CARLSBAD, Calif — One of the most talked about sessions here at D: All Things Digital was Wednesday's one-on-one on stage conversation between Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz and co-executive editor Kara Swisher. 

The session was informative and very entertainment.  A video of the session can be seen below.

Late Wednesday night I caught up with Kara for an interview about the conference and the Bartz session.  Kara told me, "she's a character, I let her explode…..and she did a very good job."

About the success of the conference, she explained the strong editorial focus of the sessions and the informal networking environment.  She says the tech industry is "like high school…and people like to schmooze and mix."

Kara Publishes Carol's Post-it note to Steve Ballmer

Earlier today, Kara published the Post-it note left in the make-up artist's program book by Bartz for Steve Ballmer.  Kara reported earlier that Bartz and Ballmer met privately at the conference.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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