MSN’s Spectacular Olympics Online Video Streaming Is Powered by Level3 and Limelight

The online coverage of the Olympic Games on MSN is spectacular.  The Olympics often provide  a showcase innovation, as Business Week’s cover story explains.  For this Olympics, in the digital media realm, a milestone innovation will surely be the entrance of Microsoft’s Silverlight. Earlier today at the Beet.TV studio, we spoke with Eric Schmidt, director […]


Demand Media Grows its Niche-Content Empire with New Site, Demand Media’s newest venture and a trademark of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, wants to differentiate itself from other health information sites with its variety of high-quality content and the community surrounding that content, Director of Community Lex Friedman says. Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt, the former CEO of MySpace, knows a thing or two […]


The New York Times Declares Beets an “Improbable Superfood”

Here at Beet.TV we eat beets whenever we can.  We’ve always loved to grill, boil and juice them.  Now, it seems that our little root vegetable is getting some press for their taste and super nutritional value.


Phil Bronstein on Objective Journalism: “The whole notion of objectivity should be thrown out.”

Where is in the world is objective journalism in the Internet age and is it necessary?  Bambi Francisco, founder of, explores this topic in her post today with several leading journalists and media executives who are interviewed on the video above. "The whole notion of objectivity should be thrown out," said Phil Bronstein, editor […]


William Randolph Hearst III on Mainstream Media: “I don’t think they should have a monopoly….”

It was striking to hear William Randolph Hearst III, grandson of the great media baron, say of traditional media at our Stanford roundtable last week: "I don’t think they should have a monopoly on how I surf for news." He went on to say that citizen journalism is "well underway," but that traditional media still […]


YouTube Has Speech-to-Text Functionality…..and it Works

YouTube has introduced rich metadata into select videos, which will significantly impact how online video is discovered and consumed. Announced in June, we have found the technology is very useful.  Last week, we got an update on this from Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube.


“Citizen Journalism Has Not Been Successful on a Large Scale,” SF Chronicle Editor at Large Phil Bronstein

While millions of individuals are uploading videos to YouTube, the integration of citizen journalism into mainstream media has not yet happened on a large scale, says Phil Bronstein, former Editor and current Editor at Large of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Phil was a panelist at the Beet.TV online video roundtable last week at Stanford. We […]


Live Video Streaming Start-up Mogulus Gets $10 Million Investment from Gannett

Mogulus, the New York-based start-up which provides individuals and enterprises a platform to stream live quality Flash video, has raised $10 million in the form of a minority stake from Gannett.  The company had previously raised $2.7 in early seed funding.


CBS Sees Sponsored Web Video Programming as Viable Model

  PALO ALTO — It’s back to the future for the business of Web video: Advertiser-sponsored programming from the early days of television, when Texaco, Geritol and Lucky Strike paid to develop or sponsor new programming, is the most viable business model now for episodic content created for the Web, says Jigar Thakarar, Director, Web […]


Disney/ABC Digital Chief Albert Cheng: It’s All about “Deeplinking”….You Can Find “Lost” on Hulu

PALO ALTO — Wide distribution, or “deeplinking” to ABC online video programming is essential, says Albert Cheng, head of digital operations for Disney/ABC Television.  I interviewed him on Tuesday evening at Stanford after he opening night panel  of the AlwaysOn conference.


MTV, NBC Integrating TV and Online Viewing

Television networks actually want their viewers to go online, according to Mary Kathleen Flynn, Senior Editor at Tech Confidential. Flynn, a veteran technology reporter who has covered the industry for CNN and MSNBC, describes describes how networks are using the Internet to deepen audience engagement. Deploys Highly Distributed Strategy for News Video, Charlie Tillinghast Explains

While online news consumption is largely a destination activity akin to picking up a newspaper, Charles Tillinghast, president and publisher of, says that a highly distributed model is essential.


“There are no TV journalists anymore,” President Tells Beet.TV

PALO ALTO — “There are no TV journalists anymore,” says Charles Tillinghast, president and publisher of in this interview with Beet.TV is a joint venture of NBC Universal and Microsoft. Nope, he didn’t mean that there’s any downsizing over at NBC News, he means that video news gathering is no longer television-centric but […]


Kara Speaks: I’m the “annoying girl who seems to know everbody….”

It was great to meet up in with Kara Swisher, co-executive editor of All Things D, the Dow Jones-owned website/conference business she heads up with Walt Mossberg.  We chatted in Manhattan’s Madison Park a few days ago.


David Carr: From Crack Cocaine Addict to Media Critic and Web Video “Star” For The New York Times

I read today’s New York Times Magazine cover story by, and about, David Carr, media columnist for the New York Times.  In addition to writing his media columns, he is the video blogger of The Carpetbagger, an annual series of blog posts and video segments leading up to the Oscars.


Kyte Powers Huffington Post, 50 Cent and other big brands….

Kyte has substantially transformed from being a video camera phone sharing site, to a full-blown online video delivery tool for big brands.  It is much more akin these days to the Platform or BrightCove, than Flixwagon or Qik. Uploads from mobile phones are a small part of the content on the Kyte platform.  It’s really […]


Here’s a Scoop: MSNBC’s “Gossip Girl” Courtney Hazlett Has Customized Microsite

MSNBC correspondent Courtney Hazlett, who has been reporting on the celebrity gossip scene in a series called “Scoop,” has just gotten her own branded destination with customized video player.  The site is up and looks pretty good.  This would be the second microsite over at — the first was launched for Keith Olbermann.


News Flash: The Guardian News & Media has Purchased paidContent

Wow, exciting news for our good friend Rafat Ali who has reportedly agreed to sell paidContent to Britain’s Guardian Media Group for $30 million. The Guardian’s Jemima Kiss just published the news of the acquisition and here is her "thought piece."  However, terms have not been disclosed and the company declined to provide them to […]


New Yorker’s Ken Auletta Ponders Rupert Murdoch Playing in “MySpace”

Click To Play Ken Auletta is certainly the most insightful, informed and connected media journalist working today. For all of us interested in understanding what is happening with the media, his articles in the New Yorker are a must read. I wanted to ask Ken how traditional media is making the transition to the “new.” […]


NY Times Media Critic David Carr Gets Kudos from Web Boss

Click To Play I was invited to bring our camera up to the newsroom of the New York Times Digital to meet veteran Times man Len Apcar, editor in chief of the The Times is creating a lot of interesting video these days — including some which might be considered "off brand" — but […]

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