Internet video today is a “pull” paradigm. But imagine an online video environment that merges effortlessly with the rolling model established by linear TV. That’s what Brightcove media and broadcast CTO Albert Lai imagines.

Berating the “thick walls” between simulcast broadcast and pre-recorded on-demand, Lai tells Beet.TV: “The walls of those content types will disappear. You should be able to present content to the user in a content-agnostic fashion – let them enjoy it in a linear, lean-back fashion. The experience is very similar to TV…”

Lai speaks fondly of how, on the web, Yahoo Screen has already created a viewing experience that seamlessly plays back-to-back videos, knitted together like TV shows.

“The key is the experience feels like television,” Lai says. “You’re just consuming one video after the next… seamless display of advertising.” Lai calls them “infinite consumption experiences”.