Buddy Media Raises $54 Million, Valuation Now $500 Million

Buddy Media, the New York-based company that enables brands to publish effectively on Facebook, has raised $54 million in new funding. 


CNN Readies “Social Network for News”

CNN iReport, the five-year-old platform for citizen journalists to upload and share photos and videos, will become something of a "social network for news" with its imminent redesign, says Lila King, Participation Director of CNN Digital, in this interview with Beet.TV.


How Social Media Drives Video Views, Daisy Reports

The average Internet user in the U.S. spends 4.5 hours a month on social networks, and research from online video technology provider Brightcove shows that the time spent with social media can improve the engagement with online video for brands and business. 


Reuters’ Digital News Chief: “This is the Most Amazing Story Around”

The appointment of Anthony De Rosa, a product manager at Reuters who quickly became the company's Social Media editor, is "the most amazing (journalism) story around," says Jim Impoco, Executive Editor, Thomson Reuters Digital, in this inteview with Beet.TV.


Online Video Guide Yidio Launches Personalized Twitter and Facebook TV Show Feeds

SAN FRANCISCO (Via Skype Video) — Yidio, the online video guide which claims 10 million users, is launching today a personalized Twitter and Facebook feed for its users called Yidio Alerts.


Facebook Number One in Display Ads: Rising as a “Unique Platform for Brands”

PALO ALTO, CA — Having the utility to share the identity of those who interact with brands,  Facebook is a unique platform for advertisers says Jennifer Kattula, who manages advertising agency relationships at the company.


PJ Crowley on The Arab Spring: How Social Media Ignited a Revolutionary Movement

The Arab Spring is not a “Twitter revolution,” but  a real revolution in which social tools including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube played a central role in organizing movements, says PJ Crowley, former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, in this interview with Beet.TV


How Brands Find Success with Video on Facebook, Daisy Has the Inside Story

Video can help a brand stand out on Facebook and draw more fans.


Palo Alto Meets Madison Avenue in the “Facebook Studio”

PALO ALTO, Calif — In an effort to provide marketers with the tools to advertise effectively, the giant social network has created the “Facebook Studio.” 


BBC Global Digital Chief: The “ROI from Facebook is Staggering”

Social media is not a marketing solution but a "profit center" for the BBC's commercial Web sites, says Daniel Heaf, Director of Digital for BBC Worldwide, in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV


WPP’s Kantar Video Teams Open Amplify to Track Social Buzz Around Video

Kantar Video, the video analytics unit of WPP, is teaming with semantic Web services company Open Amplify to gather and organize social media chatter as part of Kantar's product offering.


Obama Campaign Kick-off in Palo Alto, Live on Facebook via Livestream — Royal Wedding Next, CEO Not Worried about YouTube

LAS VEGAS — President Barack Obama's campaign kickoff will take place at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto next Wednesday and New York-based Livestream is powering the live video on Facebook, says the company's CEO Max Haot in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV


Brands and Social Media: Daisy on Best Practices

  Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but most social media posts fade quickly.


Yahoo’s Anna Robertson: Streaming Videos on Facebook is a “Huge Opportunity for Us”

Facebook pages are becoming increasingly video rich and an increasing number of small and large video publishers are streaming more of their videos “in-line,” meaning having their player on Facebook pages, not just providing links.


Facebook Grabs Microsoft’s Carolyn Everson to Head up Global Sales — Sees Huge Upside in Online Video Advertising

Carloyn Everson, who joined Microsoft to head sales just last June, is joining Facebook to head global sales, Kara Swisher reported last night.


Discovery Claims 23 Million Facebook Fans with 500K New Ones Added Weekly

The Discovery Networks connects with 23 million fans on Facebook, says Kelly Day, who heads the network's digital operations, in this interview with Beet.TV


Social Media Having Big Impact on Philanthropy

One of the biggest uses of social media has been philanthropy and a new report from the social media software company Context Optional shows that brands can raise a tremendous amount of money and visibility for charities via Facebook.


100K Hungry iPhone Users Uploading Food Dishes to Foodspotting — Android Users Joining Feast

Foodspotting, the fast-growing, San Francisco-based social platform for sharing favorite food dishes has 100,000 iPhone registered users who have uploaded 250,000 dish reviews, with 10,000 uploaded every week.


New Social Video Sharing Site Qlipso Claims 14 Million Monthly Uniques with 4X Time Spent vs. YouTube

MONACO —  Qlipso, the Los Angeles based video sharing site, which allows users to interact around videos with friends in “private rooms” with videos and their own avatars, claims 14 million unique monthly viewers.


Buddy Media, the “Dominant Enterprise Management System for Facebook,” Set to Triple Headcount

MONACO, Côte d'Azur — In their efforts to establish a presence on Facebook, eight-of-ten of the world's biggest brands, including Coca Cola, P&G, Unilever are now using an enterprise solution from New York-based Buddy Media, CEO Mike Lazerow said in this interview with Beet.TV

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