Mondelēz faced two big challenges: As a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, retailers and not Mondelēz own the data about its customers. The looming deprecation of digital identifiers like third-party cookies […]


Addressable TV Is Too Complex, Buyers Say. Verizon Media Wants To Change That

The new power of connected and addressable TV technology offers a remarkable promise – the ability to transform TV from a one-to-many medium in which everyone saw the same ad, to one in which advertising is customized for individual households. Getting there has been a slog – and buyers still say the process is too […]


Comcast Lets Fox Sell VOD Addressable Ads on Set-top Boxes

In a further sign that industry companies are coming together to help all boats rise, Fox and Comcast have done a deal through which addressable, household-targeted ads can be sold in Fox-portfolio on-demand video viewed over Comcast Xfinity boxes. The deal sees FreeWheel become the technology enabler for Fox channels including its AVOD service Tubi […]


Identity Graphs Are Learning To Talk To Each Other: OpenAP’s Davis

In the detritus left by the crumbling of classic digital audience identifiers like cookies and mobile signals, a plethora of tech companies and publishers alike has been building up identity technology of its own. An ‘identity’ graph is the collection of data points from disparate devices that, when pieced together, add up to indicate a […]


CTV Has Crossed The Linear Frontier: Trade Desk’s Sims

For so many years, ad buyers’ complaint was that the connected TV (CTV) ecosystem had too little inventory. Well, after an explosion of new services and a tsunami of viewer adoption, that has changed. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tim Sims, chief revenue officer of The Trade Desk, says CTV has crossed the threshold. […]


Wavemaker’s New Toolset: Geospatial, ML & Identity

The life of a modern media exec is all about balancing amazing new capabilities with traditional tech that is actually drying up. Case in point – GroupM agency Wavemaker is having to negotiate the ongoing deprecation of audience identifiers like cookies. But, even as it does so, the agency is embracing advanced new tools, says […]


Prove It: Why AVOD Ad Sellers Are Winning, Says TVSquared’s Kinsella

What exactly is the power of advertising via connected TV (CTV)? Not just targeting but also fine-grain measurement of the kind that TV advertisers never had before. That is according to one tech executive who helped a US supermarket chain use CTV to great effect. Win-win for Winn-Dixie In this video interview with Beet.TV, TVSquared […]


Innovation Needed To Solve Media’s Silent Accounting Problems: Hudson MX’s Batson

Accounting may not sound like the sexiest part of the media industry – but it is certainly one of the most important, and one which frustrates many media providers and buyers alike. That is why Hudson MX this week unveiled a new platform, FinanceAssist, designed to reinvent media accounting for the modern era. In this […]


Upfront Ad Buying Going Digital – And Siloed, Zenith’s Vendetti Says

The upfronts are no longer just the season of the year when TV and ad execs get together to lock in a bundle of ad-spending commitments for the year ahead. Thanks to new connected TV consumption and new ad selling techniques, things are becoming more flexible than that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Neil […]


Samsung TV Plus Doubles the Number of Active Users in 12 Months, Adds New Programming

LOS ANGELES – Samsung has quietly engineered itself a position as the number-two ad-supported connected TV service on its own TV sets – by mixing a sprinkle of traditional TV norms with a fresh digital approach. Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming TV service, launched in 2018 and now numbers 160+ channels in the US. […]


Walmart’s Bernstein Eyes Attribution Beyond Transaction

FFayetteville, ARK – Retailers now have a big new opportunity – to become advertising platforms that can help brands reach the right consumers, and track ads’ efficiency. Walmart is now helping its brand product providers do just that, using attribution technology to connect consumer purchase outcomes back to ad exposure. But, in this video interview […]


Tatari’s Todd Gordon: Audience Matters, But Ultimately It’s About Campaign Performance

According to the accepted depiction of the marketing “funnel”, television is a medium marketers best use to drive initial brand awareness. But that is only because, without access to return-path data, TV has never been able to boast the kinds of user attribution that new digital media do. Now that TVs have got connected, however, […]


Beyond The Device Graph: ENGINE’s Schiller On Targeted Ads

If you were to chart their rise, graphs are having a moment. Over the last few years, we have heard of “the social graph” and of “identity graphs”. Now there is another piece of infrastructure that has entered the ad industry lexicon – the “device graph”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott Schiller, chief […]


In TV Transformation, Keep Digital’s Hard Edges: Premium Media 360’s DePascale

New technology that delivers TV over the internet allows advertisers to start planning and buying TV ads with digital-style tactics. As they do so, many buyers nevertheless want connected TV to start functioning like TV per se. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad data enabler says the baby should not be thrown […]


Streaming Weds TV’s Branding Power with the Performance and the Attribution of Digital, Roku’s Robbins

If you are a marketer that wants to reach younger viewers, you should not necessarily go to traditional TV anymore. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Dan Robbins, VP of ad marketing and partnerships at streaming TV platform Roku, says that key audience has made a great migration. And that poses challenges – but also […]


Defining a Different DSP: How “People-Based ID” Works: Viant’s Vanderhook

At this point, everyone in advertising knows the world of digital ad targeting is moving away from technologies like cookies. But, when executives talk about migrating to “people-based” methods in their place, what does that really mean? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Viant CEO Tim Vanderhook explains what a “people-based” demand-side ad platform really […]


The New OTT: How Carat’s Bowhay Helps Jack In The Box Flip The Script

How do you sell take-out when no-one’s going out? In the new world of over-the-top (OTT) TV advertising, Brooke Bowhay is navigating the pandemic by looking beyond fragmentation, leaning on mobile and leveraging delivery. Bowhay is director of planning and activation for ad agency Carat, which won the Jack In The Box account in 2017. […]


All Eyes On OTT For TV Upfronts: Tubi’s Fitch

Keen to get money flowing back after a horrific year of pandemic effects, broadcasters are set to open up as many ad buying channels as possible when the annual US season of upfront ad deals begins in the spring. Amid the ongoing boom in subscription video services (SVoD) like Netflix and Disney+, which are cornering […]

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