Adobe, the software company which dominates the software ecosystem for online video with Flash, is seeking to unify the industry around a common framework for video players so publishers and advertisers can work together more efficiently.

Today, the company announced a number of major player who are participating in the initiative which is called Strobe.

In Las Vegas last month, we caught up with Adobe's Ashley Still who explains the value of Strobe.  We have republished the interview today.

Stobe and the Future of

Justin Day, co-founder and CTO of told me: "Strobe will be the basis of's next-generation player.  By delivering a standardized Flash video player platform like Strobe, Adobe is giving us the tools we need to focus more on product and less on integration."

He told me that the project was still in the early, developmental stages.

Several other companies are onboard including, Akamai, Brightcove, Visible Measure and YuMe.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer