Kyte Announces HTML5 Player and Readies SDK for iPhone/iPad

SAN FRANCISCO — Kyte, the San Francisco-based online video platform that has been a front-runner of video distribution for customers, including MTV to mobile devices, will soon release a software developer kit (SDK) for the iPhone and the iPad.


Adobe Flash Integrated into Google’s Chrome Browser

An alliance between Adobe and Google has taken significant step with today's announcement of Flash being integrated directly into the Chrome browser. 


Adobe Reports Sales up in 9 Percent in Q1 and Beats Analyst Earnings Target

SAN FRANCISCO — In a hopeful sign of the recovery in the technology industry, Adobe released its Q1 results and registered a 9 percent increase in sales over the same period last year and beat analysts’ earnings estimates.


Kaltura Launches HTML5 Resource Site with Mozilla, Wikimedia, Others

Kaltura, the open source online video services company, has launched a site to provide resources around HTML5.  The site is supported by Mozilla, the Open Video Alliance, and the Wikimedia Foundation, Kaltura announced this morning.


Video Coming to Wikipedia — Time to Learn About Ogg Theora and HTML5

After years of anticipation, it seems that the open source community is ready to publish video on Wikipedia. Users will encode videos with a free codec called Ogg Theora and publish them on an HTML5, open format. 


Apple Inexorably Pulling Video Publishers to HTML5 — Whether They Like it Or Not

LONDON–While Adobe Flash is the most pervasive plug-in for video on the web, it is not supported by Apple's iPhone, iPad, and related devices. 


Rip/Save/Edit/Share Videos — RealNetworks Has Editing Tool for RealPlayer SP

RealPlayer SP is a desktop application that allows users to save streaming, online video files, including YouTube videos,  to a local drive to watch and then move to connected mobile devices and Facebook.


Microsoft Silverlight Video Player Will be Sharable for NBC Olympics Coverage

Microsoft’s Silverlight, which will power online video for NBC Sports Olympics coverage, will have a number DVR-type functionalities and will offer bloggers and others the opportunity to grab the embed code of certain videos.


YouTube Experiments with HTML 5…and Adobe Supports the Movement

Significant news today that YouTube is experimenting with HTML5, a web-based, non-player platform to watch video.  Whether this open-source movement will be broadly embraced is too early to say.


“Intel” on Intel: Powerful Chip Coming for Mac’s, PC’s in Early 2010…New Dual-Core Chip Performs Like Quad

LAS VEGAS — Don't buy that new Mac yet. At CES , Intel unveiled its new Intel Core processors that will be in most major brands in Q1.  


Google’s Chrome Has 40 Million Active Users, Glide Annouces Extension at CES

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA–Google's Chrome has reached 40 million active users since the Windows beta release in September 2008.  Beet.TV's Daisy Whitney visited Google headquarters to speak with Google spokesman Eitan Bencuya about developments with the new browser. 


Elemental Technologies Focused on Encoding for Adaptive Streaming

SAN JOSE, CA — Portland-based Elemental Technologies, a producer of video encoding hardware, sees a big opportunity in the industry's move to adaptive streaming, meaning the delivery of video to users with varying connection speeds in consistent, high quality.


Adobe Uses New “Open Source” Video Player on its Corporate Site in Industry First

SAN JOSE, CA — Software giant Adobe Systems is using its new open source media framework player on Adobe.TV, the company’s new video site.  The site launched in September.


Ooyala Sees Value in Realtime Analytics for Video Producers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Ooyala, the online video services company started by ex-Googlers, is developing realtime analytics for video producers to closely monitor the success of their content.


NBC Sports Showcases the NFL Online with DVR-Type Control — Winter Olympics Next

SAN JOSE — NBC Sports is demonstrating the highly interactive functionality of its online experience with Sunday Football.  Much of this functionality will be part of NBC's Winter Olympics online presentation.


Adobes CTO Kevin Lynch: Video Content will be Soon be Created for the Mobile Device first in “Total Reversal” of Form Factor

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  With smart phone sales outpacing PC sales, mobile devices represent "the future of media" and video producers will soon begin to produce videos for the small screen first,


Flash on the iPhone Would Be Nice, but Not Essential, Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire

Flash for the iPhone would be helpful to developers and programmers, but it's not essential in getting the rich interactivity of Flash on the iPhone, says Jeremy Allaire, one of the principal developers of Flash.


Elemental Technologies is Transcoding Video in “Record Time,” The New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — At the NewTeeVee conference this month, we caught up with Sam Blackman, CEO of Elemental Technologies. The company has launched a new server appliance for transcoding live HD video at very fast rates, "faster than real time," the company says.


Adobe’s Flash Player 10 on Nearly All the World’s Computers — Getting Ready for 10.1

SAN JOSE, CA – Adobe’s latest version of Flash has been installed in some 98 percent of the world’s computers, according to Kevin Towes who is product manager for Flash Media Server.*


Taboola’s Cookies Could Sweeten Video Views for The New York Times

Taboola is not a Middle Eastern grain dish, but an Israeli start-up that provides a solution to surface recommended videos for visitors to, HowCast, 5min, Demand Media, the NBA, and now on The New York.

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