New Tools Enable Video Collaboration

Collaboration is the new watchword in the advertising, production and online video businesses, Daisy Whitney reports in this week's New Media Minute.


Google Taps Market7 for In-House Video Project Management

Market7, a San Francisco-based start-up that offers video project management as a software solution, is providing its services to Google, the company announced today.


Microsoft Says One Third of World’s PC’s have Silverlight Installed; 400,000 Developers and Designers Onboard

REDMOND, WA — Microsoft Silverlight, the new Web multimedia platform, is "one of the fastest Web plug-in's," with one third of the world's PC's having the program installed, said Chris Swenson, Senior Strategy Officer in this interview with Beet.TV at Microsoft headquarters.


Cisco Expands “Eos” Media Services with Warner Music, Could Challenge MySpace?

SAN JOSE, Calif — Cisco and Warner Music Group have expanded the use of Eos, Cisco's content management system, to power a number of Warner artist web sites and their branded media and social networks.


Time to Produce Your Videos in Highest Quality, Mike Hudack Explains

Here is my sit down with co-founders Mike Hudack and Dina Kaplan.  We caught up last week, after there news event at their company's downtown Manhattan office.


Google Acquires ON2, Video Encoding Company

Google has acquired ON2, a New York company which provides encoding software which allows videos to be compressed into Flash and other software formats.  Here's a report on TechCrunch.


Bing’s Stefan Weitz: “It’s hard to break that habit” of Google

REDMOND, WA  — Stefan Weitz, Director of Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft, says that internal research has found that users develop a “habit” with their search engine of choice.


Adobe Offers Up Powerful Flash Tools for Free in Big, Open Source Effort

The  Adobe text layout framework environment TLF, which powers the new, elegant The New York Times Reader, is  being released for free as part of a big "open source" move from Adobe.


Get Ready for Video on Wikipedia: Al Jazeera Has Started…..Have You Heard of FireOgg Yet?

Although video has been on Wikipedia in a limited way for the past two years, it is poised to take-off with the recent introduction of Firefox 3.5 along with other imminent developments, we have learned.


Adobe Readies Open Framework for Universal Video Player

Adobe seeks to unify the many flavors of video players with one universal framework, which it calls Strobe. 


Video Coming to Wikipedia……Will be Viewable on Microsoft Explorer Too

One of the most anticipated developments in Web video will be the implementation of open source video into Wikipedia.


Adobe Lines up with Open Video Initiative and HTML 5.0

While the open video movement seeks an environment free of licensing fees for software, Adobe is supportive of the movement.


Confirmed: Firefox 3.5 Will Launch on Tuesday: “The Next Evolution of the Browser”

Firefox 3.5, the next big release of the popular browser, will be released to the public on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Mozilla confirmed today.


Mozilla to Grab Video Market Share from Adobe with Firefox 3.5, Mark Surman

News reports today indicate that Mozilla's Firefox 3.5 will be publicly available next week.  One of the most significant elements in the new release is the ability to play web video without a plug-in.


What the Hell is Ogg Theora and Should We Care: Mike Hudack Explains

NEW YORK , NY — There is a powerful movement underway for open video standards for the Web.  The biggest implementation will be seen very soon on Wikipedia where you will watch videos in an open source video application called Ogg Theora.


Adobe Provides New Flash Authoring Tools for Business Applications

Having dominated rich media design, Adobe is bringing its development and design tools to business applications.  Companies including SAP are using Flash to create apps.


Yahoo! CEO Gets High Marks from Kara Swisher

CARLSBAD, Calif — One of the most talked about sessions here at D: All Things Digital was Wednesday's one-on-one on stage conversation between Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz and co-executive editor Kara Swisher. 


Why Microsoft’s Bing Matters: TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld and CNET’s Ina Fried Explain

CARLSBAD, Calif — Bing, the new Microsoft search engine debuted here yesterday, is different.


The New York Times Finds Print-Like Engagement with New “Reader”

NEW YORK – While readers of the print version of The New York Times spend an average of 40 minutes a day, visitors to the Web site (a vastly bigger number) spend just 30 hours minutes per month.


Adobe Getting Industry Buy-in for New Video Player Standard

Adobe, the software company which dominates the software ecosystem for online video with Flash, is seeking to unify the industry around a common framework for video players so publishers and advertisers can work together more efficiently.

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