“TV Everywhere” Is Growing Fast, Despite Industry Perceptions, Adobe’s Foster

LAS VEGAS — “TV Everywhere“, the method through which US cable operators allow subscribers online viewing of their bundles, has become the industry’s “whipping boy,” Adobe’s Primetime product marketing director Campbell Foster says. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Foster channels the three main complaints levelled at the system – ranging from “accurate and fair […]


Comcast Serves up 13 Million Video Streams of World Cup: “TV Everywhere is Ready for its Close-up”

Comcast has provided  13 million video streams of World Cup matches to subscribers watching via digital devices.   That’s up  55% over the number of streams for the Soichi games, the cable giant says. The enormity of the digital consumption represents something of a watershed moment for “TV Everywhere” — the industry term  for cable […]


Forrester’s Nail on Aereo Decision: Existing Business Models have been Reinforced

Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail is “disappointed” by today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Aereo case.  He says it is unfortunate and it reinforces the existing business models of cable and satellite operators in the United States.   Not withstanding, the control of the media giants, content delivery will eventually move to a direct […]


Simple.TV Enables ‘TV Everywhere’ For Broadcast

SAN FRANCISCO — After launching to let viewers consume live and recorded US broadcast TV on a multitude of devices in 2011, Simple.TV will soon launch in the UK. CEO Mark Ely tells Beet.TV: “A lot of there most watched, most popular content is available through the major networks. We are the TV Everywhere solution for […]


Comcast Will Double Live Programming via “TV Everywhere” this Year

SAN FRANCISCO – Launched by Comcast in 2009 as a means to provide subscribers video on demand on the desktop, tablets and mobile has greatly accelerated the consumption of programming via the “TV Everywhere” scenario.   Originally it was used to stream video on demand programs, now there is a big move to delivering live, […]


Networks Have Caught Up With Viewers’ Digital Demands: ABI’s Rosen

LAS VEGAS — Time was, viewers grumbled about TV broadcasts being unavailable online and about digital delays on transmission. Now, however, the broadcasters are getting their act together, according to one analyst. “The rights restrictions have often lagged behind the technological capabilities,” says ABI Research practice director Sam Rosen. “What we’ve started to seen in […]


Adobe Expands ‘Primetime’ Platform to Shaw, Bell in Canada

LAS VEGAS — Adobe continues to expand the reach of its TV Everywhere Primetime platform with the recent launch of multichannel service providers Shaw and Bell in Canada, says Ashley Still, Director of Product Management at Adobe, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. Bell has launched a “TV to-go” product to deliver programming […]


Brightcove’s Lai: Online Video Will Become Linear TV

Internet video today is a “pull” paradigm. But imagine an online video environment that merges effortlessly with the rolling model established by linear TV. That’s what Brightcove media and broadcast CTO Albert Lai imagines. Berating the “thick walls” between simulcast broadcast and pre-recorded on-demand, Lai tells Beet.TV: “The walls of those content types will disappear. […]


Adobe in Pact with Turner to Stream Cable Nets

Adobe today announced an agreement with Turner Broadcasting to provide its technology services to stream the digital, linear feed of of Turner’s cable networks. The services from the Adobe Primetime unit is powering delivery of the networks linear programming  cable and satellite subscribers who can watch on IP-connected devices.   For an overview on the arrangement […]


CNBC Launches “TV Everywhere” with Major U.S. Carriers

ENGLEWOOD CLIFF, NJ – CNBC has launched  its live, linear programming for the desktop.   It can be watched by subscribers to several of the largest cable and satellite operators in the United States including Cablevision, Comcast, DISH and Verizon.  This “first phase” of the service launched last month. Viewing via the desktop, notably in […]


Beet Commentary: Cable Net Rebrands Underscore Supremacy of Content

The biggest fear in TV is unbundling, and that’s why the recent rebranding of several small cable channels should be watched closely by both providers and programmers, says Ashley Swartz, Founder and CEO of Furious Minds in her commentary on the state of the business. She points to the rebranding of six channels including News Corp.’s […]


Sweden’s Magine Seeks to Replace Cable Services w/ IPTV

CANNES – Magine promises TV delivery without cable, over the Internet. The Stockholm-based company gives subscribers access to cloud-based TV service. Beet.TV interviewed Michael Werner, chairman of Magine, at MIPTV. “We have developed Magine into a fully-integrated TV service,” Werner says. “We’re meaning to replace your cable network.” With Magine, watching television becomes a dynamic […]


Rovi Customizes ‘TV Everywhere’ Watching

LAS VEGAS – Now that TV Everywhere has been established, the next step is customizing the TV watching experience for the individual user – what Rovi is calling ‘Entertainment Unbound’, says Andy Townsend, senior product manager at Rovi, in an interview with Beet.TV at NAB. Entertainment Unbound aims to evolve the TV Everywhere initiative by working […]


Video Simulcasts Rising Fast, Boosted by “TV Everywhere,” Adobe’s Noah Levine

PHOENIX — Several programmers are already delivering live TV content for Internet simulcast and many more will this year, predicts Noah Levine, Senior Manager of Product Evangelism at Adobe Video Solutions, in an interview with Beet.TV at the annual IAB Leadership Meeting.


“TV Everywhere” Adoption Stumbles over Authentication, Study

The much heralded advent of "TV Everywhere." the techology that allows cable subscribers to use their credentials to access programming on wireless devices has stumbled, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.


Rovi Insights Delve Into The Next Stage Of TV Everywhere

LAS VEGAS — This year at CES, digital entertainment technology company Rovi released the first edition of Rovi Insights, an ongoing report series on the state of digital entertainment and TV Everywhere.  We had the opportunity to find out more about Rovi Insights, as well as Rovi’s approach to the future of TV Everywhere, from […]


Comcast’s thePlatform Unit Sees Growth in TV Everywhere, Live Programming

TV Everywhere has gained traction in the media business in the last year, and video technology provider thePlatform expects more growth in this area as operators and programmers embrace the new business.


Adobe Wins Emmy Engineering Prize for “TV Everywhere” Solution

SAN FRANCISCO (Via Skype Video) — Adobe has won an Emmy prime-time engineering award for its Adobe Pass, a product which allows consumers to automatically log onto television programming delivered to digital devices.