Avid Embraces Apple’s Final Cut Pro…….and the Desktop

LAS VEGAS — Avid, which has been the industry standard for television and film editing for some time, is becomingly increasingly agnostic. 


Premiere Integrated into Brightcove Workflow — Advantage Adobe vs. Apple?

LAS VEGAS — The integration of video production elements is becoming more important as publishers seek to increase productivity and save cost. 


Adobe’s Standardization of Video Players is Big News at NAB

LAS VEGAS — We read the coverage about Adobe's Flash coming to television sets, which is an important development.  But this Flash content will only play on new television sets with new chips.  It will take quite some time. 


Sun Has Power Vlogger in CEO Jonathan Schwartz

MENLO PARK, CA — Sun Microsystems, which has long been a leader in corporate blogging by executives and employees, is now empowering its 30,000 employees to upload employee-generated video to Sun's big video site Channel Sun as part of its communications with customers, developers and others.


Intel’s R&D Aims to Bring Internet to TV…. “Pretty Radical Innovation in the Next Five Years”

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel is committing nearly 20 percent of its annual R&D budget, to "growth segments" including bringing Internet content to televisions and other consumer devices. Other growth segments include mobile Internet devices and WiMax


Showtime’s “The L Word” Is Big Hit on Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO — Video, which is already a part of Facebook through the use of embeddable players and a few applications, will become more extensive and "social" with the release of the first Adobe Flash toolbox for developers, according to Josh Elman, Facebook platform manager.


Facebook Gets “Flashy” With New Adobe Collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO — Rich media on Facebook, exemplified by the CNN/Facebook Inauguration collaboration and simple games made by companies like Playfish, have made Facebook an increasingly multimedia experience.


Genius Software Engineer Blasts Off to Outerspace, Again

Charles Simonyi, former top Microsoft software engineer, who now heads his own software company, is on his second trip to outerspace.  He was lifted off yesterday aboard a a Russian space craft,  the Associated Press reports. More details from the Seattle P.I. Simonyi and fellow crew members will doc with the International Space Station tomorrow, […]


Google’s Irene Au on the “Culture of Empowerment”

AUSTIN — Earlier this week at SXSW we caught up with Irene Au, who heads up Google's user interface design and user research operations.


Adobe Sees Growth in Web Services Business

Adobe, known principally as a software company, is expanding Web services business according Bill Rusitzky, who heads business alliances at company. 


Young Adults Giving Up TV in Big Demographic Shift, Adobe’s Top Biz Dev Exec

SAN FRANCISCO — Online video is replacing television for consumers 25 years and younger  as part of a dramatic demographic shift.  Watching video on a personal computer is becoming the principal way young adults consumer video. 


The Video Revolution Happenend by “Accident,” Adobe’s Jennifer Taylor…..Flash Player 10 Soon to Hit 80 Percent Penetration

SAN FRANCISCO — A large part of the success of online video can be attributed to the widespread adoption of Flash, a rich media, Web plug-in application which is on nearly all of the world's computers.


ShareThis Has Over 1 Million Users, Plans to Monetize Data

You’ve seen the little green ShareThis widget before: According to comScore the button, which allows users to share news stories, images, and other multimedia across social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Digg, is seen by 128 million people on the web, CEO Tim Schigel told me at the AlwaysOn conference earlier this month. Over 1 […]


Open Source Video Platform Heading to the Enterprise, Kaltura’s CEO

Kaltura is the New York-based company which has developed an open source video publishing platform which allows users to collaborate on video and other forms of rich media.  Much of the company's development team is in Israel. 


Microsoft Expands Deployment of Silverlight with College Basketball Streaming

The U.S. college basketball championships, know as March Madness, has been one of the 10 biggest Internet events, according traffic tracked by Akamai.


Vint Cerf Sees “Darkness” in Cloud Computing and the Web – Privacy Is the Issue

We read with interest comments by Google's Chief Internet Evangelist Vint Cerf in ReadWriteWeb about the prospects for the "cloud" to be a distribution system for the Web. Lidja Davis reports that Cerf says that while cloud computing offers opportunities, it is fraught with privacy issues.


Microsoft Bootstrapping Start-ups with Software and Services in 60 Countries

Seeking to expand global innovation and the utilization of Microsoft products and services, Microsoft has an ambitious program to support start-ups, not with capital, but with technical and consulting support. 


Adobe Flash Powers Tour Tracker for AmGen Race in CA

The 2009 Amgen Tour of California–America's largest cycling event, taking place this Saturday–will allow fans to watch the tour live online and track the progress of Lance Armstrong and other cyclists using Adobe Flash technology, Adobe announced today. The online Live Tour Tracker application is a showcase of the versatility of Flash's uses and will […]


Akamai CTO: Adaptive Streaming from Adobe and Microsoft Will be Big in 2009

Adaptive streaming, the technology which allows high quality streaming video to play properly over Internet connections of ranging connection speeds, has been a part of the big success of Move Networks, a Utah company which provides the online video platform for ABC Television and others.  The quality is stunning.  Here's my interview with Move CEO […]


In the Downturn, Find the Inefficiencies and Create New Businesses, Mukesh Chatter

Mukesh Chatter is an engineer and serial entrepreneur, known for building the router company Nextabit and selling to Lucent in 1999 for $900 million. He says the current economic downturn is an opportunity for innovators to find the inefficiencies in business and create new opportunities.

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