Businesses Use “Hives” to Build Niche Communities

HiveLive, a platform for building business-oriented custom social communities, lets users create custom blogs, wikis, and forums with Web 2.0 building blocks called Hives. While a social network like Facebook is geared toward the mass consumer market, HiveLive is carving out a viable niche for itself the enterprise market. The company’s different focus means it […]


Metacafe Launches Video Editing Tools for User-Generated Mashups

Universal Studios’ ad campaign for the upcoming "Heroes: Season 2" DVD, launched on Metacafe today, brings collaborative commercial mashups to the online video space. Viewers can use Kaltura’s collaborative editing tools on the Metacafe Heroes 2 channel to remix videos and create their own "Heroes moments." This campaign is the first of its kind in […]


Model.Live Web Series Debuts on Vogue.TV, Bebo

New 12-episode web series Model.Live, which follows three international models as they strut runways around the world, launches today Vogue.TV and social networking site Bebo. Viewers can leave comments for the models on the Bebo page as well as receive text message updates about their activities throughout the day, making the television experience more interactive.


Canadian Video Sharing Site Delivers Video Content to iPhone, Apple TV; “French Maids” Show You How to Share!

Toronto-based video platform mDialog lets users upload, share and watch user-generated and professional content online, on Apple TV, and on iPhones. mDialog launched its authorized  iPhone application in time for the release of the iPhone 3G, and gained attention for being one of the first video sites to do so. (Check out TechChrunch’s early review […]


The Rise of The Video Bloggers: Kaltura Comes to WordPress

Now anyone can turn their blog into an video blog, thanks to the release today of Kaltura’s  Interactive Video Plugin 1.0. Kaltura’s video commenting and collaborative editing features, which will be coming to Wikipedia later this year, now can be easily integrated into WordPress. When asked if the availability of this feature could lead to […]


Salon has Micropayment System for Bloggers with Revolution Money

Salon has introduced its new section for community-generated blogs, called Open Salon. The site had been in beta since April. In something of a first for a media company, registered members of Open Salon will can pay fellow members with real money from Revolution Money.  Registered users will get $10 and will be able to […]


Demand Media Grows its Niche-Content Empire with New Site, Demand Media’s newest venture and a trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, wants to differentiate itself from other health information sites with its variety of high-quality content and the community surrounding that content, Director of Community Lex Friedman says. Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt, the former CEO of MySpace, knows a thing or two […]


“The Fourth Screen”: Coming to a Storefront Near You

Digital advertising agency Avenue A-Razorfish wants to bring brand experiences to the "fourth screen"–a screen beyond the silver screen, TV, and computer. The term "fourth screen" is sometimes used to refer to mobile phones, but Avenue A-Razorfish has envisioned something larger: the storefront window. Consumers will be able to interact with a brand’s website through […]


Kaltura Will Bring Collaborative Video to Wikipedia

The open-source TV platform Kaltura will bring to video what Wiki brought to text. Later this year, users will be able to post videos into Wikipedia entries and modify them with Kaltura’s award-winning collaborative editing tools, CEO Ron Yekutiel says. Kaltura’s partnership with the Wikimedia foundation will bring interactive video to Wikipedia’s 207 million unique […]


Twitter, A New Universe for Enterprising Journalism: How Marshall Kirkpatrick Says He Confirmed the paidContent Sale..and Pays His Rent

While it was Kara Swisher who first published the news about the sale of paidContent to the Guardian early on Friday morning, super blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick added confirming comments by uncovering a Twitter post and reply between two senior Guardian editors.  Marshall took the "Tweets" as a confirmation of the deal. For more journalists, Twitter […]


Chris Hughes, Facebook co-founder, Has Big Role in Obama Campaign…Obama Has Huge Online Lead, Nielsen…

It’s been nearly two years since I interviewed Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes on the  Stanford University campus.  In this interview, he explains the beginnings of Facebook at Harvard and the reasons for its success. 


New Generation of Content Producers will move from Silly to Profound, MIT’s Henry Jenkins Predicts

Click To Play Looking at clips on YouTube, Google Video, video blogs and various video aggregation sites, we find lots of sophomoric humor and some just plain asinine behavior. Is the face of community content really going to be so silly? Are the young people being empowered with video and these new content sharing platforms […]


MIT’s Media Guru Henry Jenkins on New Generation of “Content Creators”

What are the social forces at work behind "Web 2.0"  — what’s with all this social networking, why are young people displaying the personal information and images in public — what does this mean to the future of society?  How can the mainstream media remain relevant?  These are many of the questions we try to […]


Meetup’s Scott Heiferman’s Warning to Web 2.0 Gold Diggers: It’s Not a Back Door to an Online Advertising Bonanza

Click To Play I trekked to the very cool offices of Meetup in lower Manhattan to speak with co-founder and visionary CEO Scott Heiferman.  Scott and his team have built an extraordinary business using the tools of social networking to organize people into special interests groups which meet in person to pursue their passions. There […]


Silicon Valley Legend Tony Perkins to the Business World: Take a Cue From Your Kids: Create Dynamic Interactive Brands Now

Visionary publisher and Silicon Valley’s number one networker Tony Perkins was in Manhattan this week. Tony is always ahead of the next big thing: He founded Upside and Red Herring magazines, and the AlwaysOn Network, a fascinating publishing, networking and conference business. We caught up with him in TimesSquare yesterday. He’s been talking a lot […]


The “Attention Economy” Doesn’t have Room for Marketers says Tech Pundit Esther Dyson

Click To Play The Beet was wondering about the topsy-turvy world for advertisers — how they can make headway selling their stuff with all this decentralized media, social networking and all types of technology platforms like wireless.  Can they get the attention their clients want? We had chat with technology oracle Esther Dyson high atop […]


Jason Pontin, editor of MIT’s Technology Review says that low cost video cameras are powering community video content development and empowering political groups around the globe

Click To Play Here’s more from the Beet’s chat with Jason Pontin in his Cambridge office, overlooking the Charles River and the Boston skyline beyond.  Jason was the longtime editor of Red Herring magazine before coming to Tech Review, and he has chronicled the rise of the Internet and the growth of community created content. […]

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